Fallout 4: How to Complete Pyromaniac Quest

Unlock the impressive Hellfire Power Armor by following our walk-through for Fallout 4: How to Complete Pyromaniac quest guide!

Fallout 4 How to Complete Pyromaniac Quest

How to Complete Pyromaniac Quest

When Bethesda dropped a new update patch for Fallout 4 on April 25, 2024, they upgraded some quests and items previously only available through the Creation Club and made them part of the base game. The Pyromaniac quest and the Hellfire Power Armor you can receive at the end of it where included in this new patch.

Moreover, the Pyromaniac quest is intended for a higher-leveled character. If you are starting the game from the beginning or jumping in for the first time, you will need to play through the main quest first. However, if you are loading up an old save file, you will likely have access to this new quest as soon as you log in.

Pyromaniac Main Objectives

Follow the steps below to complete the Fallout 4 Pyromaniac Quest:

  • Find Pyro near Listening Post Bravo
  • Kill ‘Pyro’

Pyromaniac Walkthrough

Fallout 4 Pyromaniac Quest map location Kill Pyro

Select the Pyromaniac quest in your Pip-Boy log and you’ll discover a quest marker that is very close to the Listening Post Bravo location. Additionally, the Greentop Nursery is another nearby location you can use if the listening post is unavailable.

Once you’re at Listening Post Bravo, you only have to move a short distance to the southeast. Pyro is in the woods up on top of a small hill. If your build has good boosts to sneak attacks and you use fusion cores to boost your Power Armor damage, you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking him out.

Defeat Pyro and you can then loot the Hellfire Power Armor from his corpse.

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