Enshrouded: How to Get Elder Armor

Learn how to obtain the Elder Armor set in Enshrouded and its bonuses and stat improvements. Discover the best farming locations and golden chests locations.

Elder Armor Set - Enshrouded

Elder Armor Set

You can find it throughout Kindlewaste end-game areas in the south by looting random chests. Set bonuses are similar to Archmage armor but much more robust. They are perfect for Wizard characters at the end of the game.

Elder Armour buffs Max Mana and Mana regeneration. Also, it significantly boosts critical damage and magic damage multiplayer for wizards, battlemages, and healers.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2842+15% Magical Critical Strike Chance  +12% Critical Strike Dmg
Chest56113+120 Health  +96 Mana
Legs2870+36 Mana  +2 Mana Regen
Hands1428+9% Dmg vs Magical Foes  +12% Magic Dmg Multiplier
Feet1428+4 Mana Regen  -120 Mana Timeout Reduction 

The blue skill trees are best to pair with this set because the Elder Set will boost magic damage and combat with staff.

Where to Get Elder Armor Set in Enshrouded

The best locations to farm high-level, random-drop armors, including Elder Armor, in Enshrouded are the scavenger camps and sun temples on the southeast side of the map in Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes. The drop is random, so you will need to open multiple golden glowing chests before you collect all 5 pieces of the Elder Armor Set.

Where to Farm High-Level Random Drop Armor in Enshrouded

The best locations to get Elder Armor in Enshrouded:

  • West Nomad Highlands Sun Temple (one gold and one silver chest).
  • Deepcut Scavenger Camp (one gold chest, few silver and bronze chests in the area)
  • Two camps south of Ridgeback Mine (one silver chest and one brown)
  • Elixir Well with Scythe boss (one gold and two silver chests)

Set up two or three flame altars near the farming points for convenience and efficiency. To access the Elixir Well quickly and easily, glide north from the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes.

West Nomad Highlands Sun Temple – Farm Location 1

The sun temple, the first location from the west, is situated in a pit. It is surrounded by sandstone walls and built into them. To get access to the golden chest inside the middle building chamber, you will need to solve a puzzle. Solving the puzzle is straightforward. All you need to do is find and shoot with arrows or staff all the corresponding golden glowing runes located throughout the temple building. This will unlock the middle building chamber and grant you access to the golden chest.

Deepcut Scavenger Camp – Farm Location 2

Deepcut Scavenger Camp - Farm Location 2 - Enshrouded

One of the best locations to gain experience levels and farm high-level armor and weapons is the Deepcut Scavenger camp. On the left side of the main gate, there is a hill with a boss that releases acid area attacks and inflicts significant damage with melee smashes. To avoid his acid attacks, you can lure him down and attempt ranged attacks from the top. Once you succeed, the boss won’t be able to return to the hill, so you should be safe.

After defeating him, seek out a small cave entrance containing a golden chest with a chance to drop the Elder armor in Enshrouded. Thoroughly scan the area for additional brown and silver chests scattered around the camp.

Two camps south of Ridgeback Mine – Farm Location 3

In the third area, you’ll encounter two camps. The smaller one is enclosed by a wooden fence, containing only one chest and the remnants of abandoned settlements overrun by scavengers. In the larger second area, search for a golden chest inside a house across the chasm, accessible via the stone bridge. Be cautious of scavengers, particularly those firing at you from atop buildings. Watch out for enemies wielding two daggers who can swiftly approach and inflict substantial damage.

You’ll find one silver and one brown chest in the northern small camp. Explore the abandoned ruins to discover one golden and three silver chests. The golden chest, in particular, provides a chance to obtain legendary weapons or high-level armor, potentially including the coveted Elder armor.

Elixir Well with Scythe boss – Farm Location 4

Elixir Well with Scythe boss - Farm Location 4 - Enshrouded

To reach the easternmost location, head towards the Elixir Well. You can glide there from the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire and land atop the tower. Once you reach there, you’ll encounter a scythe boss near the beacon. This enemy can launch explosive magic damage bombs, so be careful to avoid the blue circles that can cause instant death. Seek refuge behind the pillars of the tower to reduce incoming damage. Keep in mind that the Scythe boss is a challenging adversary and you need to be well-prepared with active buffs and a good level. If you lack these, consider this encounter to be too difficult. Additionally, ensure that your flame strength is at least level 6.

Next, Drop down to the elixir well and head to the red elixir root. In the area, you will find two silver chests. Just next to the root after you destroy it and all enemies protecting it. Lastly, look for a small wooden platform to the right with the lava underneath and a stony shell on the other side with a golden chest on it.

Easy Golden Chests to Get Elder Armor Location

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Map Location

The first Golden Chest that has a chance to drop Elder Armor is in northeastern edge of the map, located in a small cave north of the Kindlewaste Ancient Spire or East of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Outside Cave Location

To navigate the darkness inside the cave, we suggest using a Wisp of Light potion or a torch to enhance visibility. Once inside, continue until you come across wooden scaffolding in the corner of the first room. Go behind the scaffolding and look for a rubble pile in the cave wall.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Rubble Pile in Cave

Remove the rubble pile with a few explosives or a pickaxe to access the small cave pocket with the golden chest. You can place a flame altar next to the chest and return after the chest respawns to farm it until you get the Elder Armor or other items you need. Remember to place the Flame altar within a few meters of the chest so the flame altar range doesn’t touch the chest. Otherwise, it may not respawn correctly.

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