All Camp Followers in Baldur’s Gate 3

Camp Followers in Baldur’s Gate 3 may not be full companions, but they still can add utility and story depth to your game!

All Camp Followers in Baldur's Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, your companions may take center stage, but other NPCs can join you at camp if certain conditions are met. While camp followers may join your party for specific quests, it is always as allies and not as full companions. Additionally, you can speak with them at camp for additional information. Moreover, some provide helpful mechanics, some can be merchants, others will offer quest rewards, and all have their own stories or parts to play. Let’s take a look at how you can get all of these camp followers in Baldur’s Gate 3!

How to Get All Camp Followers in Baldur’s Gate 3

The potential camp followers in Baldur’s Gate 3 all have different prerequisites to have them join you at camp. For some, it can be as easy as meeting up with them for the first time and speaking to them. However, most are going to be more complicated than that. You will have to convince some of your good intentions, while others will require you to complete a series of quests.

The following sections divide the potential camp followers into the acts you can find or recruit them for. Remember that some of these characters are tied into the main story, and reading up on them in advance might reveal some spoilers.

All Baldur’s Gate 3 Camp Followers:

  • Withers
  • Volo
  • Scratch
  • Owlbear Cub
  • Barcus Wroot
  • Tara
  • Arabella
  • Isobel
  • Dame Aylin
  • Yenna & Grub
  • Duke Ulder Ravengard
  • Mizora

Camp Followers in Act 1 of BG3

There are five potential camp followers you can find in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, although if you are playing the Gale origin character, then you can recruit six. Most of these characters will continue to accompany you and will always be available to interact with you at your camp throughout the entire game.


BG3 Withers Unlocking Hirelings
  • Location: Dank Crypt
  • Related Quests: Explore the Ruins, which are triggered by approaching the ruins that hide the Dank Crypt.
  • Utility: Can resurrect party members back at camp; can respec your character; can provide you with hirelings.

Withers is so essential to Baldur’s Gate 3 that you don’t have to find him for him to show up to your camp. If you miss or avoid the Ruins, Withers will eventually appear in your camp regardless. However, we don’t recommend skipping the area he is in. You can pick up some decent loot in the Dank Crypt, and getting Withers early on is preferable.

Withers offers a variety of services, including:

  • He can resurrect dead party members for 200 gold
  • He can change your class (or a companion’s class) for 100 gold
  • He can provide hirelings of any class for 100 gold
    • He can also resurrect them for 100 gold


BG3 Bard Volo thumbnail
  • Location: Emerald Grove, then Goblin Camp
  • Related Quests: Rescue Volo
  • Utility: Volo’s Ersatz Eye; is also a merchant

Dressed like a Bard, but a Wizard, Volothamp Geddarm can first be encountered at the Sacred Pool of the Emerald/Druid’s Grove. Prone to some exaggerated reporting, he will ask to interview you. This first conversation matters little but is a good introduction to his character. Later on, once you arrive at the Goblin Camp you will find him again. He’s now a prisoner of the Goblins, and they’ll take him inside the Shattered Sanctum to lock him up. Go inside and convince the goblin Viskarra to let you ‘have’ him with a successful Deception or Intimidation line.

Once Volo is at your camp, telling him about your predicament will eventually cause him to suggest that he could try removing the tadpole. This operation is quite visually unpleasant and doesn’t do anything to the tadpole. However, you will now be the proud owner of Volo’s Erstaz Eye, allowing you to see Invisibility permanently.

Finally, if you accept Volo’s surgery offer, he will leave afterward. If you do not, Volo will remain at camp through the end of Act 2. He will have a limited selection as a merchant, offering Potions of Animal Speaking and some spell scrolls.


BG3 Why You Need Scratch in Your Party
  • Location: Forest
  • Related Quests: None, but you should visit the Sword Coast Couriers in Act 3 for some additional background info.
  • Utility: Can be summoned in battle, and gives you small gifts.

Scratch can first be found in the forest northeast of the Blighted Village. He’ll be faithfully guarding his fallen master, believing that the dead man still might wake. The best experience to cast Speak with Animals or drink the Potion of Animal Speaking before interacting with him. You can’t convince Scratch to leave his master’s side, but let him sniff your scent so that he can find you later.

Scratch is a fantastic camp follower, not just because he is the best boy but also because he can join you in battle. Once per Short Rest, you can summon him, and he will join your party as an ally. He may only have 5 HP, but the additional damage he can do will be most welcome, especially in the early game. Additionally, don’t worry about losing him permanently. Not only can Scratch be re-summoned after a rest, but he will also continue to be there at camp.

Owlbear Cub

BG3 Owlbear Cub in Camp
  • Location: Owlbear Cave, then Goblin Camp
  • Related Quests: None
  • Utility: Can join you as an ally in the final battle in Act 3.

The entrance to the Owlbear Cave is just a bit south of where you first encounter Scratch, and you can find the aggressive mother Owlbear and her cub at their nest in the back. If you get too close to the nest it will trigger a scene with the mother, where you can attempt to back off peacefully or instigate a fight. The owlbear fight can be a difficult one in the early game, especially if you are in Honour Mode. Either way, you must leave the cave without killing the cub. You’ll find it again later on at the Goblin Camp and you will have to play a game of ‘chicken-chaser.’ Much like Scratch, if you don’t have Speak with Animals spell/potion, let the cub sniff your hand so he can find your camp later.

The owlbear cub will now visit you in camp during a couple of Long Rests, and you’ll need to show it kindness before it returns permanently. If you’ve recruited Scratch, the two will become fast friends, and you’ll have the chance to earn the ‘You Have Two Hands for a Reason’ award. Finally, the addition of the owlbear cub to your group does not provide any immediate benefits. However, if you have the owlbear cub and the tiefling Dammon makes it alive into Act 3, it can join you as a fully grown, armored tank ally in the final battle.4

Barcus Wroot

Barcus Wroot in BG3
  • Location: Blighted Village, then Grymforge
  • Related Quests: Rescue the Gnome, Save the Grymforge Gnomes
  • Utility: Trader

Barcus is a potential camp follower who is easy to miss and doesn’t stay at your camp for too long. However, he’s worth taking the extra time to find and help because of the role he continues to play throughout Acts 2 and 3. You’ll first find him at the Blighted Village, where a group of taunting goblins tied him to the blade of a windmill. Defeat the small horde and then go into the windmill. You’ll find a couple of different levers. One says “Brake” and the other “Release Brake”. The “Brake” lever is the correct one! Otherwise, you send Barcus flying.

After speaking to Barcus, you’ll find him again later on in the Grymforge. Side with the gnomes here against Nere, and you’ll find Barcus among them. Invite him back to your camp, and he’ll join you until the end of Act 1. However, you can find him in Act 2 at the Last Light Inn and again in Act 3 in Angleiron’s Cellar.


Baldur's Gate 3 Tara the Tressym visiting Gale in camp
  • Location: Camp
  • Related Quests: The Wizard of Waterdeep
  • Utility: Gives Gale a free magical item to consume

Tara is a Tressym (small, winged cat), and if you are playing Baldur’s Gate 3 as Gale, she will automatically appear in camp during your first Long Rest. She’ll bring Gale a Ring of Evasion for him to consume, which helps keep the Netherese Orb at bay. After this, she will remain in camp, and you can visit and converse with her. She is a longtime companion of Gale’s and can give you additional insight into his character and past.

Additionally, no matter what character you choose to play the game with, Tara can be found on the roof of the Open Hand Temple in Rivington during Act 3. If you bring Gale to the party when meeting her, she will continue appearing on certain Lower City rooftops, first on the Devil’s Fee roof and then on the roof of Highberry’s Home. She’ll become a minor merchant, offering a single item for sale each time.

Camp Followers in Act 2 of BG3


Baldur's Gate 3 Arabella and her power in camp
  • Location: Druid’s Grove in Act 1; outside entrance to the Reithwin Graveyard in Act 2
  • Related Quests: Save Arabella, Find Arabella’s Parents
  • Utility: Grants Arabella’s Shadow Entangle, a Concentration spell you can cast upon shadow and undead creatures to Entangle them

Arabella is a tiefling refugee child you will first encounter in Druid Grove after her failed attempt to steal the druid’s sacred idol. Speak to Kahga and convince her to release the girl. Then, you’ll find Arabella outside the Sacred Pool with her grateful parents. Additionally, to have her as a camp follower, you must side with the Grove in Act 1. Make sure that the tiefling refugees can leave safely.

Next, in Act 2 you can find her outside the entrance to the Reithwin Graveyard and between the House of Healing and Mason Guild. She’s looking for her parents, and it is here that you should agree to help her and then invite her to camp. She’ll head to camp and trust you to search. You can find her parents at the House of Healing and unfortunately, they are dead. Head to camp and gently drop the news to her, and you will be rewarded with a new spell called Arabella’s Shadow Entangle.


Baldur's Gate 3 Isobel Jhannyl's Gloves thumbnail
  • Location: Last Light Inn
  • Related Quests: Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse, Resolve the Abduction
  • Utility: Can join you as an ally in the final battle in Act 3.

Isobel is a cleric of Selune and can be found at the Last Light Inn during Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. When first approaching this refuge from the Shadows, you must convince Jaheira that you are a friend. She will then recommend that you visit with Isobel to be blessed with protection against the shadows beyond the Inn. However, if you already have the Moonlatern, this is unnecessary.

Be warned that if you speak to Isobel immediately, you will be interrupted by Marcus, a false Flaming Fist who will attempt to kidnap Isobel. You must stop him to have Isobel as a camp follower eventually. Later on, after completing the Gauntlet of Shar, you must choose to save the Nightsong. Then, after the final confrontation at the climax of Act 2, Isobel will ask if she and Dame Aylin can join you at camp.

