Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Unlock Arcane Tower Basement

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the spectacular ruins of a mysterious tower in the Underdark hide secrets, but first, you must fix the elevator to unlock the arcane tower basement.

Baldur’s Gate 3- How To Unlock Arcane Tower Basement and Fix Elevator
Arcane Tower

In this guide, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions on how to overcome the challenges of fixing the elevator, defeating the guardians, and ultimately unlocking the basement. There are some good items and gear to collect so, prepare yourself for a journey into the depths of the Underdark to uncover the secrets within the arcane tower.

How To Fix Elevator and Unlock Arcane Tower Basement Overview

Here is a short overview of how to fix the elevator in Arcane Tower and unlock the basement:

  1. Locate the Tower: Find the arcane tower in the Underdark, reachable through various locations
  2. Elevator Turrets: Approach the tower, and disable turrets with luminescent Sussur Blossom flowers or by deactivating them temporarily with lightning damage.
  3. Find the Sussur Blossom flower and the lowest Tower level: Circle the tower, jumping on the giant mushrooms or using the Misty Step
  4. Elevator Fixing: Collect the Sussur Blossom flower from a tree behind the tower, enter the tower’s lower level, and interact with the generator. Insert the flower, and combine to fix the elevator.
  5. Guardian Challenge: Face Bernard and other tough constructs guarding the tower at the top floor of the Tower, and use the elevator to get there.
  6. Peaceful Resolution: Optionally, use found books to solve the situation peacefully, earning Bernard’s trust and picking the dialogue option: “How can I trust…”
  7. Combat Strategy: If combat is chosen, employ lightning or cold damage and crowd control spells against constructs.
  8. Guiding Light Ring: Obtain a Guiding Light ring from Bernard.
  9. Unlock Basement: Reach the lowest tower level using the fixed elevator, equip the Guiding Light ring on a character, and press the basement button that will magically appear.
  10. Basement Exploration: Congratulations! Safely explore the unlocked basement for valuable items and alchemical ingredients.

Read on for more details and locations marked on the maps.

Arcane Tower Location

Blighted Village - Entrance to the Spider Cave - Whispering Depths - Location in Baldur's Gate 3
Blighted Village – Entrance to the Spider Cave – Whispering Depths

To find the Arcane Tower, venture into the depths of the Underdark (X: -4, Y: -29). This enigmatic structure is located to the southwest of the Underdark beach. Access to the Underdark is accessible through several routes, including the Shattered Sanctum via the Selune Temple. Alternatively, by jumping down through the chasm (X: -543 Y: -366) in the spider cave beneath the blighted village. The easiest way to access the spider cave is by climbing down the well in Blighted Village. Also, ensure you have a potion, spell, or scroll of Feather Fall. In Spider Cave, you must face a challenging battle against the resident spiders. We advise you to reach at least level 4 before going to Underdark and level 5 to explore Arcane Tower.

Underdark Arcane Tower Location in Baldur's Gate 3
Underdark Arcane Tower Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Fix the Elevator in the Arcane Tower

Upon approaching the arcane tower, two turrets will spring to life and target your party. These turrets can be temporarily disabled using lighting damage spells or arrows. This will give you some time to proceed. You can also use the Sussur Blossom flowers, which emit a soothing luminescence if you found some already. You can find these blue flowers near the tower’s base, but also west of the Myconid colony. To deactivate the turrets, simply pick up a Sussur Blossom flower and throw it next to them.

Underdark - Path to the Back of the Arcane Tower Location in Baldur's Gate 3
Path to the Back of the Arcane Tower

You’ll discover a broken elevator inside the tower, preventing access to other levels. To fix it, you need Sussur Blossom flowers. One such flower can be found on a tree behind the tower. Circle around the tower jumping on the giant mushrooms, or use the Misty Step spell to reach the lower levels and locate the luminescent tree in the small rocky garden. Collect a Sussur Blossom flower from the tree and enter the tower through the back door, which you can lockpick. Pass the dexterity check, preferably using your character with the sleight of hand proficiency or Astarion. Enter the lowest level of the tower. However, to reach the Arcane Tower basement in Baldur’s Gate 2 you need to complete a few more steps.

Underdark - How to Fix the Arcane Tower Elevator in Baldur's Gate 3
How to Fix the Arcane Tower Elevator

Within the tower’s lowest level, you’ll find the broken elevator and Sussur Blossom flower petals on the floor. Interact with the elevator’s generator, insert the Sussur Blossom flower, and press the combine button. A brief cutscene will play, permanently deactivating all turrets and making the elevator operational again. With the elevator fixed, you can now freely explore the tower and use the elevator to travel between floors.

Defeat the Guardians of the Arcane Tower

Bernard, the construct, guards the arcane tower alongside other constructs on the tower’s top level. He also holds the key to the Arcane Tower basement. Constructs are difficult opponents, so make sure to save your game before going to the top level to face them. Bernard is resilient to various damage types, making him a formidable opponent. To learn what type of resistance constructs have right click on them and choose explore option.

If you wish to solve this situation peacefully, locate the Threadbare Book and The Roads to Darkness while exploring the tower, and read them with your character. Next, ascend to the top level and choose the dialogue option “How can I trust…” and quote the book to earn Bernard’s trust. He will place the Guiding Light ring on a table, signaling a peaceful resolution.

If you choose the “There is a light…” option, Bernard and the other constructs will attack you. Engaging in combat with these constructs can be challenging, but there are strategies to overcome them. To target the constructs’ weaknesses, use lightning or cold damage spells, arrows, and abilities. Crowd control spells will also help manage the battle by immobilizing some opponents. Beware of Bernard’s potent melee attacks and his lightning area-of-effect ability. So make sure you remove your range characters from the elevator’s platform as quickly as possible. There are stairs up to the wooden platform that will give your team an advantage on range attacks.

Unlock the Arcane Tower Basement

Arcane Tower Guiding Light Ring in Baldur's Gate 3
Guiding Light Ring

Once you’ve resolved the situation and obtained the Guiding Light ring, head to the tower’s lowest level using the now-fixed elevator. Place the ring on one of your characters, and a magical button to descend to the Arcane Tower basement will appear. Congratulations, you’ve successfully fixed the elevator and unlocked the Arcane Tower basement in Baldur’s Gate 3. Explore its depths to collect special items and valuable alchemical ingredients that await you.

Prepare yourself for the challenges and mysteries that lie ahead as you navigate the arcane tower’s depths, fix the elevator, defeat the guardians, and unlock the secrets of the basement. Your journey through the arcane tower in Baldur’s Gate 3 promises excellent rewards for those willing to persevere.

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