How to Get Hollow Cyclops Head and Giant Bones in Enshrouded

Discover where to find Giant Bones and how to defeat Hollow Cyclop to get its Head, both crucial materials in Enshrouded.

How to Get Hollow Cyclops Head and Giant Bones in Enshrouded

Where to Find Cyclops Head and Giant Bones in Enshrouded

Cyclops Head and Giant Bones can be found only in Revelwood Hollow Hals and Nomad Highlands Hollow Hals dungeons in Enshrouded. The most accessible place to quickly collect them is the level 15 dungeon in Revelwood. To find it, teleport to Ancient Spire—Revelwood Fast Travel and fly northeast.

It’s one of the ancient spires north of your starting location in Enshrouded. The legendary glider and updraft skill will help you fly as far as possible. Check the map for reference.

Rivelwood Hollow Hals in Enshrouded - level 15 dungeon

Defeat Hollow Cyclops

How to Defeat Hollow Cyclop to get the Head in Enshrouded

The only method to obtain giant bones and Hollow Cyclops’ head is by defeating the boss in the Revelwood Hollow Halls and Nomad Highlands Hollow Halls dungeons. Those are long and filled with swarms of enemies’ locations and puzzles to solve group content activities.

Defeating those Hollow Cyclops might be challenging, depending on your level. Prepare for a fight with range spells or arrows and ensure you have all 3 food buffs running and healing potions and bandages. The boss-heavy melee attack deals huge damage, so the best strategy is to stay out of Har’s way and use any skills, weapons, and playstyle that will allow you to defeat without getting close.

Cyclops in Revelwood Hollow Halls is easier because the recommended for this dungeon is level 15.

Collect Cyclops Head and Giant Bones

How to Get Giant Bones in Enshrouded

Once you defeat the boss, collect its head and giant bones from the body. If you leave the area and log out, the dungeon should reset if you need more of each resource. Alternatively, if you play on someone’s server, you must wait a few hours before the dungeon will reset and the boss spawns again.

How Can You Use Cyclops Head and Giant Bones?

Cyclops Head and Giant Bones are fantasy-enshrouded basic resources for crafting many influential items. They are mainly used by the collector survivor, also called necromancer, who can be found in Hollow Halls.

Ectoplasm Press Crafting Table - Enshrouded - Furniture

You can use both to craft an Ectoplasm Press, a special crafting station that refines the fragments into Ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is a valuable material that you can use in various ways. One of the most exciting uses of Ectoplasm is to cook a new food item called Ectoplasm Soup. This dish lowers your max health but significantly boosts damage in any dungeon in Enshrouded.

Grants armor - consumables - Enshrouded Ice protection Lotion

Another is Ice Protection Lotion, which boosts your defenses for 30 min and will require Ectoplasm and Ectoplasm Fragments.

Enshrouded Bone Channel 2 Staff Charges

Other important items to mention are giant bone arrows and Bone Channels 2. They deal blunt damage and are highly effective spells, especially against the undead. Lastly, you will need giant bones to craft a key to the next dungeons in Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes.

Nomad Highlands Bone Key - Enshrouded

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