Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Races for Arisen and Pawns

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can create your protagonist from scratch, but what races will be available for Arisen and Pawns? Let’s take a look.

Dragon's Dogma II Pawn Ulrika

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players can visit three notable locations, kingdoms of three revealed races that will appear in the new Capcom game. As an Arisen, the player will first head to the Vermund, the kingdom of the human race. During the journeys, you will also meet Elves who live in a remote village, the Sacred Arbor. Lastly, Battahl is a beastren, cat people, nation defined by its culture and worship. They may not see your Arisen as a friend but instead your Pawns companions as a source of misfortune.

Capcom plans to release Dragon’s Dogma 2 on March 22, 2024, and developers are slowly revealing more details about the game each week. We collected all the information to create this guide. Let’s look at all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 races and which are the playable races for Arisen and Pawns.

All Races for Arisen and Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In character creation, players must design their Arisen and Main Pawn. In one of the official gameplay previews, we can see this process with the Human and Battahl races. Battahl Race is a new addition to the Dragon’s Dogma series, and many players are happy to see it being playable. Capcom confirmed that Arisen and Pawns can be a beastren race.

Dragon's Dogma II System Requirements

There are many customization options for each featured race. However, we don’t know if there will be racial bonuses in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but we hope developers reveal more in the upcoming weeks.

There are three races in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  • Human
  • Elves
  • Battahl – Beastren Nation

Human Race Overview

The human race is the most common, which comes as no surprise. Traditionally, their kingdom, Vermund, should be ruled by Arisen, but the Queen Regent Disa supports her son, false Arisen. The player will need to learn why Pawns follow false Arisen and claim the throne as the rightful king of the Human Race and Vermund kingdom.


Human skin and hair can vary in shades and colors. The new character creation process in Dragon’s Dogma 2 allows players to shape unique humans of many ethnicities.

Arisen and Pawns

  • Can Arisen be the Human Race?: Yes
  • Can the main pawn be the Human Race?: Yes
  • Can other pawns be the Human Race?: Yes

The story setup is perfect for the human race protagonist. It places the player in the middle of the events of one of the biggest political and military powers. The Human Race will be Arisen’s primary and possibly the only racial choice, similar to the previous Dragon Dogma game.

Other Human Characters

You will meet many representatives of the human race in Dragon’s Dogma 2, including Ulrika, the young leader of Melve. Brant a virtuous captain of human guard, and many others.

Elven Race Overview

Elves live in Sacred Harbour, a remote village far away from the politics and problems of two other nations. They prefer not to interact with other races and stay in their calm and beautiful sanctum. Elves speak Elvish language, and if you have a pawn who knows it, they can translate for you, making communication with Elves easier.


Elves distinguish themselves from humans through their softer features and pointed ears. Their slender and often tall bodies let them be masters of the bow and thrive in the woods surrounding their homeland. Elves typically have pale skin and light-colored hair.

Arisen and Pawns

  • Can Arisen be the Elven Race?: Unknown
  • Can the main pawn be the Elven Race?: Unknown
  • Can other pawns be the Elven Race?: Yes

It’s unlikely that players will be able to pick the Elven race for Arisen in character creation; however, in character creation footage, developers showed that we could give our characters pointy ears.

Other Elven Characters

Among the notable Elven characters are siblings Glyndwr and Doireann. Uncommon among other elves, Glyndwr lacks courage or confidence, yet he displays a keen interest in human tools and is proficient in their language. He will need your help finding and saving his sister—a gentle and well-mannered woman who learned a few words in human language from Glyndwr.

Battahl – Beastren Race Overview

Dragon’s Dogma 2 introduces a new race known as the Beastrans, playing a pivotal role in the game’s narrative. Viewing Battahl pawns as threats and bearers of misfortune, they do not revere Arisen like humans. Instead, their devotion lies in their Lamben Flame, which they worship as a safeguard against calamity. The high priestess guides their cultural and religious beliefs is Nadinia.

The challenging terrain and desert canyons concealing enigmatic ancient ruins shape Beastren into a resilient race with a unique culture and rich history.


Battahl, with their look, resemble the Khajiit race from Elder Scrolls Online. They are humanoid cats with fur, but the shape of their bodies is like that of humans and elves. Similar to the other two races, despite the short fur covering their bodies, they also have longer hair on their scalp and whiskers surrounding the cat-like noses.

This eastern race’s sharp claws and flexible bodies make them great warriors and rangers.

Arisen and Pawns

  • Can Arisen be the Beastren Race?: Yes
  • Can the main pawn be the Beastren Race?: Yes
  • Can other pawns be the Beastren Race?: Yes

Developers have confirmed that players can create their Arisne and main pawn as a Battahl race. As a result, cat-people are playable, and you can swap control between your protagonist and pawns during combat however you would like to approach the next battle.

Other Battahl Characters

The Arisen will encounter Nadinia, a prominent figure among the Battahl and the high priestess of the Lambent Flame. She received a royal education, and her goals are directed toward achieving peace and prosperity for her nation. Another noteworthy character from the Beastren Race is Menella, the leader of the Lambent Flame guard, responsible for safeguarding Nadinia, other priests, and the sacred flame. As a dedicated Battahl woman, Menella shares the high priestess’s beliefs and staunchly opposes discrimination among races.

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