Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fighter Gameplay Preview

Learn what to expect from this Starting Vocation (Class) in the upcoming sequel with Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fighter Gameplay Preview.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Fighter Gameplay Preview

In the Dragon’s Dogma series, traditional RPG classes are called Vocations. The developers of Dragon’s Dogma 2 have confirmed ten available Vocations for the sequel. These are divided into three categories: Starting, Advanced, and Hybrid. In this gameplay preview guide, we’ll look at the Fighter vocation, its playstyle and abilities, its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s viability as a Pawn vocation.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fighter Gameplay Preview

In the Dragon’s Dogma series, the Fighter Vocation is one of four main starting class which will be returning to the sequel. These include the Fighter, Mage, Thief and Archer.

As the standard starting melee class, a Fighter utilizes a one-handed sword and shield. This vocation prioritizes defense over dealing massive damage, adopting a front-line tank playstyle. Fighters will not only protect themselves but also shield their allies. They do this most effectively by positioning themselves during battle and drawing enemy attacks.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Fighter against Talos screencap

As the Fighter progresses in levels, they can strengthen their Shield skills, providing heightened protection for themselves and their allies. Additionally, considering the skills available in the first game, it is likely that there will be abilities you can unlock to taunt enemies. Other advanced skills may enhance damage-dealing capabilities, transforming a high-leveled Fighter into a formidable force on the battlefield.

Fighter Skills and Abilities

Dragon's Dogma 2 Fighter ability Onslaught from IGN
Onslaught Ability – Fighter Vocation (Image Source: Capcom and IGN)

The Fighter vocation has some unique skills and abilities, many of which will be familiar to original game players. An Exclusive Gameplay preview video from IGN also gets us a look at some of the abilities which will be available to players of the Fighter vocation. So far what we’ve seen of the Fighter vocation looks very similar to how the class looked and performed in the original game. We may see some brand new Fighter skills, or the old ones may not work the same as before.

However, the result is likely to be close to the original. The Fighter is a standard RPG class that many players will be familiar with and comfortable playing. This will likely be one of the stronger classes and it’s tanky survivability will make it a good choice for beginner players.

Here are the known skills and abilities for the Fighter in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that we’ve seen so far:

Core Skills
  • Empale – A returning skill, attacking with Empale will “release a stabbing strike straight forward.” This is a Core Skill for the Fighter, one that players can use immediately. It can be also be used as an interrupt when timed correctly. Additionally, if you use it in combination with a jumping attack it can knockdown your target.
  • Onslaught – Also available in the first game, this skill granted Fighters the ability to make “continuous attacks with one-handed sword.” With the basic attack you could chain several light attacks together. It’s a fairly unremarkable skill at base level, but could be upgraded. The next level of the ability offered Fighters a way to break shield blocks and knockdown resistance.
Sword Skills
  • Airward Slash – A new ability for the Fighter in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It’s possibly similar to the first game’s Skyward Lash ability. It was described as “looses a flurry of skyward slashes well-suited to bringing flying foes to the ground.” Given the vocation’s lack of range, this will be a handy ability for a Fighter.
  • Blink Strike – Available in the original game, this ability was described as “rushes the target and visits a powerful blow upon them.” Blink Strike is a powerful ability because of it’s potential to knockdown or stagger targets. This ability acted as a gap-closer and could be upgraded so the attack would carry the player a greater distance.
  • Compass Slash – Another returning skill Fighters could unlock to “spin with blade extended, drawing a deadly circle especially effective when surrounded. Employable while under attack.” Upgrading this skill to its advanced form made the Arisen invincible during the duration of the attack.
Shield Skills
  • Shield Bash – This is likely a renamed version of the original game’s Shield Strike. With it, you could “strike a blow with the shield that causes little damage but forces the target to drop their guard.” The upgraded version of this skill was a faster blow that forced the target to drop their guard. Moreover, it could stagger or knockdown enemies when timed correctly.

Fighter Strengths and Weaknesses

The following is a list of the pros and cons of the Fighter Vocation/Class in our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fighter Gameplay Preview:

Naturally High DefenseDeals Moderate Damage
Provide Party ProtectionSlower Moving
Draw Enemy AttacksNot Effective at Range
Use Taunts to Strategically Position Enemies

Should You Choose the Fighter Vocation For Your Pawn?

Dragon's Dogma 2 Fighter screenshot from trailer

The Fighter vocation/class would be an excellent choice for your created Pawn. Furthermore, if you didn’t want to choose the Fighter vocation for your Pawn, having a Fighter Pawn join your group as a recruit would still be a good idea.

If you feel like the more agile Thief or powerful Mage better suits your playstyle, having a Fighter Pawn in your group can be a great way to provide protection, distraction and an all-around ‘meat-shield’ to the party. The Fighter vocation is great for taking a lot of enemy pressure off the group. If you’re an Archer looking for the perfect attack position, or a Mage who needs uninterrupted time to cast their spells, then a Fighter will be a valuable addition to the party.

When starting the game, each player will get to create their own Arisen character. Additionally, you will also get to make a custom-designed Pawn. Within the world and story of Dragon’s Dogma, Pawns are said to lack emotion and a true will. Their one purpose is to follow and aid the Arisen. You can only create one single Pawn with the vocation of your choosing. You can recruit other Pawns from within the game if you want to bring along a full party.

Pawns can have any of the Starting vocations, and can eventually choose an Advanced vocation. However, they cannot use Hybrid Vocations. Those are only available to the Arisen character.

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