Fallout 4: All Bobblehead Locations

These collectibles will grant you stat boosts and perks you don’t want to miss – discover all Fallout 4 bobblehead locations here!

Fallout 4 All Bobblehead Locations

This guide has been created during Game version 1.10.163 on PC and Patch 1.34 on PlayStation and Xbox.

All Bobblehead Locations in Fallout 4

Bobbleheads in Fallout 4 are collectibles that can grant stat boosts and other perks to your build. These bonuses can be divided into three categories: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat bobbleheads, Weapon boost bobbleheads, and Utility improvement bobbleheads. The following guide will provide locations and bonus details for all 20 bobbleheads found in Fallout 4!

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stat Bobbleheads

There are seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat bobbleheads to find, each of which will grant a permanent +1 bonus to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats. Moreover, this bonus is applied from the moment you first pick the bobblehead up.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats have a hard cap of 10 in Fallout 4. However, you can increase that stat up to 11 by waiting to pick up the relevant bobblehead until you have already leveled that stat up to 10. Otherwise, if you pick up the bobblehead when your stat is below 10, you’ll lose the chance to boost it to 11.

Strength Bobblehead

FO4 Strength Bobblehead location tooltip

Strength Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Mass Fusion
  • Specific Location: Five stories above the lobby desk, the bobblehead can be found on top of the head of the metal statue.
  • Bonus: Increase your Strength stat by 1

The Strength Bobblehead can be found in the Mass Fusion building, sitting on top of the head of a metal statue five stories above the lobby. The Mass Fusion building is located far to the northeast of Diamond City. Furthermore, it should be fairly easy to locate due to the height of its red tower and the ‘Mass Fusion’ sign at the top.

Fallout 4 Strength Bobblehead Location

Fallout 4 will direct you to the Mass Fusion facility during one of the main story quests. Additionally, it is a location occupied by the Brotherhood of Steel so expect to encounter them when you venture inside.

While the Mass Fusion quest will have to enter the building from the executive suite at the top, you can also enter through the main doors at the bottom of the tower. Finally, the Strength bobblehead on top of the giant statue is below the glass floor you’ll encounter if you are coming down from the top of the building.

Perception Bobblehead

FO4 Perception Bobblehead location tooltip

Perception Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Museum of Freedom
  • Specific Location: In a back room of the museum, sitting on top of a desk next to a broken computer terminal
  • Bonus: Increase your Strength stat by 1

The Perception Bobblehead can be found in the Museum of Freedom sitting on top of a desk next to a broken computer terminal. The Museum of Freedom is located near the center of the town of Concord.

Fallout 4 Perception Bobblehead Location

One of the early quests, ‘When Freedom Calls,’ will lead you to this location. A man named Preston Garvey and some other settlers have barricaded themselves inside a back room. To get inside, you’ll first have to eliminate the raiders attacking the settlers. First, there will be a group of raiders outside. Next, you’ll have to take care of the raiders inside as you make your way up to the third floor and the barricaded back room. Once the immediate threat of the raiders is gone, Preston Garvey will open the door to you.

Endurance Bobblehead

FO4 Endurance Bobblehead location tooltip

Endurance Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Poseidon Energy
  • Specific Location: On a desk found inside an office located in the upper levels of the metal catwalks.
  • Bonus: Increase your Endurance stat by 1

The Endurance Bobblehead can be found in the Poseidon Energy sitting on a desk in one of the upper offices. The power plant site is located on the lower southeastern edge of the map.

Fallout 4 Endurance Bobblehead Location

The best way to get inside the Poseidon Energy plant is by using one of the drainpipes on the southeast side of the building. There will be plenty of mirelurks and especially raiders you will have to fight your way through inside. However, if you go through a yellow-lined doorway into a security room you’ll activate some automated defenses, which can help you against the raiders. Finally, you’ll have to make your way up onto the catwalks above, where you can find the Endurance bobblehead inside one of the offices.

