Best Enshrouded Healer Build

Discover how to create the best Enshrouded Healer Build, with a guide on the best weapons, skills, consumables, armor, and more!

Healer Build for Enshrouded

UpdatedThose builds were created during Early Access of Enshrouded for Patch #3 and will be updated upon full release and following patches. During Early Access, Keen Games Studio often introduces new updates and adjustments to skills and gameplay mechanics to prepare Enshrouded for full release. The Patch #3 added a new craftsperson, a new quest, and, most importantly, a new dungeon. The new dungeon, the Hollows, comes with new legendary gear, puzzles, enemies, and trophies you can hang in your house. There are four hollows, each with higher-level enemies and difficulty with the Kindlewaste dungeon scaling to level 25, with level 30 gear. This is now the best legendary gear in the game, and our builds will be changed to reflect this.

Healer Build Guide

The Healer build in Enshrouded focuses on self and group healing through passive and active spells while dealing magic damage. What makes the healer unique is its passive healing with Water Aura and high intelligence attribute, allowing it to do incredible healing and damage within one build. This build is designed for the solo or group player, and the healer build will excel at either content.

Our build was created at level 25, currently the maximum level for Enshrouded Early Access. Before progressing with our Best Enshrouded Healer Build, your character creation will not impact gameplay. There are no racial passives, ability scores, or attributes to consider. Thus, we advise you to select a character whose appearance resonates with you.

Healer Build Features & Mechanics

Healer Build Guide for Enshrouded Game

The following list presents all the features and mechanics for Enshrouded Healer Build:

  • Primary Attribute: Intelligence
  • Secondary Attribute: Constitution
  • Primary Weapon: Wand and Shield
  • Secondary Weapon: Staff with Chain Heal charge
  • Best Armor: Sage
  • Best Skills: Water Aura, Bloodletting, Life Burst, and Good Metabolism.
  • Best Consumable: Glow Soup Spice, Meat Wrap, Boiled Eggs

Weapon Choices

Scorching Wand Legendary Enshrouded Game
Root Staff Enshrouded Game

The best weapons for the Healer build in Enshrouded are a one-handed wand with a shield equipped and a staff with spell charges. The wand and shield will allow you to block and reduce damage. While the staff and charges will allow you to heal yourself and others or do powerful attacks. Moreover, this build can use unarmed attacks with the skill Begone, stunning targets in melee range at the expense of mana. Below is an explanation of the healer weapon choice, and when to use them.

  • Wand and Shield – Wands are a good medium-range high-damage weapon that doesn’t require cast time or charges. Additionally, you can block while having a wand equipped, allowing for quick defensive posturing.
  • Staff – Staves and charges require mana and cast time but have powerful abilities. The staff with Eternal Acid Bite charge is the most powerful damage source in the entirety of Enshrouded. Moreover, you can use a heal channel or chain heal to heal yourself and your allies. Thus, Staff are high risk and high reward, and are equipped as a range weapon.
  • Unarmed – Using the skill Begone, you can swap to an unarmed weapon (blank slot on your bar) and attack an enemy with your bare hands. This will knock them back and stun them making a great crowd-control method when being attacked by aggressive melee builds.


Healing Spells in Enshrouded Game

To heal in Enshrouded, you use staff charges like to heal channel or chain heal, passive skills like water aura, or potions. When playing in a group, staff charges are essential, as well as Water Aura providing passive healing in a radius. To be a good group healer, you must play close to a 15-meter range of your target to reach them with healing spells and Water Aura.

Passive Healing Groups in Enshrouded Game

Water Aura was nerfed (reduced) in Patch 1 of Enshrouded and now heals for 1 point of health for every 2 intelligences. However, this can be amplified with Sage gear, thus obtaining very high healing per second for you and your group. This is why building for high intelligence is critical for the healer build, which also determines your overall magic damage as well. The only downside is you will have a much smaller health pool than the battlemage build, but great healing and damage.

