Destiny 2 Round Robin Hand Cannon

How to Get Destiny 2 Round Robin Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Round Robin Hand Cannon
Round Robin Hand Cannon

Hand Cannons are especially loved by PvP’ers, at this new aggressive frame weapon is especially attractive for its Strand element. It’s one of the first weapons that match the new subclass, so let’s look. This Guide explains all sources where you can obtain the weapon and details about the “From Zero” quest that rewards players with a new Round Robin!

How to Get Round Robin Hand Cannon in Destiny 2?

Neomuna Weapons and Vendor
Neomuna Weapons and Vendor

You can get Round Robin Hand Cannon by completing the “From Zero” quest or any activity in the new Destiny 2 Lightfall Neomuna location. Participate in public events, complete the campaign, and enjoy the new story. All sources have a chance to drop this 120 hand Cannon. However, you must own the latest Destiny 2 Ligtfall expansion to access the new location and stunning city of Neomuna. Here are all the ways to get Round Robin Hand Cannon in Destiny 2:

  • Completing public events in Neomuna
  • Opening chests in Neomuna
  • Engrams from Nimbus in Neomuna – level up your reputation rank with this vendor to get more engrams.
  • The reward for the “From Zero” quest

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Destiny 2 “From Zero” quest walkthrough

You can obtain This “From Zero” quest from Nimbus at Strider’s Gate. It requires you to do several steps, and your reward will be Round Robin. To complete the first step, you’ll need to travel all over the city and find all 9 chests in the three districts. Here is what to do to complete it!

Destiny 2 Chests in Zephyr Concourse and Ahimsa Park
All Chests in Zephyr Concourse and Ahimsa Park
Destiny 2 Chests in Liming Harbor
All Chests in Liming Harbor
  1. Loot nine chests in the region. All chests are marked with a “cross and dots” on the map, so they are relatively easy to spot. The Icon and all locations are shown in the pictures above.
    • In the Zephyr Concourse region are three chests:
      • North chest – on a balcony
      • West chest – in the glass room
      • East chest – in the glass room at the back of the hidden room
    • Three more in the Ahimsa Park
      • North chest – under the rocks
      • North-East chest – in the cave
      • South chest – on the glass roof
    • And last three are in the Liming Harbor
      • North chest – inside the spinning turbine
      • South chest – In the Gargantuan Ship on the pillar
      • South-West – building’s scaffolding
  2. “Help Neomuni people”, you can complete public events or patrols to achieve that step
  3. Defeat the Shadow Legionary Gha’ram in Ahimsa Park
  4. Return to Nimbus and pick up your new hand cannon!

Here you go, all the ways to get this new Strand weapon!

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