Enshrouded: Where to Find Legendary Glider

Discover where to find the best flying device in Enshrouded, the Legendary Ghost Glider, and how to solve the sun temple puzzle.

Legendary Ghost Glider - Enshrouded

Glider in Enshrouded is one of the most fantastic mechanics and fast transportation tools. The higher-quality glider you possess, the less stamina it consumes during use, allowing for extended gliding periods and covering greater distances. Once you unlock the basic glider at the start of the game, you can then find the advanced glider and, eventually, the legendary ghost glider.

Here is what you will need to prepare to get Legendary Ghost Glider in Enshrouded:

  • Flame Level 4 (minimum)
  • One Lockpick
  • Grappling hook
  • Glider (preferably advanced glider – second upgrade)
  • Range weapons such as bows and arrows or staff with charges.
Legendary Ghost Glider in Enshrouded Quest

It’s worth mentioning that while progressing through the game’s quests, you will eventually receive the “Among The Bluejaus” mission from Alchemist to find a legendary glider. While having a quest is not required, if you activate it, the legendary glider location should be marked on the map.

Once you have collected all the items and are ready for Enshrouded adventure, you will need to pass through the desert, shroud, and solve the Sun Temple puzzle. Let’s dive into details on how to get this epic flying tool.

Where to Find Legendary Glider

Legendary Glider is hidden in a chest inside the Scatterbone Sun Temple in the southeast corner of the map. It’s an old temple south of the Ancient Spire-Kindlewastes Fast Travel.

Legendary Ghost Glider and Sun Temple Location in Enshrouded

Kindlewastes is a region on the east side of the map accessible through the Pillars of Creation. Pillars of Creation is a gate east of your starting home base that separates green lands of starting locations from deserts and advanced areas in Enshrouded. It’s covered with deadly fog, and you will need Flame Altar level 4 to pass through it.

Once you pass the pillars of creation, you must head southeast through the deserts of Kimdlewastes until you reach a ruined temple building called the Scatterbone Sun Temple. On your way there, you will find many enemies, including birds attacking from the air. We advise you to be at least level 25 before traveling so far into the high-level areas. Enemies in Sun Temple are level 30.

Open the Scatterbone Sun Temple

Once you arrive at the temple, you must open the door locked with three magical runes. You can see them above the door. It’s the same mechanic as in the spires; you must find all three corresponding ones to open the door.

Enshrouded - Unlock the door to Sun Temple - Rune Puzzle Solution

The first and second runes are on both sides of the temple. To the right and left, pick behind the corner, and you should easily spot them.

Rune on the Arch to open the sun temple and get Legendary Ghost Glider - enshrouded

The last one is on the arch high above the stairs leading to the temple door. Shoot all emblems with an arrow, wand, or staff to activate them and open the door to the Scatterbone Sun Temple.

Open the Inside Doors to the Tower

Inside, in front of the entrance, you will find another door leading to the temple’s tower, where your legendary ghost glider is on the top. Again, you must activate the four runes above the door to open it.

Open the Inside Doors to the Tower - Enshrouded

If you stand before the door, the first rune is just behind the bookcase on the pillar to your left. Move the bookcase or destroy it to reveal it. Then, use any ranged weapon or get closer to it to activate it manually with the “E” default key.

Second Rune in Sun Temple

First rune sun temple puzzle solution - Enshrouded

Go right, and on the wall to your left, look for a small hole in the wall. When you pick through it, you will notice a second rune in the room behind the wall. Shooting this rune through the small hole might be tricky, and the best should be bow and arrow for the task, but it’s possible with staff as well.

Third Rune in Sun Temple

Third rune sun temple puzzle solution - Enshrouded

From where you activated the second rune through the hole in the wall, look around; at the end of this corridor should be an exit to the small balcony(facing the wall, turn right). Also, the third rune to solve the sun temple puzzle in Enshrouded is on the balcony’s wall.

Fourth Rune in Sun Temple

Second rune sun temple puzzle solution - Enshrouded

When you leave the balcony, turn right again and go all the way across the temple, avoiding traps and spikes from the floor. Look for another balcony where the rune is directly above the balcony exit. Come back to the door to the sun temple tower, and it should be open now.

Climb the Scatterbone Sun Temple Tower

Enshrouded - Climb to the top of the Sun Temple

Climb the stairs all the way to the top of the tower. You will need to exit to an open terrace. Turn left to find the second set of stairs. Proceed up the stairs and use a grappling hook to pass through bigger gaps until you reach a locked door. Use one lockpick (crafted from metal scraps) to open them.

Climb up the metal mesh to get Legendary Glider in Enshrouded

Climb the iron mesh on the wall to get to the balcony on the top. Turn around, and you should see a grappling hook anchor to the final top level of the tower.

Top of the tower and chest with Legendary Ghost Glider - Enshrouded

On this level, you will find a glowing gold chest with a legendary ghost glider, the best in Enshrouded!

Additional Tips

Sun Temple is full of secret traps but also valuable loot. In the basement is also a beacon where you can obtain a few sparks. In the basement, accessible from the main level, you will find another golden chest with a chance to drop a good weapon.

Clear the rubble in the basement in Sun temple - Enshrouded

If you take the back stairs to the lower parts of the basement and turn right, you will notice the rubble covering the entrance to the hidden room behind it. Use a pickaxe or explosive bombs to clear the rubble and get your piece of gear.

Ethereal Plane Shield - Legendary - Enshrouded

We got lucky and looted Legendary Ethereal Plane Shield. However, if you don’t get it, you can log out and return to the game immediately, and the chest should be closed again with the new item inside. That’s because in Enshrouded, items spawn again each time you log out, and resources refill in the world, including chests. So you can cheese and open one chest as many times as you want to get good loot or possibly a legendary item.

How to Craft Legendary Glider

Enshrouded - How to Craft Legendary Ghost Glider

You can craft more legendary gliders for your friends when you unlock it for the first time from the sun temple. You will need the following resources:

Collect Plant Fibers from small bushes or tear out dead vegetables, which can be found anywhere on the map. You will need three plant fibers to craft one string in your inventory.

Enshrouded - Flax

To get Fabric, you will need Loom once you’ve completed the Hunter quest and placed the Loom at your base. You will need five pieces of linen to get one piece of fabric. On the other hand, Linen is also crafted on a hunter’s tool called a hand spindle. It can be obtained the same way as loom through the Hunter mission. Lastly, to get linen, you will need Flax blue flowers that grow in all green areas of Enshrouded. Fabric or linen can also be found in the chests of Kindlewastes desert regions.

There are multiple plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees to harvest in the Shroud that will reward you with Shroud Wood. The best way to find Shroud Wood is simply by cutting trees with your best version of an axe to speed up the process. Lastly, pay attention to your Shroud timer while collecting Shroud Wood and reset your timer as needed.

Enshrouded Mining Sulfur

You can find sulfur anywhere in the desert regions of the Nomad Highlands area. It’s a wide desert to the east side of the map behind pillars of creation. Moreover, you must Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 4 to get there. Sulfur has a yellow color and can be mined with a pickaxe. Finally, unlock the Miner skill (4 points) if you have the extra points. It will grant you a 10% chance to get more resources when mining.

Enshrouded Oil

Lastly, 4 Enshrouded Oil you can get by mixing Shroud spores Cal from Kiln Shroud Liquid and Sulfur. Both Shroud Liquid and Shroud spores you can get from mushrooms and enemies in shroud areas.

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