Enshrouded: Best Chest for Legendary Gear

Discover where to find the best chests to find Legendary Gear in Enshrouded, and how to set it up to farm them.

Enshrouded Best Chest for Legendary Gear

Legendary Gear in Enshrouded is essential in your game progression especially as you approach end-game content. When enhanced, they have additional stat lines compared to other rarities which can drastically change how the weapons perform.

Once you begin liking individual weapons, you may desire to acquire them at maximum quality. However, with massive RNG involved in getting weapons from chests and at various levels, it can be difficult to get exactly what you want. This Enshrouded Best Chest for Legendary Gear guide will explain the best ways we have obtained legendary weapons with as little effort as possible.

Where to Find the Best Chest for Legendary Gear

Legendary gear can seem to be hard to come by, however, there is a chest on the northeastern edge of the map that is the best chest for Legendary gear. This chest is located in a small cave north of the Kindlewaste Ancient Spire or East of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Map Location

Regardless of which Spire you have unlocked and attempt to travel from it is going to be a trek across multiple enemy areas, so make sure to come equipped. Also, you will want to bring a selection of building items and materials to set up the cave to farm it once you find it.

Below is a list of items you should bring to the Best Chest for Legendary Gear in Enshrouded:

  • Combat Equipment to handle high-level enemies
  • Max Stamina and Stamina Regen food
  • 2x Flame Altars
  • Building Hammer
  • 512x Building Material, Explosives, or a Pickaxe
  • Torch or Wisp of Light

Finding the Cave

Once you get to the region the cave can be a little tricky to find. It’s on the side of a cliff face at the bottom of a slope and can be very easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Outside Cave Location

Once you find the cave, simply head inside. The cave can be quite dark, so we recommend activating your Wisp of Light potion or equipping your torch to be able to see.

Inside the Cave

Once inside the cave, you want to proceed until you find some wooden scaffolding in the corner of the first room. Continue to go behind the scaffolding until you find a rubble pile in the cave wall.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Inside of Cave Location

Once you find the rubble pile, you need to mine it to get to the cave that contains the chest. You can do this with a few explosives or using your pickaxe to break the rubble.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Rubble Pile in Cave

Setting Up to Farm

Once inside the cave, you are going to mine through one of the walls to place a flame altar. We used explosives to destroy the wall quickly. However, you can place a flame altar down, place two foundations of into the edge of the wall, and then remove them. This allows you to excavate a wall quickly and without actually using any resources besides an altar.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Destroying Cave Wall

When placing your flame altar, you want to ensure that the Flame Protection Range is just before the chest. If it touches the chest it will not allow the chest to respawn and interfere with the farm. Once you have your flame altar placed properly without it touching your chest, you are ready to begin the farm.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Placing Flame Altar

How to Farm the Best Chest for Legendary Gear

In order to farm the best chest for the legendary gear you need to have a flame altar close by without it overlapping the chest, exit the game to the main menu, then re-enter your save. Doing this causes everything outside of your altar protection circle to be reset upon loading back in. This includes the chest allowing you to reloot the chest after every reload.

You can do this with any chest, however, this chest tends to have more consistent quality gear. Although, this chest does require lockpicks to open every time. Metal Scrap is needed for lockpicks but it is quite commonly obtained. Also, if you have unlocked the Blacksmith Craftsperson you can craft lockpicks for 1 Metal Scrap per lockpick.

Enshrouded Legendary Gear Chest Farm

From this chest, you can get large amounts of Legendary weapons and the three different level 23 gear sets, Gloom Monarch, Hawk, and Spellbinder.

Additional Cave Information

Also, this cave doesn’t just hold the best chest to farm legendary gear in Enshrouded. It holds numerous resources including iron ore, copper ore, and lootable containers. If you do venture deep into the cave there is the copper ore and an additional chest. However, there are Shroud beetles nearby that will attack and a chest that doesn’t have as good of drops.

Secondary Chest Location

There is a secondary chest location that doesn’t require a lockpick to open, however, it doesn’t provide as good of drops but can drop the level 25 gear sets, Eagle Eye, Elder, and Radiant Paladin.

Enshrouded Secondary Legendary Gear Chest Map Location

The secondary chest location is located in the far southeast corner of the map in the Kindlewaste region. Just south of the Kindlewaste Ancient Spire and near the Sun Temple where the Legendary Ghost Glider can be found. It’s down on the edge of a ledge on the cliff next to a deadly fog. So be sure to take your time finding the ledge and landing on it safely.

Finding the Ledge

Enshrouded Secondary Legendary Gear Chest Location

Once you get down to the ledge, place a flame altar on one of the edges of the ledge. Unsure that it is far enough away that the flame altar protection line doesn’t overlap the chest. Then proceed, as explained above, to loot the chest, leave to main menu, then reload your save. Doing this will reset everything in the world outside of your altar’s protection.

Enshrouded Secondary Legendary Gear Chest

The chest can drop legendary gear including the three different level 25 gear sets. However, its drop table is worse containing additional lower quality weapons. The benefit of this chest is it requires no setup, isn’t hard to find, and doesn’t require a lockpick. You can use either chest to obtain your desired items. Although, you may spend more farming for the weapons at the secondary chest location due to its poor drop table.

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