Enshrouded: Hollow Halls Guide and Unlocking Necromancer Survivor

This guide explains how to survive Hollow Halls Dungeon solo and with a group and unlock Necromancer Survivor in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded - Hollow Halls Dungeon Guide and Unlocking Necromancer Survivor

Enshrouded Hollow Halls is the first dungeon in the Enshrouded update and is considered the most accessible. You should prepare food, tools, and many other items to help you beat the Hollow Halls dungeon. Players must deal with various mechanics, puzzles, and larger waves of enemies. The dungeon is located in the southwest of the map, directly southeast of the Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel.

Hollow Halls Key Mechanics

Here are a few Key mechanics and takeaways from the Hollow Halls dungeon:

  • You must unlock magick barriers to proceed through the dungeon by collecting runes.
  • You will encounter swarms of undead enemies and sceletons, so we recommend you prepare for big groups of enemies.
  • The dungeon might be challenging, depending on your level. The Dungeon Level is 10. So if you are below or close to this level, we advise you to bring some friends or level up before you enter it.
  • Beating this Dungeon is required to craft Bone Key to the next dungeon, called Revel Wood Hollows.


Enshrouded Patch _3 - New Necromancer Ammo - Bone Arrows
  • Unlocking Necromancer Survivor
  • Spinechill Axe (level 10)
  • Sinister Crescent Staff (level 10)
  • Silvershot Bow (level 10)
  • Bonescourge Mace (level 10)
  • Bonne Channels I
  • Bone Arrows
  • Ectoplasm Fragments
  • Bones

Strategies, Tips, and What to Prepare for Hollow Halls in Enshrouded

  • Ensure you have a glider, preferably a legendary glider, which is the strongest in the game.
  • Grappling Hook
  • Source of light – torch
  • High-level food, bandages, health potions such as Greater healing potions, boiled eggs, and grilled meat.
  • Elixir for extra damage, and Prayer of the Flame Scroll if you are a spellcaster.
  • Mages, ensure you have AoE spells like fire staff charges or explosive arrows as an archer.
  • Recommended builds and range playstyles: Ranger, Assassin, Healer, Battlemage, or Wizard.
  • Bring a stock of arrows, exploding arrows, healing charges, and fire charges.
  • Recommended Skills: Updraft, Airborne, Emergency Blink, Double Jump.
  • Completing the Hollow Halls dungeon with friends

Hollow Halls Walkthrough and How to Unlock Necromancer Survivor

Below, you will find a detailed guide on unlocking the new Necromancer survivor and solving all puzzles in Enshrouded Hollow Halls Dungeon.

Find Hollow Halls

Enshrouded - Hollow Halls Map Location - how to find the dungeon to unlock Necromancer Survivor Guide

Teleport from Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel fly southeast. It’s the first ancient spire north of your starting location in Enshrouded. The legendary glider and updraft skill will help you fly as far as possible. Once you land, it may require a little climbing, but the entrance is easily accessible through the path from the north, between rocks.

Travel in the southeast ravine of Springlands until you reach a red building built into the rock wall. It is the first Hollow Hals dungeon, where you unlock Necromancer Survivor in Enshrouded.

Enter Hollow Halls

As you enter and start to loot, you will quickly notice new items available from this dungeon: bone arrows, staff charges, and other necromancy-related crafting materials, such as ectoplasm fragments.

Enshrouded Patch _3 - New Necromancer Weapons - Staff charges

Dive into the dungeon, but be on your guard as soon as you enter the big open hall. Undead sceletons will attack around 10 enemies. Regular skeletons will attack melee range, but casters can drop AoE ice spells, so be sure to avoid them and move out of the way. Also, the distinctive catsrs and melee skeletons will drop ectoplasm fragments.

While you travel, you may also encounter crystals growing from stacks of bones. You can mine them and also get some ectoplasm fragments. You will need them to craft the key to the next dungeon in the following region and ectoplasm for other consumables.

At the end of this hall is a teleportation platform. Enter it and go to the next part of the dungeon.

First Magic Barrier Puzzle

Here, you will find the beacon, so ensure you activate it. It will allow you to return to this place in case you die. Go down the stairs, where more skeletons wait. The path to the next room is blocked by a magical field; however, just before it, you will see a flying glowing bluer rune called a barrier. Jump from the nearby edge to collect it and be able to press on to the nest room.

