ESO: How to Get Lucent Echoes Explained

Everything you need to know is explained about how to get the Lucent Echoes Heavy Armor Trial Set that you can get from Lucent Citadel in ESO.

ESO How to Get Lucent Echoes Explained

Lucent Echoes

Lucent Echoes (LE) Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Lucent Echoes
  • Type: Trial Set
  • Available Armor Weight: Heavy Armor
  • Location: Lucent Citadel Trial
  • Requires DLC: Gold Road Chapter
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • (2 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
    • (3 items) Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
    • (4 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
    • (5 items) While you have more than 50% Health, increase the Critical Damage and Healing of your group members by 11%. Group members wearing Lucent Echoes cannot benefit from this effect. While you have 50% or less Health, reduce your Damage Taken from monsters by 20%.

In ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online), Lucent Echoes is a heavy armor trial set that increases the critical damage and healing of your group as long as you’re above 50% health. If you drop below 50% health, however, you take 20% reduced damage.

ESO Lucent Echoes Explained With How to Get Instructions

You need to do nothing special to activate Lucent Echoes, but you do want to stay above 50% as often as possible. In a lot of content, this replaces Elemental Catalyst, a set still usually used to source critical damage in content. In organized groups, there is usually a necromancer that runs EC as a damage dealer, but Lucent Echoes allows a tank to passively bring 15% critical damage to the group.

While some compositions might still run EC at some point, you’ll almost always want to run Lucent Echoes, especially in dungeon content. Now that you how to get Lucent Echoes in ESO, how do you use it?

How to Use the Lucent Echoes Set in PvE and PvP?

Overall, Lucent Echoes is a great set with a wide application in a lot of different content. This set helps bridge the gap between organized trial groups and pugs, boosting the floor of damage. EC necro is a very difficult role to play, so sourcing that critical damage from a passive set greatly helps groups without a good EC Necromancer.

Player vs. Environment (PvE) – All tanks will want to have this set ready to go in Gold Road. Especially in dungeon content and pug trials, Lucent Echoes is very, very good.

Player vs. Player (PvP) – You could theoretically run this in some PvP content, but you probably don’t want to. It might make sense to run LE with a group doing Imperial City rotations, but there’s not really much of a reason to use it.

How to Get the Lucent Echoes Set in ESO?

Lucent Citadel Trial Location Map - ESO - The Elder Scrolls Online

You can get the Lucent Echoes heavy armor set from the trial Lucent Citadel in ESO. Lucent Citadel is the new trial coming with the Gold Road chapter, and it’s located in the far northern side of the West Weald zone. While you can travel outside the travel, you can also just port into the trial, as usual.

You’ll get pieces from every boss in Lucent Citadel, with the jewelry and weapons dropping from the final boss. As always, though, you’ll get pieces from all the sets in the trial, meaning you’ll need to run it quite a bit to get the full set.

Trials & Dungeon Drops Info

In Elder Scrolls Online, Dungeons or Trials bosses drop armor, items, and weapons using the following ruleset:

  • Bosses – Body armor pieces
  • Final Boss – Body armor, Weapons, Jewelry
  • Chest – Weapons, Jewelry

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