Spells & Charges

Eternal Chain Heal - Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded

Charges are one-time consumable spells when equipped with a staff weapon. However, you can obtain eternal charges, which do more damage or healing than base charges. You can advance your Alchemist progression to unlock more crafting recipes including Eternal Charges. Additionally, eternal charges will cost more mana and have a longer cast time. These make a perfect solution to one of the staff’s main issues: non-reusable ammunition.

Here are the best charges for a healer build in Enshrouded:

  • Acid Bite – The highest damage charge in the game. Acid Bite’s weakness is limited range in a cone with a long cast time, but powerful damage.
  • Fireball – This charge is great for ranged attacks when attacking flying creatures or needing area damage.
  • Chain Heal – To heal group members quickly, use Chain Heal which takes one second is sends a quick green beam of healing to another player.
  • Healing Channel – The healing channel is a self or group heal but requires you to hold the spell while the green healing floats to players.


Reviving in Enshrouded Game

To revive a player in Enshrouded, walk over to their corpse and press the E or interact key. By default, this will take 6 seconds to respawn, and you are vulnerable to attacks. The benefit of using Revive vs. Respawn is having access to all of your gear and materials.

Enshrouded skill trees (core and healer) feature many revive-specific passives. However, we do not believe these are fruitful or useful unless trying to reach another skill. If playing in a coordinated group, you should be relatively close to your group and provide passive and active healing for them. This should be enough to keep players alive. If you need to resurrect a player, having 20 points worth of revive passive skills won’t make that much of a difference.

Resource Orb Creation

Resource Orbs in Enshrouded

When restoring resources, Enshrouded features a mechanic of spawning orbs via the Bloodletting skill. By default, these orbs replenish 10% of respective resources and appear very small on the screen. The Bloodletting requires critical hits to trigger these orbs. You can do damage to enemies or objects and spawn orbs. Therefore, area-based spells like Acid Spray and Fireball hitting 5 barrels can spawn many orbs to keep you and your team full of resources.

Additionally, the Good Metabolism skill increases the effectiveness of these orbs from 10% of resources to 30%. Good Metabolism is a Survivor (green) skill that is highly advised for the end-game at the maximum level of 25 for players looking for a resource edge in Enshrouded.

Best Healer Attributes & Combat Stats

Healer Attributes and Stats in Enshrouded

Intelligence is the most important attribute for a healer in Enshrouded because it determines your healing and magic damage. This build can reach 25 intelligence, providing massive damage and healing. The important secondary stat is a constitution. You will have much less health with the healer and need a decent health pool to prevent one-shot damage. With 10 or more constitution the game is much more forgiving.

Moreover, Spirit is your attribute that determines overall mana. This isn’t as important because we can spawn resource orbs, so having a massive mana pool is more of a waste than helpful. Lastly, your Flame Altar level will increase your attribute bonus. This is a priority for improving your Enshrouded Healer build power level. 

Skill Selections

Best Healer Skills in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you earn skill points from leveling and completing Elixir Wells. Based on the level range, we have broken down the skill sections and listed the best skills to select at every level for this build. While your skill points totals may change depending on your overall level, and Elixir Well completions, save up skill points if you cannot afford one at your current level. Below is what our skill points were at various levels in Enshrouded:

  • Level 10 – 36 Skill Points
  • Level 20 – 72 Skill Points
  • Level 25 – 114 Skill Points

The maximum level in Enshrouded is 25, with some enemies in further regions being level 30. The general skill selections below are geared towards combat performance specifically, and we will list and explain the most critical of all the skills. Moreover, look to the utility skill section if you prefer more utility, crafting, and less combat emphasis. Lastly, you can always respec your skill points with Runes at the Flame Altar, so feel free to experiment. However, we feel the selections below are the best overall for combat power and enjoyment for the best Healer build in Enshrouded.