Charisma Bobblehead

FO4 Charisma Bobblehead location tooltip

Charisma Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum, requires ‘The Secret of Cabot House’ quest
  • Specific Location: On Jack Cabot’s office desk in the administration area
  • Bonus: Increase your Charisma stat by 1

The Charisma Bobblehead can be found in the Parsons State Insane Asylum sitting on Jack Cabot’s office desk. The mental health facility is located on the northeastern side of the map, just west of Salem.

Fallout 4 Charisma Bobblehead Location

To find the Charisma bobblehead in Fallout 4, you must have started ‘The Secret of Cabot House’. You’ll have to take several steps in the game before you can access this quest:

  • Speak to Edward Deegan, a ghoul mercenary, at the market in Bunker Hill.
    • If he isn’t there, he can also spawn at the Drought Inn or Colonial Taphouse at Diamond City or The Third Rail in Goodneighbor.
  • Accept his offer of work to pick up the ‘Special Delivery’ quest.
  • Completing this quest will automatically begin another quest called ‘Emogene Takes a Lover’.
  • Return to Edward once Emogene has been found and story events will then trigger ‘The Secret of Cabot House’ quest.

Finally, with the start of this quest, you will now to able to access the interior of the Parsons State Insane Asylum. The Charisma bobblehead is in Jack Cabot’s office, which is on the first floor, on the south end of the building.

Intelligence Bobblehead

Fallout 4 Intelligence Bobblehead tooltip

Intelligence Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Boston Public Library
  • Specific Location: Sitting on a computer terminal inside the control room
  • Bonus: Increase your Intelligence stat by 1

The Intelligence Bobblehead can be found in the Boston Public Library sitting on the terminal inside the control room. The Library site is northeast of Diamond City.

Fallout 4 Intelligence Bobblehead Location

To enter the Boston Public Library you’ll need to find the Advanced-locked door on the building’s west side. Next, use the intercom and pass an easy speech check to get access inside. Doing so will also cause all of the Protectrons and turrets to register you as an employee. Consequently, they won’t become hostile unless you attack them first.

Make your way through the building until you find the control room. A large white computer terminal and storage banks will be along one wall. The bobblehead can be found on one of the red desktop spaces attached to the terminal.

Agility Bobblehead

FO4 Agility Bobblehead location tooltip

Ability Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
  • Specific Location: Out on the edge of the bow of the ship, balancing on a wooden platform.
  • Bonus: Increase your Agility stat by 1

The Agility Bobblehead can be found at the wreck of the FMS Northern Star, out on a wooden platform that sticks out over the edge of the bow. This shipwreck is also found down in the southeastern portion of the world map, not too far east of Poseidon Energy.

Fallout 4 Agility Bobblehead Location

To get up onto the bow of the ship you’ll need to enter the wreck through a hole that’s been blown open in the side. Turn right towards the stern of the ship and head past metal crates and up the stairs. Next, step outside onto the deck of the ship and turn left to make your way to the bow. Walk down the length of the ship and up through the wooden shack up top. Finally, you can find the Agility bobblehead out on the edge of the wooden platform ahead.

Luck Bobblehead

FO4 Luck Bobblehead location tooltip

Luck Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Spectacle Island
  • Specific Location: On the southern end of the island is a green tug boat, and the bobblehead is located inside a cabinet.
  • Bonus: Increase your Luck stat by 1

The Luck Bobblehead can be found at Spectacle Island in a cabinet inside a green tug boat on the southern end of the island. Like the Endurance and Ability bobbleheads, this location can also be found on the southeastern end of the map. Spectacle Island is northwest of the FMS Northern Star.

Fallout 4 Luck Bobblehead Location

You can only reach Spectacle Island by either swimming or using power armor to walk across the seabed. Additionally, keep an eye out for mirelurks as you make your way down to the southern end of the island. You are looking for a partially sunken green tug boat, which will have the Luck bobblehead inside.

Weapon Boost Bobbleheads

There are six Weapon boost bobbleheads to find, each of which will grant a permanent percentage increase to five different types of weapons, plus unarmed combat. Furthermore, this bonus is applied from the moment you first pick the bobblehead up. Additionally, you do not have to be carrying the bobblehead in your inventory to receive the bonus.

Big Guns Bobblehead

Fallout 4 Big Guns Bobblehead location tooltip

Big Guns Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Vault 95
  • Specific Location: Found in the residential/living quarters, sitting on top of a radio in the northern room
  • Bonus: +25% Critical damage with heavy weapons

The Big Guns Bobblehead can be found inside Vault 95, where it sits on top of a radio in the north room of the living quarters space. Vault 95 is found southeast of the Edge of the Glowing Sea, and is an area you don’t want to be under-leveled for. The Glowing Sea region is generally the largest highly irradiated area in the game and the monsters and environment are harsh.

Fallout 4 Big Guns Bobblehead Location

Additionally, the Gunner enemies within Vault 95 should not be taken lightly, either. If you want to get this bobblehead earlier in the game, you can attempt to simply avoid the fights by running through the vault and grabbing the collectible for the bonus. You can improve your chances by picking the lock to the first room on the right (before the lasers) and using the computer to disable the turrets.

Next, past the lasers in the first big room, take an immediate right, and head through the door. Run forward and take a left down the stairs, then take the second right turn. The room with the Big Guns bobblehead will be a little forward and then to the right. You will have to fight three Gunner enemies in here, so be prepared. Finally, once they’re dead you can grab the bobblehead on top of the radio nearby.

Energy Weapons Bobblehead

FO4 Energy Weapons Bobblehead location tooltip

Energy Weapons Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Fort Hagen Command Center
  • Specific Location: Found in the kitchens, sitting on a table in between two refrigerators
  • Bonus: +25% Critical damage with energy weapons

The Energy Weapons Bobblehead can be found at the Fort Hagen Command Center, where it sits on top of a table between two refrigerators in the kitchen. The Fort Hagen Command Center is an unmarked area underneath the fort you cannot access until you advance the main story to the ‘Reunions’ quest. Fort Hagen is located far to the middle-west portion of the overall world map, more specifically northwest of Diamond City Market.

Fallout 4 Energy Weapons Bobblehead Location

You can visit Fort Hagen before the ‘Reunions’ quest, but will not be able to access the Command Center before then. Proceed through the main story until you receive ‘Reunions’ and then head back to the Fort. Clear out the ground floor of any enemies and then take the elevator down. Continue to head downstairs until you can enter the Command Center.

As you make your way through the Command Center keep an eye out for the cafeteria. Once you find that, head inside and across the room to find the kitchen. The Energy Weapons bobblehead can be seen resting on a table between two white refrigerators.

Explosives Bobblehead

FO4 Explosive Bobblehead location tooltip

Explosives Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Saugus Ironworks
  • Specific Location: Look for the cafeteria, then find the kitchen, bobblehead is on a table between two refrigerators.
  • Bonus: +15% explosive damage

The Explosives Bobblehead can be found at Saugus Ironworks, where it sits on top of a table between two refrigerators in the kitchen. Saugus Ironworks is located south of the Parsons State Insane Asylum, where the Charisma Bobblehead is found.

Fallout 4 Explosives Bobblehead Location

Furthermore, after getting inside the Saugus Ironworks, make your way through to the third floor. Keep an eye out for a set of blue doors with a yellow triangle fire warning sign above. Through these doors is the Blast Furnace and a boss fight against Slag, the leader of the Forged. When you first step inside, before moving forward look up on the platform area straight ahead. You can see a metal control panel, which the Explosives bobblehead will be sitting directly on top of.

Additionally, on the floor to the right of the bobblehead, you’ll find the third issue of the Picket Fences magazine. Collecting this will allow you to build new statues at your settlements.

