Fallout 4: When Pigs Fly Quest

When Pigs Fly is a brand new quest released with the Next-Gen update in Fallout 4, unlocking multiple new weapon types.

Fallout 4 When Pigs Fly Quest

Fallout 4 is a single-player, action RPG based on a post-apocalyptic timeline on Earth. With an endless amount of places to explore and weapons to collect, there’s always something to do and discover. Recently, Bethesda released a free update DLC, including the When Pigs Fly quest.  Read below to discover how to complete this quest.

When Pigs Fly Quest

When Pigs Fly Quest is one of the newest quests released in Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update. Completing the quest gains access to multiple new weapons available within the game as well as a new weapons trader. The quest should already be in your quest inventory.

Fallout 4 Sugg Merchant Workshop

Here are the steps to complete the Pigs Fly Quest in Fallout 4:

  • Travel to Merchant Workshop northwest of Greenetech Genetics
  • Interact with computer
  • Move to Monsignor Plaza and defeat enemies inside
  • Kill Marvin enemy NPC
  • Return to Suggs

Investigate the Merchant Workshop

Fallout 4 Suggs Merchant Workshop

Head over to the new merchant’s shop northwest of the Greentech Genetics plant in Cambridge. You can fast travel to Cambridge Police Station and move due east. There will be a computer station you must interact with to gain access to the next steps in the When Pigs Fly Quest in Fallout 4.

Monsignor Plaza

Fallout 4 Store Note

Make your way to the Monsignor Plaza and clear out the multiple enemies inside. Upon defeating the enemies you will be prompted to “Read the store note”. Don’t forget to pick up the Rapid Pipe Grenade Launcher Rifle and its ammo right next to the note.

Kill Marvin

Fallout 4 Marvin Location

Leave the facility and head back to the new merchant’s location. Marvin and his party will be atop a nearby building. Kill Marvin and loot his body for the Grenade Launcher Schematics.

Return to Suggs

Fallout 4 Grenade Launcher Schematic

As you make your way back to Suggs more enemies will be outside of his shop, eliminate them, and loot them for the Baseball Launcher. Talk to Suggs and give him the schematics to receive the Penetrating Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle. Once you do, the When Pigs Fly quest is complete, and you can browse the new weapons store in Fallout 4.

Rewards for When Pigs Fly Quest in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 When Pigs Fly Quest Rewards:

  • Baseball Launcher
  • Penetrating Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle
  • Rapid Pipe Grenade Launcher Rifle
  • New Weapon’s Merchant

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