Additionally, another potentially impactful quest event during Act 3 can cause you to lose Isobel. Lorroakan is the wizard of Ramazith’s Tower, and he seeks the Nightsong for his purposes. If you give him the Nightsong, Isobel will leave and fall at his hands. Defeat Lorroakan and Isobel will still leave camp to help a Selune outpost. However, she will still be available as an ally in the final battle.

Dame Aylin

Baldur's Gate 3 Dame Aylin confronting Ketheric Thorm
  • Location: Gauntlet of Shar, in the Shadowfell
  • Related Quests: Find the Nightsong, The Chosen of Shar
  • Utility: Can join you as an ally in the final battle in Act 3.

Dame Aylin’s willingness to join your camp is often closely tied to that of Isobel. In most playthroughs, if you have chosen to save them both, they will be interested in joining you at camp after the fight against Ketheric.

However, having Aylin join you at camp without Isobel is possible. Typically, this will only happen if you don’t save Isobel from Marcus and then venture through the Gauntlet of Shar to save the Nightsong. During the final fight with Ketheric, he will have an enthralled Isobel at his side, and nothing you can do at this point will save her. In the conversation with Aylin afterward, she will simply tell you she is joining your camp.

Finally, if you complete the Find the Nightsong quest in Act 3 and side with Aylin against Lorroakan in Ramazith’s Tower, then she will be available as an ally in the final battle.

Camp Followers in Act 3 of BG3

Yenna & Grub

Baldur's Gate 3 Yenna and Grub camp followers
  • Location: Rivington
  • Related Quests: Rescue Orin’s Victim
  • Utility: None

Yenna and her cat Grub are two unavoidable camp followers who will automatically approach you as you enter the Rivington area at the beginning of Act 3. The girl will appeal to you for help because her mother has left and hasn’t come back. You can invite her to camp if you want to be nice. However, even if you tell her to ‘get lost,’ Grub and she will still show up at some point.

This is because Yenna (and Grub, to a certain extent) serve a narrative function connected to the Chosen of Bhaal, Orin. In Act 3, Orin will kidnap one of your companions from camp. Specifically, it could be Lae’zel, Gale, Halsin, or Minthara. However, if none of these characters are available (never recruited or are in your active party), then Orin will take Yenna instead.

Unfortunately, these two don’t have any other utility as camp followers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Duke Ulder Ravengard

Should You Save Duke Ravengard in Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Location: Audience Hall in Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, later in the Iron Throne
  • Related Quests: Rescue the Grand Duke, The Blade of Frontiers
  • Utility: Provides information leading to Ansur

You first learn of Duke Ravengard during Act 1 upon your first visit to the burning inn at Waukeen’s Rest, then get a brief glimpse of him at the end of Act 2, and finally get to interact with him in Act 3. However, by Act 3 he will be under the control of the tadpole (and therefore, Gortash). There is no way to save him when you first speak to him in the Audience Hall.

Instead, you’ll have to find where he has been imprisoned after the ceremony. This information will be closely tied into Wyll’s personal quest and a possible new deal with his patron Mizora. You can accept Mizora’s offer; she will tell you where to find the Duke and even assist in freeing him. However, even if you reject her offer, you can still find him by visiting the Water Queen’s House and picking up the Avenged the Drowned quest.

Breaking him out of the Iron Throne is no easy feat, especially if Mizora is working against you because you rejected her offer. However, doing so will give Ravengard and his son Wyll a chance to reconcile back at camp. Additionally, speaking to him afterward, he will tell you about “the sleeping wyrm beneath Baldur’s Gate.” He will also give you a book called ‘The Legend of Ansur,’ which will give you clues on how to find the Wrymway.


Baldur's Gate 3 Mizora joins as camp follower
  • Location: Appears automatically at various points in Act 3 if you have recruited Wyll
  • Related Quests: The Blade of Frontiers, Rescue the Grand Duke
  • Utility: Can join you as an ally in the final fight, depending on your choice during Mizora’s final contract offer

If you recruited Wyll to your party back in Act 1, then Mizora will be a very familiar character by the time you reach Act 3. However, you’ll need to save her in Act 2.

Mizora will now appear to you outside of camp a couple of times. First, make sure that you visit the Audience Hall in Wyrm’s Rock to see Wyll’s father. Then she’ll appear again after you’ve done so. Following your next Long Rest, Mizora will appear along with two infernal arbiters. She will over Wyll a new pact. Bind himself forever to her and Zariel in exchange for information on his father’s whereabouts and help saving him. Or, reject her offer, break free of the contract, and condemn Wyll’s father to death.

No matter your choice here, Mizora will elect to stick around “for the entertainment.” You can speak to Mizora near Wyll’s camp anytime to learn more about her. However, she will only be available as an ally in the final battle if Wyll accepts the contract and binds himself to her again.

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