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Hogwarts Legacy – Ollivander’s Heirloom Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – Ollivander’s Heirloom Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

Ollivander’s Heirloom Quest

Visit Mr. Ollivander in Hogsmeade

  • You’ll receive and owl from Mr. Ollivander asking you to visit
  • Hogsmeade should be a quick floo trip away

Investigate the Owlery

  • Fast travel back to Hogwarts and head on up to the tower outside the castle
  • When you reach the tower, there will be a single chest to open at the bottom, and then you can head up the spiral stairs
  • When you get to the top cast Revelio and you will find a lot of things highlighted.
  • Focus on the pull chains, which you can remove with the Accio spell.
Hogwarts Legacy - Ollivanders Heirloom owlery statues
  • Make sure to Accio all of the pull chains you can find! Cast Revelio again if you need, and look up high

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