How to Find & Use Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Adamantine Forge, you can find a challenging fight, use ancient device to craft unique gear pieces, and have another epic adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3

A mysterious ancient forge with a powerful Grym guardian is an object of legend among Drougr and Drow, and you’ll encounter few looking for it, and those who find it will be rewarded with fantastic gear pieces created from the rarest material, mithral ore. Read on to learn more about where to find Adamaantine forge, how to defeat Grym, and where to find all moulds and Mithral ore to craft these unique gear pieces.

How to Find Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3

Adamantine Forge is located in Grimforge in Underdark, but you are not the only one looking for this mysterious ancient device. Once you arrive at the Grymforge, from the Grymforge teleport waypoint, continue on the path straight to the south until you encounter stairs and a few Duergars looking for the Adamantine forge, and you can speak with them to learn more about it. You can either kill them or speak with them and convince the Deep Roche to destroy the rubble blocking your path. You can also destroy the rubble using explosives, spells, or heavy weapon attacks.

How to Find Adamantine Forge - BG3 - Baldur's Gate 3

Head up to the top. We advise you to go right because you’ll get good loot and one of the moldings. Watch out for the multiple traps on your path. Once disarmed, go down using the first ladder on your left to find the console and levers. One will move the metal platform closer to you, and another will raise it up and down. Manipulate levers to jump on the hanging metal track in the middle, where the longsword mould (X: -625 Y: 410) lays.

Follow the metal track up. When it ends, jump onto another hanging metal platform. On your left, there is another set of levers. You can jump there and manually activate the levers. However, it’s easier to use Mage Hand or any range weapon, shoot the lever to move, and take you straight to the Adamantine Forge. Once the metal lift stops moving, jump down to discover Adamantine Forge’s fast travel waypoint. From the Grimforge Adamantine Forge fast-travel waypoint, go straight north, jump down to the destroyed stairs, and you’ll find Adamantine Forge.

How to Use Adamantine Forge

How to Find & Use Adamantine Forge in Baldur's Gate 3

Before using Adamantine Forge, you must defeat Grym, a construct guardian who will attack your party as soon as you try to activate this ancient device.

To activate and use the Adamantine Forge, follow the steps:

  1. Place one of the moulds for the weapon you want to craft in the Mould Chamber.
  2. Put Mithral Ore in the crucible in the center of the forge
  3. Pull the forge lever, and the platform will move down.
  4. Interact with Lava Valve, and the Grym fight will start.

How to Defeat Grym

Defeating Grym includes interesting mechanics. Grym is resistant to all types of damage unless you bathe him in lava, and the construct will become vulnerable to bludgeoning damage. Luckily, the forge mechanism allows you to do both.

Place one character next to the lava valve, one on the forge lever, and two on the opposite circles because as soon as you move the valve, lava will flood the floor but not the four circular shapes on the floor. Your goal is to debuff Grym by ensuring he steps inside the lava and then lure him to the center, where the piston will smash him, dealing a ton of bludgeoning damage as soon as you pull the forge lever. And you repeat the process.

Here is how to defeat Grym in Adamantine Forge:

  1. Activate the lava valve to flood the forge with lava.
  2. Ensure Grym steps inside the lava that will debuff him.
  3. Lure Grym to the center.
  4. Pull the lever to hit him with bludgeoning damage.
  5. Repeat the process until you defeat Grym.
How to Find & Use Adamantine Forge in Baldur's Gate 3

One Defeated, you can now pick up your newly crafted item from the top of Mould Chamber. To craft another item, insert the new mould and ore like before, flood the room with lava, and pull the lever to bring down the piston. Check the Mould chamber again; you should have a new item crafted and ready to pick up!

Note that you can defeat Grym without using the piston, but the process will take much more time, and because of his resistance, only certain attacks will be effective against him. Otherwise, you’ll deal zero damage to Grym. But the idea is the same: you must debuff him using lava to deal damage.

Where to find All Adamantine Forge Moulds

Where to find All Adamantine Forge Moulds Bg3 Baldur's Gate 3

There are six Adamantine Forge Moulds in BG3:

  • Longsword Mould: On hanging metal track/bridge in Grymforge (X: -625 Y: 410)
  • Shield Mould: Inside Skeleton in the dormitory at the top level of the Grymforge (X:-559 Y:410)
  • Scimitar Mould: Inside the Skeleton near the levers console (X: -607 Y: 322) 
  • Splint Mould: Inside Ancient Forge on the floor (X -597 Y: 309)
  • Mace Mould: Near the Ancient Forge waypoint on the Table (X: -609 Y: 284)
  • Scale Mail Mould: Found straight south of Ancient Forge Waypoint on the floor (X: -621 Y: 260)

Where to find Mithral Ore

Sadly, there are only two Mithral ore veins in Baldur’s Gate 3, so you can only craft two items chosen from the six available. First, Mithral ore vain is located northwest of the destroyed staircase that leads directly to the Adamantine Forge. The second is to the east, where you must jump over the lava and avoid stepping inside to get it. Destroy the veins and pick up the ore. Once you have ore and moulds, head to the forge to face one of the most challenging bosses in the game.

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