ESO Events: ZOS Explains What Is Coming For Free

Zenimax Online Studio (ZOS) consistently adds new cosmetics to earn for free, during ESO events and all players can participate in them. But rewards are getting only better!

Meadowbreeze Memories Skin

Events in eso usually occur once per month. Some are a yearly celebration others are unique to the new expansion. During Elder Scrolls Online events, players must complete various tasks to collect tickets and other smaller rewards. However, the number of tickets is limited daily. As a result, players must log in nearly every day to complete their daily grinds. But are those cosmetics worth the time and dedication?

What is Coming For Free in Q2 ESO Events?

ZOS explains that in Q2, players can collect for free new Meadowbreeze Memories Skin and a passion Dancer Blossom pet. Those grand rewards usually take more than one event participation to receive and can be a genuine struggle if you don’t have enough time every day. For years ZOS was promoting reskins of the same mount or pet for event tickets, but the situation recently changed, and each event’s rewards are getting better. In a recent tweet, ESO Team posted a simple Chart Guide for players to understand better what items they need to collect to receive the following cosmetics:

  • Passion Dancer Blossom (Base Item)
  • Passion’s Muse (Personality)
  • Meadowbreeze Memories (Skin)
ESO Events-ZOS Explains What is Coming For Free in Q2
ESO Events-ZOS Explains What is Coming For Free in Q2

Whether the item is something you want to get is a matter of personal opinion and taste. However, undoubtedly ZOS is doing a much better job at offering free collectibles and event rewards recently. Developers promised to update players on the details of the next events, so check our website for more ESO news, event guides and builds. Thank you for reading the ESO Events: ZOS Explains What is Coming For Free in Q2 article!

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