Level 1-10 Skills

Water Aura and Waters of Life Changed in Enshrouded Game

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Healer Build for Enshrouded from levels 1 to 10:

  • Endurance (Survivor): increases your stamina by 10.
  • Runner (Survivor): sprinting speed increased by 10% and stamina consumption decreased by 10%.
  • Double Jump (Survivor): allows jumping a second time while airborne.
  • Intelligence (Healer): +1 to Intelligence.
  • Healer (Healer): health gain from healing spells will be increased by 10%.
  • Blink (Healer): Replaces the Dodge Roll Ability with a Short-Range teleport.
  • Healer II (Healer): health gain from healing spells will be increased by 20%.
  • Intelligence (Healer): +1 to Intelligence.
  • Water Aura (Healer): All players within 15 meters regenerate 1 HP per second for every intelligence.
  • Water of Life (Healer): Regenerate 1 additional health point per intelligence.
  • Necromancer (Wizard): When killing an enemy with a magic weapon, you have a 10% chance to summon a friendly fire wisp.
  • This is the Way (Wizard): When attacking with a magical weapon all damage is increased by 10%.
  • Quick Charge (Wizard): Reduces the time staff require to charge a spell by 50%
  • Counterstrike (Trickster): After receiving damage, there is a 20% chance to inflict 50% of damage on the attacker. This is a magical attack that can trigger other skills.
  • Intelligence (Trickster): +1 to Intelligence.
  • Begone! (Trickster): A magic unarmed punch costing 30 mana and stunning targets.

Level 11-20 Skills

Bloodletting Battlemage Skill in Enshrouded Game

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Healer Build for Enshrouded from levels 11 to 20:

  • Arcane Deflection (Battlemage): On a successful parry, gain 20 mana.
  • Evasion Attack (Battlemage): When equipped with a melee weapon, you can perform an evade attack which dashes towards the enemy and deals more weapon damage with (LMB).
  • Battle Heal (Battlemage): When dealing critical damage with a melee weapon, you will heal 5% of your maximum health.
  • Spirit (Battlemage): Increases Mana by 20.
  • Bloodletting (Battlemage): When scoring a critical hit with a magical weapon, there is a 50% chance to spawn 2 health, mana, and/or stamina orbs. Gathering the Orb replenishes 10% of the respective resources.
  • Life Burst (Battlemage): When killing an enemy with a magic weapon, all players within 15 meters of the target gain health equal to 3 times your intelligence.
  • Absorb (Tank): When you suffer magical damage, you have a 10% chance to generate 1 mana for each health point lost.
  • Intelligence (Battlemage): +1 to Intelligence.
  • Intelligence (Battlemage): +1 to Intelligence.
  • Unity (Battlemage): damaging enemies with wands has a 24% chance to recover 2% mana.
  • Wand Master (Battlemage): 30% Chance to spawn an additional wand projectile.
  • Sting (Battlemage): repeated wand damage is increased by 20%.
  • Spirit (Battlemage): Increases Mana by 20.
  • Intelligence (Battlemage): +1 to Intelligence.
  • Intelligence (Trickster): +1 to Intelligence.

Level 21-25 Skills

Passive Skills in Enshrouded

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Healer Build for Enshrouded from levels 21 to 25:

