ESO: Baan Dar’s Blessing Explained With How to Get Instructions

Instructions and everything you need to know about Baan Dar’s Blessing set which you can get from Cyrodiil in ESO.

ESO: Baan Dar’s Blessing Explained With How to Get Instructions

Baan Dar’s Blessing

Baan Dar’s Blessing Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Baan Dar’s Blessing
  • Type: Cyrodiil Set
  • Available Armor Weight: Heavy Armor, Jewelry, Weapons
  • Location: Cyrodiil
  • Requires DLC: No, part of the base game
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • (2 items): Adds 1487 Armor
    • (3 items): Adds 1206 Maximum Health
    • (4 items): Adds 1206 Maximum Health
    • (5 items): Reduce the duration of Breakable Crowd Control, Immobilizes, and Snares on you by 75%. Reduce the duration of your Breakable Crowd Control, Immobilizes, and Snares by 38%.

In ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online), Baan Dar’s Blessing is a set with bonuses geared towards a defensive tank build. The first three item bonuses will grant you first a boost in Armor and then provide increases to your maximum Health. The major 5-piece bonus centers around reducing an enemy’s ability to stun or immobilize you drastically. A 75% reduction in the duration of a breakable stun is pretty significant. However, it comes at the cost of also reducing the duration of the stuns that you can cause with your abilities.

How to Use Baan Dar’s Blessing for the Elder Scrolls Online

The simple thing about this set is that there is nothing you have to do to trigger the effect. Wearing five pieces of the Baan Dar’s Blessing set will automatically adjust the timers of all stuns affecting you. Additionally, a similar decrease in time will also automatically affect any crowd control abilities that you use on enemy targets.

How to Use Baan Dar’s Blessing Set in PvE and PvP?

The Baan Dar’s Blessing set in ESO will likely not find much use either within player vs environment (PvE), or in player vs player (PvP) settings. Overall, the base bonuses for wearing 2 to 4 pieces of the set are decent enough to complement a tank build. However, while at first the idea of a 75% reduction in the timer on crowd control abilities affecting you sounds great, it comes at far too much of a cost.


While the ESO Baan Dar’s Blessing set is meant for PvP tank builds, in theory, it could also be used in overland, dungeons, or trials as well. However, it is not likely to change any meta for tanks in group PvE. The cost of the 38% reduction in the time of your crowd control abilities is just too much. The two main purposes of a tank are to take aggro and position the enemy so all of the DPS can do their job. Stuns and crowd control are a huge part of the latter. Reducing the duration of those abilities means having to cast them more often to achieve the same effect, which means a higher cost to your Stamina/Magicka.


The negative cost of the 5-piece ‘bonus’ to Baan Daar’s Blessing will likely ensure that it hardly sees any use on the battlefields of Cyrodiil. Crowd control abilities are a vital component of any viable PvP tank build. Locking down your opponent(s) so that others in your group can do damage is one of the primary functions of a tank role. The last thing a tank or their group would want in PvP would be an armor set that lowers stun duration. The benefit of reduced CC on the tank alone is simply not worth it.

How to Get Baan Dar’s Blessing Set in ESO?

ESO Whitestrakes Mayhem Event

Rewards of the Worthy coffers earned in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds provide Baan Daar’s Blessing armor, weapons, and jewelry. Here are instructions on how to obtain all items from the ESO Baan Daar’s Blessing set:

  • Have a character at level 10 or higher
  • Enter Cyrodiil or join a Battleground
  • Fight other alliances/players, take keeps/resources, etc.
  • Earn Alliance Points (AP)
  • For every 20,000 AP earn, you will automatically receive a Rewards of the Worthy coffer via mail

Expect it to take some time for you to collect all of the ESO Baan Daar’s Blessing set pieces because several different Cyrodiil sets can drop from the Rewards of the Worthy coffers. However, when the Cyrodiil battlefield is active you can often accumulate Alliance Points fairly quickly. Moreover, you should be able to sell and trade Baan Daar’s Blessing set pieces. Therefore, if you have a piece or two that won’t drop in the coffers, you can try finding them for sale at guild traders.

Finally, this set is part of the base game and is available for all ESO players.

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