ESO Witches Festival Guide

The annual ESO Witches Festival is here, filling the world of Tamriel with ghosts, ghouls, goblins and spooky sights to strike fear into the hearts of men and mer alike!

For those brave enough to visit with the witches, XP bonuses and all sorts of reward goodies await! Take full advantage of the festivities by following our ESO Witches Festival Guide!

Witches Festival Quest

If you’ve never participated in the Witches Festival before, here is how you join in the fun:

  1. Open up the Crown Store and ‘purchase’ (there is no actual cost, it’s free!) the quest ‘Witchmother’s Bargain’
    • If you prefer, you can also pick up the quest in-game from the Crow Caller NPC, who can be found outside of Olyve’s Brewery in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, or Auridon.
  2. The Witchmother’s Bargain will require you to collect a Pumpkin, Guts, and an Essence of Death.
    • Pumpkins can be found lying around the in world or can be purchased from a Grocer for 150 gold.
    • Guts can be acquired by killing small animals found in the world – creatures such as squirrels, snakes, frogs, foxes, guar, chickens, monkeys, etc.
    • Essence of Death will drop from any Delve Boss found within any delve in Tamriel.
  3. Completing the quest will grant you the Witchmother’s Whistle. Use this item by going to the Collections tab and click on Tools.
    • Playing the Whistle will automatically grant your character a two hour long +100% bonus to earned XP.
    • The Whistle will also summon the Witchmother’s Cauldron. Drinking from it will transform your character into a skeleton polymorph.

If you have already completed the quest for the Witchmother in a previous festival, then the Whistle will already be available to you in the Collections tab under Tools! Simply double click to blow the whistle and you’re ready to go.


Witches Festival Rewards

Event Tickets

The Witches Festival is typically one of the main ESO events in which you can earn tickets to spend at the Impresario! Each day, you can earn two tickets for the first boss of any type that you defeat. As always, the items which the Impresario stocks changes from year to year. There are often collectables which can be earned and ‘assembled’ into a desired special mount, furnishing, skin or other game item.

Remember that there is a 12-ticket limit in your inventory, so be sure to spend tickets once you reach the max amount! Otherwise, you may lose out on your tickets for the day.

Dremora Plunder Skulls

Each day of the event, the first time you defeat one of the different types of game bosses you will earn a gold Dremora Plunder Skull. A Dremora Plunder Skull will contain some variety of basic items found in regular skulls, but will also specifically offer a chance at:

  1. A specific Dremora motif chapter (depending on the type of boss defeated)
  2. Along with a chance to drop any one of the following items:
    • A Witches Festival Writ
    • A Glenmoril treasure map or Glenmoril armor outfit style page
    • Various different weapon style pages

There are seven different types of game bosses, and each type will drop the following Dremora motif chapter piece:

  1. World Bosses – Axes and Shoulders
  2. Invasion (Dolmens, Vents, etc.) Bosses – Daggers and Gloves
  3. Delve Bosses – Belts and Staves
  4. Public Dungeon Bosses – Boots and Shields
  5. Group Dungeon Bosses – Maces and Helmets
  6. Arena Bosses – Bows and Legs
  7. Trial Bosses – Chests and Swords

Plunder Skulls

Regular Plunder Skulls drop from any type of boss, after you have received your one Dremora Plunder Skull from that type for the day. They can be collected as many times as you wish, and may contain any of the following:

  • A chance for one or more of following items:
    • Witch-Tamed Bear Dog pet fragment
    • Alchemy reagents
    • A festival-themed furnishing recipe
    • A festival-themed provisioning recipe
    • A complete festival-themed furnishing
    • A festival-themed treasure
  • A chance for one of these items:
    • A Hollowjack style item
    • A Dremora style items
  • A heap of gross creepy items:
    • Worms, Crawlers, Guts, Insect Parts

Plucking the Crow

Plucking the Crow is a new quest which was added to the ESO Witches Festival in 2021. Completing the quest isn’t necessary in order to gain any additional XP buffs, but the final reward is a simultaneous drop of three Plunder Skulls!

  1. Find the NPC called Witchmother Taerma in the same Witches Coven you meet with the Witchmother and speak with her.
    • Taerma asks for 50 Feathers. These feathers can be found in Plunder Skulls, which drop from any type of game boss.
  2. Once you have all the feathers, return to Olyve’s Brewery and interact with the Alchemy table in order to craft the effigy.
  3. Take the effigy to Witchmother Taerma
  4. She will work a ritual, which will create a portal. Step through the portal to face the Crowborne Horror boss
  5. Defeat said boss (you may need friends, he’s not to be taken lightly) and you will receive three Plunder Skulls!


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