Melee Bobblehead

FO4 Melee Bobblehead location tooltip

Melee Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Trinity Tower
  • Specific Location: At the top of the tower, on a table inside the cell holding Rex Goodman and Strong
  • Bonus: +25% Critical damage with melee weapons

The Melee Bobblehead can be found at Trinity Tower, where you will have to climb to the very top and find the key to unlock the cell it’s found in. Trinity Tower can be found directly east of the Boston Public Library, where the Intelligence Bobblehead is located.

Fallout 4 Melee Bobblehead Location

Trinity Tower is mostly inhabited by mutants you’ll need to fight your way through. Use the available elevators and stairs to continually make your way towards the top. Furthermore, once you are at the top, if you have a high enough lock-picking skill you can simply crack it open. Otherwise, you’re going to have to use the key. Thankfully, the Trinity Tower Cell Key is very easy to find. It’s in a green steamer trunk at the top of the platform just to the left of where you find the cell.

Finally, after unlocking the cell, head inside. The Melee Bobblehead is on top of a table directly behind where the big man, Strong, is standing.

Small Guns Bobblehead

FO4 Small Guns Bobblehead location tooltip

Small Guns Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Gunners Plaza
  • Specific Location: Inside the ‘On-Air’ room, sitting out on the broadcaster’s desk
  • Bonus: +25% Critical damage with ballistic guns

The Small Guns Bobblehead can be found at Gunners Plaza, where you will have to fight your way into the main ‘On-Air’ room and then also take out the enemies inside. Gunners Plaza is located northeast of Vault 95, in the southeast section of the world map, which is where you can find the Big Guns Bobblehead. Moreover, remember that this is a generally more difficult section of the map, and the Plaza, obviously, will be full of Gunners.

Fallout 4 Small Guns Bobblehead Location

First, you can enter through the front doors, where you’ll have to fight through a wave of Gunners to proceed. Next, the orange double doors into the On-Air room are held shut with a Master Lock. If your lock-picking skill isn’t high enough, you’ll have to use the elevator to go one floor down to find the key. The GNN Recording Room Key is held by a Gunner named Ryder. Kill him, and you can take it.

Inside the On-Air room, you will find Captain Wes, the leader of the Gunners, in this location. Finally, after clearing the room of enemies, you’ll find the Small Guns bobblehead waiting for you in the center of the broadcaster’s desk.

Unarmed Bobblehead

FO4 Unarmed Bobblehead tooltip

Unarmed Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Atom Cats Garage
  • Specific Location: Placed as a hood ornament on the rusted car in the warehouse/garage
  • Bonus: +25% Critical damage with unarmed attacks

The Unarmed Bobblehead can be found at Atom Cats Garage, where you can easily find it sitting out in the open on top of a rusted-out car in the garage. Atom Cats Garage can be found north of the Quincy Police Station or southeast of Diamond City along the coast. Furthermore, this is another location towards the south end of the map, where creatures and enemies are more deadly.

Fallout 4 Unarmed Bobblehead Location

Thankfully, if you can make it to Atom Cats Garage, the location itself is fairly safe. You won’t have to fight any of the people here unless to instigate combat first. From the gate entrance, walk past the Red Rocket building out front and straight back to a garage in the back. There will be a rusted red car sitting at the opening, and you can easily find the Unarmed Bobblehead sitting right on the front hood of the vehicle.

Utility Improvement Bobbleheads

There are seven Utility improvement bobbleheads to find, and each provides a unique bonus that can boost a non-combat game mechanic. Moreover, like the other bobbleheads, you do not have to be carrying these items in your inventory to have the bonus applied. Consequently, the bonus becomes active as soon as you pick up the bobblehead.

Barter Bobblehead

FO4 Barter Bobblehead tooltip

Barter Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery
  • Specific Location: Up on the metal catwalk into the control room, the bobblehead is sitting on top of a computer terminal
  • Bonus: +5% Better prices

The Barter Bobblehead can be found at Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, up in the control room on top of a computer terminal. You can find Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery on the east side of the map, along the coast south of Salem.

