Fallout 4: Each Companion Affinity

Learn how to increase each companion’s affinity by understanding what they like or dislike in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 - All Companions and How to Get Them - Affinity

Not all companions in the game can be romanced, and not all of them have personal quests. However, if you behave in a certain way that a companion approves of, it will increase your affinity with them, which can unlock their personal quest. Also, after completing this special mission, some companions may offer special skills and perks or even become a possible romance option. Conversely, if you behave poorly and do things that displease your companions, it will reduce your bond with them.

Companion Affinity Levels can be hateful, disdainful, neutral, admirable, generous, and affectionate for romantic companions. Moreover, each companion starts with 0, and each interaction or decision can increase or lower that number. As a result, four reactions from companions to specific actions or events affect affinity value:

Companion ReactionAffinity Points
If a companion loves action or an event+35
If a companion likes action or an event+15
If a companion dislikes an action or event-15
If a companion hates an action or event-35

Affinity Chart for Each Companion in Fallout 4

Porter Gage Fallout 4
X6-88 Fallout 4
Ada Fallout 4
Strong Fallout 4
Preston Garvey Fallout 4
Old Longfellow Fallout 4
Automatron Fallout 4
Nick Valentine Fallout 4
Robert MacCready Fallout 4
Codsworth Profile - Fallout 4
John Hancock Fallout 4
Cait - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 Companion Piper Wright
Fallout 4 Companion Paladin Danse
Fallout 4 Companion Curie

The table below presents how to get affinity with all companions and their likes, loves, hates, and dislikes in Fallout 4:

Being generous-15+15000+150+15+15+150-15-15-15
Being mean0-15-15-15-150+15000-15+150+15
Being nice0+15+15+15+150-15000+15-150-15
Being peaceful-150+15-15+15-15-15+15+15-15+150+15-15
Being selfish+15-15-1500-150-15-15-150+15+15+15
Being violent+1500+15-15+15+15-15-15+15-150-15+15
Flirting with someone else if romanced-350-35-350-35-35-35000000
Get addicted to a chemvaries-15-15-15-15+15-150-1500-15-15-15
Use a chemvaries-150-15-15+1500000-15-15-15
Give away an item-15+15+150+15+15-15+15+350+15-15-15-15
Drink alcoholvaries00000000000+15-15
Eat a corpse-1500-15-1500-15-15+15-150-150
Use power armor000+1500000-150+1500
Board a Vertibird000+1500000-150-1500
Hack a terminal0000+1500000+15+1500
Heal Dogmeat+15+15+150+1500+150-15+15-15+150
Modify armor0+350+350000000+1500
Modify a weapon0+350+350000+1500+150+15
Commit a murder-35-35-35-35-35-35-35-35-35+35-350-15+15
Pick an unowned lock+15000+1500+150-15000+15
Pick an owned lock+15-150-15+150+15-15-15-15-15000
Ask for extra caps0-1500+150+1500-150+150+15
Steal an item0-35-15-150-15+15-15-350-1500+15
Pickpocket an item0-35-15-15000-15-350-150-150
Walk around naked+150000+1500000-1500

What Companion Affinity Influences?

Companions will act differently based on your bond and affinity level with them. Additionally, below is a list of critical behaviors that will change with companion affinity in Fallout 4:

  • New or changed dialogue options
  • Unique dialogue options on certain affinity milestones (For example, affectionate)
  • They may share more opinions if the affinity is high enough
  • Romance and flirting options (For companions who can be romanced)
  • Different attitude towards sole survivor.
  • Answers when dismissing them or asking them to join.
  • Companions may threaten to resign ( affinity -500) and eventually leave the main character (hated-lowest affinity level -1000)
  • On a high-affinity level, companions will ask for help with their personal quests.
  • Lastly, reaching the maximum level (“idolize” affinity 1000) will grant you a unique perk.

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