Fallout 4: How to Complete Crucible Quest

Collect a powerful Heavy Incinerator weapon by following our Fallout 4: How to Complete Crucible Quest guide!

Fallout 4 How to Complete Crucible Quest

How to Complete Crucible Quest

The Crucible quest in Fallout 4 is another that was originally available only through the Creation Club. However, Bethesda has brought it to the base game with the new patch that was released on April 25, 2024.

If you are starting a brand new play through of Fallout 4, then the Crucible quest will not be available until later in the game. However, if you’re jumping into an old save now that the new patch has been released, if you are at a high enough level then you will receive the Crucible automatically.

Crucible Main Objectives

Follow the below steps to complete the Fallout 4 Crucible:

  • Investigate Saugus Ironworks
  • Read the Keeper’s note and search the toolbox
  • Read the Forged recruit’s note
  • Use the terminal to move the crucible
  • Turn off the flow of liquid metal
  • Collect the buried items and craft the Flame Resistance mods
  • Take the Ghoul’s Slayer Heavy Incinerator out of the crucible

Crucible Walkthrough

Fallout 4 Crucible Saugus Ironworks map location and Keeper's Note

Ideally, you will already have the Saugus Ironworks available as a fast-travel location on the map. However, if you don’t you can find it south of Parson’s State Insane Asylum, or southwest of Salem. When you first arrive, watch out for the Forged enemy up on the roof. Then, head inside the building.

Inside, the next quest marker will be on your left. Make your way around down the metal catwalk and up to the second level. Use the terminal to unlock the security door and deal with a few Forged enemies and a turret in the next room.

Next in the Fallout 4 Crucible quest, find the body of the Forged Keeper, then loot and read his Note. Then you’ll have to find the Keeper’s Toolbox, which is up a broken metal catwalk on the other side of the room. The Toolbox is sealed with an Expert level lock, and you will need to pick it open. Inside is a Forged Recruit’s Note, which you should also read.

Move the Crucible

FO4 Crucible Turn off flow of molten metal

Now you have enough information to move the crucible and you can use the terminal just to the north of where you found the toolbox. However, when you look at the Safety information it will tell you that the smelter controls are disabled while the molten metal is flowing.

Therefore before you can move on in the Fallout 4 Crucible quest, you have to make your way back down to the ground floor, next to the large glowing metal container. Nearby there will be a button on a pillar which says “Caution: Machinery Crossing”. Press it to turn off the flow of the molten metal. Now you can head back up to the original terminal and click to move the crucible.

Retrieve the Buried Items

FO4 Retrieve Buried Items in Dirt Mound then craft Flame Resistance mods

Make your way back down to the ground floor and you should see a quest marker over a dirt mound at the end of some train tracks. This spot is very close to where the button on the pillar was. Click to investigate and you will find a variety of items to collect, which will include Flame Resistant Right and Left Legs. Take them and then you will need to craft some mods. Use the Power Armor station nearby.

Here are the items you will need to craft the Flame Resistance mods in the Crucible quest:

  • 5 Adhesive
  • 6 Asbestos
  • 6 Ballistic fiber
  • 3 Rubber

Once you have crafted and equipped the mods to that armor, you can enter the nearby crucible to take the Ghoul’s Slayer Heavy Incinerator out of the crucible without taking any damage!

Fallout 4 Ghoul Slayer's Heavy Incinerator weapon

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