Fallout 4 Barter Bobblehead Location

Getting into this location should be fairly straightforward once you find it, and there shouldn’t be enemies in the main canning area inside. There are some NPCs and a quest you can pick up. This will lead you to a basement full of ghouls. However, before going down there, head up onto the catwalk. The path will wind around some, but eventually, you’ll end up at the door to the control rooms. This door may be sealed with a Master Lock, which you can either pick open, or go back to the NPCs until their dialogue has ended and Theodore warns you about going into the basement.

The specific room with the bobblehead is at the back. Turn left at the last room to see the computer at the far end with the bobblehead standing on top. Finally, don’t forget to grab the 4th issue of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor magazine on the same desk, which has a perk that will also grant you a slight reduction in prices!

Lock Picking Bobblehead

FO4 Lock Picking Bobblehead tooltip

Lock Picking Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Pickman Gallery
  • Specific Location: Down in the tunnels, in the room where you meet Pickman the bobblehead is on the ground next to the burning trashcan
  • Bonus: Easier lockpicking

The Lock Picking Bobblehead is located at the Pickman Gallery, up in the control room on top of a computer terminal. Pickman Gallery can be located just northeast of the Mass Fusion Building where you discover the Strength bobblehead.

There are a couple of different ways to get into the basement where the bobblehead is. The first option is to reach the third floor, and then find a hole in the wall in the northeastern corner. This will lead to a series of tunnels and drops that progress further and further down. The second option is to break open a Master Lock door found in the first-floor kitchen.

If this is your first time at this location you’ll find Pickmen in a confrontation with some raiders. You can choose to side with either party as you see fit. Afterward, the bobblehead can be found next to a burning trash can and brick pillar. Furthermore, you can find Issue #4 of Astoundingly Awesome Tales next to Pickman’s steamer trunk. Collecting this magazine will give you +5 poison resistance.

Medicine Bobblehead

FO4 Medicine Bobblehead tooltip

Medicine Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Vault 81
  • Specific Location: In the secret vault within Vault 81, in Curie’s laboratory, on the desk
  • Bonus: +10% Stimpak healing

The Medicine Bobblehead is located at Vault 81, hidden deep within the Secret vault inside, sitting on a desk in Curie’s laboratory. On the map, you can find the location for Vault 81 not too far west of Diamond City Market.

When you first approach and attempt to enter Vault 81, you will be told over the intercom that the only way they will let you in is if you bring 3 fusion cores as payment. Alternatively, you can attempt to pass a Hard Charisma check.

Inside, find Dr. Jacob Forsythe and agree to donate some blood when he asks. Doing so is the only way to unlock the ‘Hole in the Wall’ quest that will lead you to the secret vault. Next, you must leave the vault and wait 24 hours before returning. (You may also need to complete the quest to find the kitty Ashes before the next scene will trigger.) Then, go back inside and speak to Dr. Priscilla Penske.

Afterward, you must go with Bobby De Luca to the secret vault. Be very careful within the secret vault! If any of the infected mole rats bite you, you can potentially permanently lose 10 HP. You can either fight or try to sneak your way through. In the room with the brood mother rat, you can find the password to use at the terminal to unlock the way forward.

Finally, opening this door will lead you to Curie’s laboratory and the Medicine bobblehead inside.

Repair Bobblehead

FO4 Repair Bobblehead tooltip

Repair Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Corvega Assembly Plant
  • Specific Location: All of the way at the top of the building, climb the blue metal stairs around the outside to find the bobblehead sitting on the crate at the end of the catwalk
  • Bonus: +10% Fusion core duration

The Repair Bobblehead is hiding at the Corvega Assembly Plant, where you can climb the blue metal stairs to find it resting on a crate at the end of the catwalk up top. The Corvega Assembly Plant is just to the south of the Lexington area, or southeast of the Museum of Freedom/Sanctuary.

Acquiring the Repair bobblehead is fairly simple as all you need to do is climb the metal stairs that wrap around the tower with the blue globe on top. There will be raiders outside you will need to deal with, but it should be easy to find your way forward. Climb the stairs as they wind around the tower and then walk to where the catwalk ends around the side of the globe. There will be a crate at the end and the bobblehead will be sitting on top of it next to a kerosene lantern.

Science Bobblehead

FO4 Science Bobblehead tooltip

Science Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Malden Middle School/Vault 75
  • Specific Location: Sitting on one of the desks overlooking the underground training area
  • Bonus: +1 Guess hacking

The Science Bobblehead is located deep within Vault 75 in the training control room on one of the desks. To get into Vault 75, you first have to locate Malden Middle School on the map, which is east of the Museum of Freedom. You can’t use the front doors at the school but can discover doors leading into the basement by entering through a blown-out wall on the side of the building.

Down in the basement, the entrance to Vault 75 should be easy to locate. Head inside, and an elevator will take you down into the vault. The first time you visit the vault, will be filled with Gunner enemies, so be prepared.

Within Vault 75, there are three areas. You will have immediate access to the common area, but the administrative and laboratory areas will require an access card. You can get the lab access card by heading downstairs and finding the combat situation/training room. There should be a Gunner commander up on the second floor of the ‘Diner.’ Kill him, and you can loot the lab key.

Step through the door you just unlocked and turn to the left. Go up the stairs and then head towards the left again. Head all the way back and you’ll find the control room overlooking the training area. You’ll find the Science bobblehead sitting on the side of a desk inside.

Sneak Bobblehead

FO4 Sneak Bobblehead tooltip

Sneak Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Dunwich Borers
  • Specific Location: Look for a metal post with a ‘4’ sign on it, the bobblehead will be sitting on a small metal table next to it.
  • Bonus: +10% Harder to detect

The Sneak Bobblehead is at the marble quarry of Dunwich Borers, and you’ll have to travel down into the tunnels to find it in area #4 on a metal table. You can locate Dunwich Borers on the world map northwest of Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, or southeast of Parsons State Insane Asylum.

Down inside the giant whole of the quarry, move along the east wall heading north. You should find a pathway that will head down to a door leading to the interior tunnels. Follow the long winding path through the tunnels leading down. Keep an eye out for poles with large number signs on them. Just before some long stairs leading further down you should see a number 3 pole.

Additionally, at the very bottom of those stairs, off to your right, you can find another magazine. It’s another issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales, this time granting you a perk that decreases damage from robots by 5%.

The next path forward is going to head down and then back up a bit, then ignore the stairs on the left where the path splits and go to the right. You’ll walk over a small metal catwalk and into an open area. In this space, on your right, against the wall in the dark, you should find the number 4 pole. Immediately below it will be a metal table holding a small kerosene lamp and the Sneak bobblehead.

Speech Bobblehead

FO4 Speech Bobblehead tooltip

Speech Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4:

  • Map Location: Park Street Station/Vault 114
  • Specific Location: On the desk inside the overseer’s office
  • Bonus: +100 Vendor caps

The Speech Bobblehead is inside Vault 114, waiting for you on the large desk in the overseer’s room. Much like with the Science bobblehead, you will first have to locate Park Street Station on the map to find the entrance to Vault 114. On the world map Park Street Station can be located just south of the Mass Fusion Building.

Fallout 4 Speech Bobblehead Location
Inside Vault 114

These locations are part of the ‘Unlikely Valentine’ main story quest, which happens fairly early on in the game. When you first enter the subway station you’ll have to deal with some Triggermen. You can find the entrance to Vault 114 at the far end of the tunnels, which is to the north on the local map.

Inside the vault, a handy tip for finding your way around is to reference the directional signs on the walls. One of those signs actually points to the Overseer, which should hopefully make things a little easier if you get turned around. Generally, you’re going to want to keep moving forward and down a couple of flights of stairs.

Finally, you should find yourself in a cafeteria-like area, where the seating looks like picnic tables. There will be a short staircase through a doorway on the right, then forward, and another stairway up. This is where you will find the overseer’s office, and can consequently collect the Speech bobblehead!

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