How to Easily Get Mark I Armor in Starfield – All Methods

Mark I Armor in Starfield is an early game set that you can easily get with a simple trick, and we present all available methods in this comprehensive guide.

Starfield Lodge Locked Mannequin

In this guide, you will discover how to obtain the coveted Mark I Space Suit, the remarkable early-game armor set for all Starfield explorers. With its clean yet rugged aesthetic and impressive resistance against various types of damage, it’s a valuable asset for any player venturing into the unknown. Learn the clever workaround to get this armor without the need for leveling security skills and lockpicking, enabling you to jump on your space adventures fully equipped and ahead of the game.

Mark I Armor in Starfield

The Mark I Space Suit is a powerful set that includes the Mark I Pack, Mark I Space Helmet, and Mark I Spacesuit. It gives outstanding physical, energy, and EM damage resistance, making it one of the best early-game armor sets available. Not only is it highly functional, but it also offers a stylish look. