ESO New Life Festival Guide

Take full advantage of all the New Life festivities by following our ESO New Life Festival Guide 2023!

ESO New Life Herald Breda ESO New Life Festival Guide 2023

The annual ESO New Life Festival is here, bringing feasting and merriment to the denizens of Tamriel! For those who to join in, XP bonuses and all sorts of reward goodies await! You can take full advantage of the festivities by following our ESO New Life Festival Guide 2023!

This year the New Life Festival in-game event begins Thursday, December 21, 2023, at 10AM EST, and continues until Tuesday, January 9, 2024, at 10AM EST.

New Life Festival Intro Quest

For players who’ve never participated in the New Life Festival before, here is how you join:

  1. Open up the Crown Store and ‘purchase’ (there is no actual cost, it’s free!) the New Life Festival quest
    • Travel to the New Life Festival tent by using the Kynesgrove Wayshrine in Eastmarch or via the portal found at Impresario locations
  2. At the tent, speak with New Life Herald Breda (see image above).
    • Speaking with her is the only thing you need to do in order to complete this very simple introductory quest
  3. Completing the quest will grant you the Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug. Use this item by going to the Collections tab and click on Tools.
    • Drinking from the Mug will automatically grant your character a two hour long +100% bonus to earned XP.

If you have already completed the quest for Breda in a previous festival, then the Bottomless Mead Mug will already be available to you in the Collections tab under Tools! Simply double click to take a long drink and you’re ready to go. Keep reading for a full explanation of all the quests you can encounter in our ESO New Life Festival Guide 2023.

ESO New Life Celebration Event ESO New Life Festival Guide 2023

New Life Special Quests Guide 2023

After you have received your Bottomless Mead Mug, you should speak to Breda again in order to receive one (randomized) of nine unique New Life Festival quests. These daily quests will send you to multiple locations all over Tamriel in order to complete fun games or challenges. Furthermore, don’t worry if you don’t have access to Chapters or DLCs, as all of the quests are base game only!

  • Important Note: You only have to complete ONE of these quests a day on a single character in order to receive your Event Tickets!

Additionally, completing each of these nine daily quests at least once will earn you the New Life Cerulean dye.

The nine New Life Festival quests are:
  • Castle Charm Challenge
    • Travel to north Stormhaven and put on a performance in three specific, highlighted locations in Alcaire Castle
  • Fish Boon Feast
    • Travel to Shadowfen to fish. Collect a Histmuck Blobfin, a Shadowfen Creeping Leech, and a Black Marsh Cucumber for NPC Gentle-Heart.
  • Lava Foot Stomp
    • Travel to the town of Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls. You must perform the Lava Foot Stomp dance in three specific, highlighted locations.
  • Mud Ball Merriment
    • Travel to the town of Skywatch in Auridon. Throw mudballs at 10 NPCs or other players. Conclude by throwing a mudball at one of the three alliance ambassadors: Camore, Arnand Relippe, or Tolendos Dreloth.
  • Signal Fire Sprint
    • Travel to the town of Bergama in Alik’r Desert. Speak with Aubatha and then light the four signal fires. Return to speak again with Aubatha.
  • Snow Bear Plunge
    • Takes place in Eastmarch. Breda will mark various locations on your map – you must jump from growing heights and into the cold water from each point. Don’t forget to warm yourself at the nearby fires afterwards.
  • Stonetooth Bash
    • Travel to the Stonetooth Fortress in Betnikh. Speak to Matron Borbuga, who will ask you to gather food for the festivities. Once collected and returned to her, she will ask you to join the feast. Eat, drink, and then politely use that napkin.
  • The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile
    • Travel to the town of Rawl’kha in Reaper’s March. Speak to Tumira and unlock three nearby chests before the time runs out. Return again to speak to Tumira.
  • War Orphan’s Sojourn
    • Travel to the Gil-Var-Delle Wayshrine and then follow the compass marker to Ormurrel. He will give you the choice to donate gold or to kill five encroaching creatures to clear the path.
Additional Quest from Petronius Galenus

Finally, there is a tenth additional daily quest we want to be sure to mention in the ESO New Life Festival Guide 2023. It is given out by a different NPC: Petronius Galenus. You will also find him at the New Life Festival tent. His quest sets a different tone from the ones given by Breda, and is about remembering and honoring those who have passed away.

  • Old Life Remembrance
    • Speak with Petronius Galenus. He will send you to visit and Old Life shrine in one of the base game zones of Auridon, Bangkorai, Glenumbra, Reaper’s March, Stonefalls or The Rift.
    • Once there, you’ll be asked to write a remembrance, light a candle, and then burn the message before returning to Petronius.
ESO Morningstar Frostwear armor style New Life Festival 2023
New Morningstar Frostwear Outfit Style

New Life Festival Rewards 2023

Event Tickets

The New Life Festival is typically one of the main ESO events in which you can earn tickets to spend at the Impresario! Each day, you can earn three tickets for the first New Life Festival quest you complete. As always, the items which the Impresario stocks changes from year to year. There are often collectables which can be earned and ‘assembled’ into a desired special mount, furnishing, skin or other game item.

Remember that there is a 12-ticket limit in your inventory, so be sure to spend tickets once you reach the max amount! Otherwise, you may lose out on your tickets for the day.

New Life Festival Gift Box 2023

Each time you successfully complete a New Life Festival daily quest, you’ll receive a New Life Festival Gift Box as a reward. Within these holiday packages, you’ll have a chance to receive some of the following goodies:

  • Assortments of alchemy crafting materials
  • New Life Festival Toys:
    • Sword Swallower Kit
    • Juggling Knives
    • Fire-Breather’s Torches
    • Mudballs
  • Wolfsbane Incense
  • One of the following:
    • A Skinchanger motif page
    • New Life Festival Recipes
    • New Life Furnishings
    • Deep Winter Charity Writs
    • Imperial Charity Writs
  • chance for one of the following:
    • An Evergreen outfit style page
    • NEW A Morningstar Frostwear outfit style page
      • If you’ve already earned a Morningstar Frostwear page that day, an Evergreen outfit style page or a Nord Carved armor outfit style page will be given instead

Impressario Rewards New Life Festival 2023

As always, the Impressario will accept Event Tickets in exchange for multiple different items. During the New Life Festival, the Impresario will update her stock with the following items:

  • All three Passion Dancer Blossom pet fragments
  • All components for this year’s morphing collectibles:
    • Passion’s Muse personality
    • Meadowbreeze Memories skin
    • Passion Dancer Garment costume
  • All three Hoardhunter Ursauk mount fragments
    • Blessed Honeycomb
    • Gilded and Dyed Saddle
    • Sorcerous Golden Ink
  • Bound style pages for the following:
    • NEW Morningstar Frostwear pages
  • New Life Festival Grab Bag
  • Impresario Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations

Finally, remember that the New Life Festival will be the last chance you have to purchase the third fragment needed to create this year’s final event Morphing Collectible, the Hoardhunter Ursauk mount!

ESO Hoardhunter Ursauk morphing collectible mount

Crystal Frost Skin

There is one more cool collectible we can’t neglect to mention in our ESO New Life Festival Guide 2023. The Crystal Frost Skin can be obtained by completing the Newly Charitable Achievement, which requires the player to complete 12 New Life Charity Writs. These are a specific type of Crafting Writ which are only obtainable during the New Life Festival. The writs will ask you to craft very basic, cheap furnishings. The blueprints, patterns and schematics for those furnishings can be bought for small amounts of gold from Carpenters, Blacksmiths and Clothiers.

Keep in mind that some of these furnishings can only be crafted if you have a certain level of the respective crafting skill line and put skill points in the required passive. The maximum requirements are:

  • Tailoring 4 (unlocked at Clothing Level 15),
  • Woodworking 3 (Unlocked at Woodworking Level 10)
  • Metalworking 2 (Unlocked at Blacksmithing Level 5)

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