Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Steam Page Opens Reveal Soon

Dive into details as the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Steam page opens, hinting at an upcoming reveal for this epic RPG series’ highly anticipated next chapter! Also, let’s speculate on the release date!

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Full Reveal Summer - Steam Page Opens - Reveal Soon
Source: BioWare

Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, Dragon Age Dreadwolf is the highly anticipated fourth installment in the popular Dragon Age series. This single-player RPG has captured the hearts of fans with its immersive storytelling and rich fantasy world.

Wishlist Dragon Age: Dreadwolf on Steam NOW!

Exciting news for Dragon Age fans – Dragon Age Dreadwolf is now available on Steam, Xbox, Epic Store, and PlayStation! Players can wishlist the game to receive email notifications, ensuring they’re among the first to play this epic adventure when the game is released. You can also sign up for updates on the official EA and Dragon Age website to ensure you won’t miss any news.

How to Wishlist DA: Dreadwolf on all Platforms

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Antiva
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For those unfamiliar with the process, wishing a game on all platforms is a straightforward process. Just visit the game’s page on the Steam Store, Xbox Game Store, or PlayStation Store, depending on what platform you play on, and log in with your account details. You can always create a new account if you don’t have it. Once logged in, click the “Add to Wishlist” button(check all platforms store images for reference). This way you will stay updated on all the latest developments and be ready for the journey of a lifetime. Once the game is released, you will receive an email with a notification.

Full Game Reveal – Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars, Dragon Age fans, the developers have promised a full reveal of Dragon Age Dreadwolf in the summer of 2024. This announcement has set the gaming community abuzz with anticipation. We all are eager to catch a glimpse of what awaits them in this new, fourth-game installment. We hope that this promise will deliver a comprehensive reveal of what exactly we can expect and anticipate in Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

The Dragon Age Dreadwolf Release Date Speculation

Dragon Age Dreadwolf
Source: BioWare

Knowing that Bioware plans a “full reveal in Summer 2024,” we can speculate about the release date. As the history of the series shows, Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest, third game of the series, also had “an official reveal of the game. We finally learned more about the game that day and watched the first official cinematic trailer. It showcased the story and revealed more about the game. Let’s take a look at the Dragon Age: Inquisition timeline:

  • June 2013: Dragon Age: Inquisition was officially announced at E3 2013.
  • August 2013: Developers released a cinematic trailer titled “The Fires Above”, giving fans a glimpse of the game’s narrative direction.
  • August 2014: A gameplay trailer showcased various aspects of the game, including combat mechanics, exploration, and party management.
  • October 2014: The “The Hero of Thedas” trailer provided a deeper look into the protagonist’s role in the game.
  • November 2014: Bioware released a series of character trailers, introducing key companions and their backgrounds.
  • November 18, 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition release date.
Play Inquisitor in Dragon Age Inquisition vs Dreradwolf - DA 4
Source: BioWare

As you can see, the final promotional campaign for the Dragon Age: Inquisition started in August 2014 and ended with the game’s release on November 18th of the same year. But exactly a year before that, In August 2013, developers showed the narrative direction for the first time and released the first cinematic trailer for The Inquisition.

Possibly an Inquisitor in Dragon Age Dreradwolf - DA 4
Source: BioWare

If we follow the same pattern, we can speculate that the “Summer 2024 Full Reveal” will finally inform us about the Dragon Age Dreadwolf story and provide the first official cinematic trailer and maybe an official release date. In that case, we can assume the Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date is planned around the year after that or in the next few months. It’s good news and bad news. It’s good because we finally have something to look forward to. However, it looks like the game is months or even years before the release date.

A Sneak Peek with the latest teasers

Dragon Age 4 Dreradwolf - Tevinter Imperium Minrathous
Source: BioWare
Tevinter Imperium – Minrathous City

While we eagerly await the summer of 2024, on Dragon Age Day, developers have treated us with a new teaser. Watch the teaser below for a sneak peek into the locations we will likely visit in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The teaser showcases first landscapes and intriguing night city settings, giving us a taste of the immersive world they’re about to explore. The decision to withhold the name of the final location adds an extra layer of mystery. Read below if you would like to know the location shown in the final seconds of the teaser.

Thedas Calls – Dragon Age Day (2023) – Dragon Age: Dreadwolf:

The location shown on the map in the final seconds of the teaser is…

One of the final locations in the teaser has sparked curiosity among fans. Although its name remains concealed, keen-eyed enthusiasts can quickly spot the location on the map of Thedas. It’s Nocen Sea with Minrathous City marked on the map as the capital of Tevinter Imperium.

As we count down to the full reveal in the summer of 2024, we eagerly await more information about Dragon Age Dreadwolf. Stay tuned with us; we’ll bring you the latest updates and insights.

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