How to Get Fell Sicklescythe Head in Enshrouded

Discover where you can find the Fell Sicklescythe Head in Enshrouded, a necessary resource for strengthening and upgrading your Flame Alter.

How to Get Fell Sicklescythe Head in Enshrouded

How to Get Fell Sicklescythe Head in Enshrouded

To get a Fell Sicklescythe Head in Enshrouded you will need to have access to the Kindlewastes area. Once you have access to the region the best area to find a Fell Monstrosity Head can be found directly northwest of the Kindlewaste Ancient Spire. In order to access this region, you will need to Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 5.

The best location to find the Fell Sicklescythe Head is within a location called the Haunted Sun Temple. Although this temple is located within Kindlewastes use can use your glider to travel there from either the Kindlewastes spire or the Nomad Highlands spire. Consequently, you can glide southeast from the Nomad Highlands Spire or northwest from the Kindlewastes spire to get there.

Enshrouded Fell Sicklescythe Head location map

Additionally, there is a second location in the Kindlewastes where you can find another Fell Sicklescythe Head in Enshrouded. This location is called the Ridgeback Mine. Furthermore, you can get at least part of the way using your glider. Jump from the top of the Kindlewastes spire and head southwest.

Enshrouded Fell Sicklescythe Head location 2 map

Fighting the Fell Sicklescythe Boss

Like many of the other Enshrouded boss fights, the best way to approach the Fell Sicklescythe boss is from range. Moreover, with this particular boss range weapons are necessary because of her ability to float far off of the ground. Additionally, using range weapons will give you a better chance to properly react to her attacks.

The Fell Sicklescythe Boss has two main attacks:

  • Throws two sickles at you. These will act like boomerangs and return to the boss.
  • Summons a floating skull, which will fly directly to you. When it get close enough it will explode for tons of damage.

The sickle throw appears to be her main attack. You’ll want to have a shield equipped so that you can block them before they hit you the first time. Successfully doing so will cause the sickles to disappear and they won’t be able to circle back around and potentially hit you again.

Secondly, is her major attack where she summons an exploding skull and sends it in your direction. There is no way of blocking this thing, and honestly the best strategy is to run away from it. Thankfully, it can’t follow you very far before exploding. Stay out if it’s blast range because it will put a serious dent in your health.

The best time to attack her is after blocking her sickle throw. Get in a couple ranged hits before you’ll likely need to block again.

What is a Sicklescythe, and what is it used for?

Ennshrouded- Flame Altar Level 6 upgrade

A Fell Sicklescythe Head is loot you can only get by defeating a Fell Sicklescythe boss. Furthermore, the most important thing you will use the Fell Monstrosity Head for is to strengthen the Flame Level of your Alter from 5 to 6. However, since Enshrouded is in Early Access you won’t yet be able to get to the next area of the map.

In order to Strengthen your Flame to Level 6 you will need:

Additionally, if you fight the Fell Sicklescythe two more times, you can also use the Head it drops for other things. You can take an extra Fell Sicklescythe Heads to the Hunter and craft a wall decoration called Fell Sicklescythe Trophy. Placing this on a wall in your base or housing will add a +1 of Comfort to any craftsperson sheltering inside.

Enshrouded Fell Sicklescythe Head and Trophy

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