ESO: Colovian Highlands General Explained With How to Get Instructions

Everything you need to know about the Colovian Highlands General set with instructions on how to get it from the Elite Cyrodiil vendor in ESO.

ESO: Colovian Highlands General Explained With How to Get Instructions

Colovian Highlands General

Colovian Highlands General Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Colovian Highlands General
  • Type: Cyrodiil Monster Helm
  • Available Armor Weight: Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Location: Cyrodiil Elite Vendor
  • Requires DLC: No, part of the base game
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • 1 item: Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
    • 2 items: When you kill a Player, gain a stack of Blood Debt for 0.5 seconds. When Blood Debt expires, you and up to 5 group members within 28 meters of you gain 15 Ultimate per stack of Blood Debt.

In ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online), Colovian Highlands General is a set where the major bonus is only triggered when you kill another player. Consequently, it is made explicitly for use in the PvP zones of Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds.

Upon killing another player, you gain a stack of Blood Debt, which lasts for 0.5 seconds. When that half a second ends, you and an additional 5 group members will gain 15 Ultimate. However, the group members must be within 28 meters of you when the 0.5 seconds ends. Blood Debt can stack if you can kill other enemy players fast enough in that 0.5 seconds.

How to Use Colovian Highlands General Set in PvE and PvP?

The Colovian Highlands General set is not meant for use in PvE and has limited use in PvP zones. This set would be complex to take full advantage of in Battlegrounds and would not be a fair trade-off for more effective gear. However, some applications could be seen in the larger PvP zones of Cyrodiil and Imperial City when you are engaging in large-scale battles.

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

Due to its bonuses, you should not use the Colovian Highlands General monster helm set in PvE. You might see some minor benefits from the Offensive Penetration boost you get wearing a single item. However, the primary bonus applies only to killing other players, not PvE enemies. There are vastly more powerful monster helms to use in ESO PvE.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

The Colovian Highlands General monster helm set could be used in small but highly coordinated groups. However, it will be up to the individual wearing this monster helm set to trigger the Ultimate regeneration bonus. This is because only the wearer killing another player generates the stack of Blood Debt. This could be done with a bomber build, where you use your ultimate to kill many players, regenerate your ultimate with several stacks of Blood Debt, and then hit another group the same way. Additionally, it’s possible that you could use siege weapons to hit multiple players at once in the same way.

How to Get Colovian Highlands General Set in ESO?

Elite Gear Vendor Locations in The Elder Scrolls Online

You can get Colovian Highlands General shoulder and headpiece by purchasing them from the Elite Gear Vendor for 50,000 AP each.

Where you can find the Elite Gear Vender in Cyrodiil:

  • Aldmeri Dominion – Eastern Elsweyr Gate
  • Daggerfall Covenant – Southern High Rock Gate
  • Ebonheart Pact – Northern Morrowind Gate

Additionally, you can also find an Elite Gear Vendors next to the Battleground locations in Vvardenfell. They can be found near Ald Carac, Foyada Quarry, and Ularra.

Finally, this set is part of the base game and is available for all ESO players.

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