Enshrouded - First door - rune one - Hollow Halls Dungeon solo and with a group

Next, turn around, and just above the ceiling, there is an iron platform with one more rune to collect. Use a grappling hook to pull yourself there and collect a second rune to deactivate the magickal barrier.

This rune mechanic will repeat throughout all Hollow Halls dungeons in Enshrouded. Proceed further.

Grab Spinechill Axe and Sinister Crescent Staff Weapons

If you go straight into the next room with a red note on the stone, you will find a lore page and, in the sarcophagus, some unique necromancer staff charges that deal ice damage, called bone charges. Search the other containers in the room; there is good loot here.

Enshrouded - grappling hook anchor puzzle 3 - Hollow Halls Dungeon solo and with a group

Once you’re ready, look up. Above you is another grappling hook anchor to an upper floor. Don’t miss a chest there with Spinechill Axe.

Jump back down, leave the room, and turn left first. You will find very dark corridors filled with skeletons and stacks of bones. They can easily swarm you, so using any AoE spell or explosive arrows will help you defeat them.

Enshrouded - remove debris puzzle 4

By following the corridors, you will eventually come across the room with a lightened-up area, and in front of you, look for the blocked rubble door; check the image above for reference. Inside, on the opposite wall, you will find suspicious light-collared debris. Remove it, and you will reveal the sarcophagus with the Sinister Crescent Staff.

Enshrouded - repair table - Hollow Halls dungeon

The next chamber with a balcony has a repair table; take this opportunity to fix your weapons and gear if necessary.

Second Magic Barrier Puzzle

Then, go down the stairs underneath the balcony to find another beacon.

Enshrouded - Second door puzzle - 6 runes required

Proceed further until you find a room with a giant hole in the ground. The big chamber below ends with another magic barrier. You must collect six more blue runes inside to open the second magic barrier. Four runes you can spot from above. We marked them on the map above.

Glide down to the first shelf on the right and then on the right. A skill like Double jump or updraft Skill that gives a slight height boost when gliding will help you reach them. The 5th rune is hidden underneath the stairs where you came from.

Enshrouded - Second door puzzle - 5th rune under the stairs

After you collect the rune, use grappling hook anchors to return back up.

Enshrouded - Second door puzzle - 6th rune above the room Hollow Halls Dungeon

The last 6th rune is on the bridge just underneath the ceiling; use the grappling hook anchor and climb the broken wall to get there. Pass the now deactivated magick door barrier to the next area. Here, you will find a third beacon.

Survive in the Basement

The basement has a series of chambers with many skeletons and various undead enemies inside. Open each door cautiously. An incredibly annoying might be swarms of bats. Area-effect spells will be most effective against them. Also, look around. Many sarcophagi have good items and small rooms with chests and elixirs.

Enshrouded - Crossroads - Hollow Halls

Eventually, you will encounter a crossroads with many small rooms and items inside. Turn left to proceed further into the Hollow Halls dungeon, but watch out for spikes trap on the floor. Glide above it. There is another beacon and repair table, so use both.

Get Silvershot Bow

Enshrouded - Silvershot Bow - Hollow Halls

Go to the next room, where just underneath the stairs is a small room entrance. Inside the sarcophagus, you will find a Silvershot Bow.

Third Magic Barrier Puzzle

The next big chamber holds the third magick barrier puzzle to solve. First, you must kill all enemies. There will be a lot, and they will keep spawning. If you come alone, it may be challenging, but fight. The blink skill is helpful to avoid melee attacks. Also, avoid undead casters’ ice attacks because they can slow you down.

Enshrouded - Hollow Halls - third magick barrier puzzle Guide and Unlocking Necromancer Survivor

Each time you defeat a special torn cloth-wearing undead, you will receive a new rune and get information on the screen. The barrier is unlocked. Once you defeat enough enemies, the last magick barrier door will unlock, and you will have access to the last room.

Unlock Necromancer survivor and get the Bonescourge Mace

Enshrouded - Enshrouded: Hollow Halls Guide and Unlocking Necromancer Survivor

Kill remaining enemies, and in the next room, you’ll find the special crypt with Necromancer survivor inside. Now, you can return to your base and place Alden Crowley inside. Like other survivors, Necromancer offers new crafting items and recipes.

Enshrouded - Hollow Halls - How to get Bonescourge Mace

Behind the Necromancer vault, you will find the last final room with a glowing red sarcophagus, where you can get Bonescourge Mace. Take the portal to return to the beginning of the dungeon.

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