How to Get Ectoplasm Fragment in Enshrouded

Discover where to find Ectoplasm Fragment in Enshrouded, a material from the Hollow dungeon used in crafting new items!

Ectoplasm Fragment Material in Enshrouded Game

Where to Find Ectoplasm Fragment in Enshrouded

Ectoplasm Fragments can be found only in special Hollow dungeons in Enshrouded. The easiest place to quickly collect them is level 10, called Hollow Halls. To find it, teleport to Ancient Spire—Springlands Fast Travel and fly southeast.

It’s the first ancient spire north of your starting location in Enshrouded. The legendary glider and updraft skill will help you fly as far as possible. Once you land, it may require a little climbing, but the entrance is easily accessible through the path from the north, between rocks.

Enshrouded - Hollow Halls Map Location - how to find the dungeon

Travel in the southeast ravine of Springlands until you reach a red building built into the rock wall. It is the first Hollow Hals dungeon, where you unlock Necromancer Survivor in Enshrouded.

Loot Ectoplasm Fragments from Undead Enemies

Enshrouded Patch _3 - New Necromancer Skills

The first and most obvious method to get Ectoplasm Fragments is looting the ashes of defeated undead in Hollow Halls. They will appear in large numbers, often accompanied by basic skeletons. However, only casters and melee enemies who wear torn clothes have a chance to drop this resource. You can also find some Ectoplasm Fragments in the sarcophagus or chests scattered all around the dungeon.

Or Mine Ectoplasm Fragments

As you discover new areas and chambers in the dungeons of Enshrouded, you will eventually notice that from some stacks of old bones grow glowing green crystals. Those are also Ectoplasm Fragments and you can mine them as any other metal using your pickaxe.

Dig Ore Faster Enshrouded

Additionally, if you have additional skill points to spend, you can invest in the Mason skill, which will increase the amount of Ectoplasm Fragments you can mine from one node and speed it up. Lastly, the better pickaxe you have, like an iron pickaxe, the more of the resource you will get and the more efficient you will be when using it.

What is Ectoplasm Fragment, and How Can You Use It?

Ectoplasm Fragments are a fantasy-enshrouded basic resource used to craft many influential items. They are mainly used by the collector survivor, also called necromancer, who can be found in Hollow Halls.

Revelwood Bone Key - Enshrouded

Most Importantly you need it to craft the key that will allow you to open the locked door to the next dungeon called Revelwood Hollow Halls.

Ectoplasm Press Crafting Table - Enshrouded - Furniture

If you come across Ectoplasm Fragments during your adventures, don’t discard them, as they can be quite useful. You can use these fragments to craft an Ectoplasm Press, a special crafting station that refines the fragments into Ectoplasm.

Grants armor - consumables - Enshrouded Ice protection Lotion

Ectoplasm is a valuable material that you can use in various ways. One of the most exciting uses of Ectoplasm is to cook a new food item called Ectoplasm Soup. This dish lowers your max health but significantly boosts damage in any dungeon in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Bone Channel 2 Staff Charges

Other essential items to mention are bone arrows and Bone Channels 1 & 2. They deal blunt damage and are incredibly effective spells to use, especially against the undead.

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