  • Terror (Trickster): on a critical hit with a spell, the target will be stunned for 4 seconds.
  • Spirit (Healer): Increases Mana by 20
  • Martyr (Healer): When you are killed by An enemy, all allies with 50 meters will heal 30% of their max health.
  • Exalted (Healer):  You will gain one intelligence for every two levels of the Flam
  • Intelligence (Healer): +1 to Intelligence.
  • Shroud Filter (Healer): dealing magic weapon damage has a 15% chance to trigger a small flame burst that restores 30 seconds of Shroud Time to you and your allies.
  • Emergency Blink (Healer): You can blink while being stunned. This will break the stunned state.
  • Endurance (Survivor): Increases stamina by 10
  • Wanderlust (Survivor): stamina consumption for sprinting on dirt roads is reduced from 90% to 80%. Stamina consumption for sprinting on stone roads is reduced from 75% to 50%.
  • Good Metabolism (Survivor): Health, mana, and stamina orbs restore 30% instead of 10% of their respective resource. Mana and health potions restore 20% more
  • Updraft (Assassin): Pressing the jump button while gliding will give you a small height boost for 120 mana, once per flight.
  • Airborne (Assassin): Gliders consume 30% less stamina.
  • Spirit (Wizard): Increases Mana by 20.
  • Arsonist (Wizard): All fire damage is increased by an additional 10%.
  • Pyromaniac (Wizard): All Fire damage is increased by an additional 20%.
  • Radiant Aura (Wizard): All fell foes within 10 meters take 1 fire damage per intelligence per second.
  • Sun Aura (Wizard): All fell foes within 10 meters take 1 additional fire damage per intelligence per second.

Best Healer Skills Explained

  • Water Aura – Passive healing for you and a group within 15 meters based on your intelligence. At the end game, with Sage gear, this can reach over 50 heals a second post Patch 1 nerf.
  • Blink – Mobility skill consuming stamina but can be used while stunned with Emergency Blink skill unlocked.
  • Life Burst – If you kill enemies with magic weapons, you can trigger 60 health heal to everyone around 15 meters, including yourself. Another way to burst heal players and yourself passively is through kills.
  • Begone! – Stuns targets with mana punch, though you need an unarmed slot on your bar. Helpful to knock back aggressive melee builds.
  • Terror – Another stun skill that gives stuns from spells that critical hit. Area-based spells like Fireball can stun multiple targets in one cast.
  • Bloodletting & Good Metabolism – Triggers orbs when critically striking with a staff, and these feed 30% of resources to you and or party members.

Utility Skills

Below are recommended utility skills for this Heal Build if you wish to sacrifice some combat performance:

  • Mason (Core) – The pickaxe deals 30% more damage against stone objects, including resource veins.
  • Miner (Core) – When you mine resources, you have a 10% chance to get additional resources.
  • Lumberjack (Core) – Felling axes do 30% more damage against wooden objects, including trees.
  • Relentless Flame (Survivor) – maximum shroud time increased by 5 minutes, allowing you to explore for longer.
  • Inner Fires (Survivor) – maximum Shroud time increased by 2 minutes, allowing you to explore for longer.

Healer Gameplay & Tips

Below are our gameplay strategies and tips for playing the Enshrouded Healer build:

  • Opening Attack – Look to cast a long animation staff charge with the highest damage potential first. Depending on the enemy, you may repeat this spell or swap to a wand and a shield. From this point, use the wand until incoming damage is likely, then block. Ideally, you want to time the block perfectly, but if unfamiliar, block and beware of your stamina.
  • Damage – The goal is to create space and use your Staff and Charges like Acid Bite and Fireball for the most damage possible. When you run out of mana, swap to the Wand and use its attacks repeatedly, which should fill up your mana with our skill selections.
  • Healing – Heal yourself quickly with a potion, and passively with water aura skill. Slow heal yourself around a corner or somewhere you are protected with Heal Channel. Use Chain Heal 1 second cast time to heal allies then swap back to another spell for damage.
  • Survival – The main survival tip is creating space and keeping range distance. The main source of death is getting attacked while casting or charging a spell. When in doubt, turtle up with the Wand and knock enemies back with unarmed punches.
  • Stuns – Use unarmed punches and unlock Terror skills for extra stuns.
  • Group Play – While you want to keep range with the healer build, playing at the end of 15 meters is critical. This helps you reach other players with water aura and healing spells. However, feel free to dip in and out of this range when players need support.

