Destiny 2 Season 19 - Season of the Seraph

Destiny 2 – How to Get Seraph Key Codes and Exo Frame Modules

Each Destiny 2 season adds a new currency that players need to collect, let’s take a closer look at how to get Seraph key codes and Exo Frame Modules from Season 19. It’s the last season of this year and players continue the story of the dark and light saga, this time helping Osyris and Ana Bray to restore the Warmind known as Rasputin. Destiny 2 Seasons follow the same pattern but there are various differences between them. In Season of the Seraph, guardians need to collect seasonal currency Seraph Key Codes to spend them in Heist Battlegrounds and Exo Frame Modules which are a quest and Hais rewards.

Destiny 2 Heist Battlegrounds


How to Get Seraph Key Codes

Destiny 2 Seraph Key Codes

Any activity in the game will reward players with Seraph Key Codes in season 19. Whether you are doing PvP or PvE, solo or with the group. However, the best method to farm Seraph Key Codes is in Crucible, Gambit and Strikes, as they reward players with the biggest amount of the seasonal currency. The numbers can vary but Lost Sector will provide only around 30 Seraph Key Codes, but Crucible match awards the guardians with around 260 Seraph Key Codes.

The maximum amount of Seraph Key Codes the player can carry in their inventory is 2 000. Keep that in mind and use them regularly.

This season we have a new activity called Heist Battlegrounds, which you can access from the H.E.L.M. The activity becomes available after you complete the first two steps of the seasonal quest. At the end of the Heist Battlegrounds activity next to the regular reward chest will be a special Seraph chest and it will cost you 500 seraph key codes to open it and grab the special seasonal loot.


How to Get Exo Frame Modules

Destiny 2 Exo Frame Modules

Just like in previous seasons, in season 19 players need to upgrade a special item at the seasonal vendor that is located in H.E.L.M. Those upgrades cost one Exo Frame Module each. The Exo Frame Modules are harder to find and impossible to farm because they are obtainable as the rewards for the weekly seasonal challenges. For example, in the first week players can get only two Exo Frame Modules. One is a reward for opening five Seraph chests and killing 50 Powerful Hive enemies, at the Haist Battlegrounds. The second Exo Frame Module is a reward for completing the first week of the More Than a Weapon quest.


Vendor Upgrades – what to get first?

Destiny 2 Seasonal Vendor Upgrades

Players should get the first two Efficiency Upgrade from Seasonal Vendor upgrades – middle row. The reason why to focus on them is that the second upgrade in that section guarantees that the player will get a weapon with Deepsight Resonance from the first Seraph Chest that they open that week. This will help with collecting the new craftable weapons from the season of the Seraph.


Additional Information

Now that you know how to get Exo Frame Modules and Seraph Key Codes, you probably will work on your build. Check out the website for more guides (click), Destiny 2 Beginner Builds (click) and End-game PvE Builds (click). I’d encourage you to check me out on where I stream Destiny 2 and other games live!

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