ESO Live to Preview Update 39!

On Monday July 10th at 12pm EDT an ESO Live stream will preview the changes coming to the game in Update 39

ESO Live to Preview Update 39

According to the official news post, next Monday, July 10 at 12PM EDT, Lead Community Manager Jessica Folsom and Senior Community Manager Gina Bruno will preview the upcoming Update 39 base-game patch notes.

You can check out the livestream on the official Bethesda Twitch Channel.

During this livestream, our Community Managers will share with you a first glance at some of the new features, improvements, and adjustments for all players as part of this free base-game patch shortly before these changes arrive in the ESO Public Test Servers (PTS).

Keep in mind that Update 39 is the third quarter update for the game, and will not include the promised new endless dungeon content. That should arrive to the game with the quarter four update later this year.

Additionally, these anticipated changes are all going to be to the base game and will be available to all players for free. Starting this year, ZOS officially changed their content release schedule. Consequently, Quarter 3 will now no longer offer new dungeon content so that the developers can focus on quality of life improvements and hopefully bug fixes.

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