Best Healer Weapons & Armor

Elder Hat for Enshrouded Game
Sage Tunic in Enshrouded Game
Warden Trousers in Enshrouded

Below is a list of the best Healer Build Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded:

Main Hand WeaponScorching Wand+16 Fire Damage
ShieldFlame Shield14 Block
Range WeaponRoot StaffAcid Bite Charge
HeadElder Hat+12% Crit Chance
Upper BodySage Tunic96% Healing
ArmsSage Gloves24% Healing
Lower BodyWarden Trousers+45 Health
FeetSage Boots12% Healing
Ring 1Commander’s Ring+30 Heath, 30 Mana
Ring 2Ring of the Ancients+1 all attributes
Best Healer Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded
  • Scorching Wand – Obtained in a chest.
  • Flame Shield – Quest completion.
  • Root Staff – Found in a chest.
  • Sage Set – Crafted by the Alchemist.
  • Warden Set – Crafted by the Blacksmith.
  • Elder Set – Level 25 set found in chests in level 30 areas southeast areas.
  • Commander’s Ring – Completing Pikes area.
  • Ring of the Ancients – Found in a random chest.
Alternative Gear Sets

If you are not at the end game, use the Alchemist Craftsperson to craft magic and healing gear throughout your journey until the end game. Here’s what we recommend based on your healer build level:

  • Level 5 (Fur Armor Set) – A basic form of protection crafted by the Blacksmith. Materials needed to craft are torn cloth, animal fur, string, and metal scraps.
  • Level 8 (Alchemist Apprentice Set) – Crafted by Alchemist, and the first set with magic damage bonuses. Materials needed to craft are Bonemeal, Torn Cloth, String, Metal Scraps, and Resin.
  • Level 13 (Healer Set) – First true healer set. Materials needed to craft Dried Fur, Glow Dust, Amber, Linen, Torn Cloth, Metal Sheets, and Bones.
  • Level 18 (Herbalist Set)– Upgraded healer-specific gear set. Materials needed to craft Linen, Leather, Fossilized Bone, Bronze Bars, and Charcoal.
  • Level 23 (Sage) – Best overall healing set in the game. Materials needed to craft Bronze Bars, Lapislazuli, Fossilized Bone, Yellow Fabric, and Padding.
  • Level 25 (Elder): Best overall magic damage set found in level 30 areas near the bottommost eastern parts of the map.

Best Healer Consumables

Healer Consumables and Food for Enshrouded Build

The best healer build consumables and food effects for Enshrouded are listed below:

  • Glow Soup Spice (Crafted) – +5 Intelligence, +60 Shroud Protection. Materials needed to craft are Spice, Water, and Azura Russula. Best increase for intelligence.
  • Meat Wrap (Crafted) – +5 Constitution, and +1 Intelligence.  Materials needed to craft are Water, Red Mushroom, Raw Sand Digger Meat, and Flour. Massive boost to health and small boost to Intelligence.
  • Boiled Eggs (Crafted) – +3 Stamina Recharge, +3 Health Regeneration, and +2 Mana Recharge.  Materials needed to craft are Eggs and Water. Helpful for all regenerations.
  • Prayer of the Flame Scrolls (Looted) – +20% Magic Damage, +1 minute time in the shroud. Gives a big boost to magic damage and stacks with other consumables.
  • Elixir (Looted) – +30% Damage Multiplier, -1 minute in the shroud. This gives additional damage and stacks with Pray of the Flame Scrolls.
  • Flask of Fell (Crafted) – Increases stamina by +20 for 30 minutes. Crafted by the Alchemist with Shroud Liquid, Strawberry, and Forest Beet.
  • Revitalizing Health Potions (Crafted) – Instantly restores 800 health.  Crafted by Alchemist with Honey, Aloe, Chamomile, and Alchemical Base.

Self Healing

How to Heal in Enshrouded

In addition, make sure to carry berries (blueberries or strawberries) for health regeneration, water for stamina regeneration, and bandages for healing. As you advance, you can unlock the Alchemist and craft healing potions. This will help you early with survival, then optimize for damage with consumables.

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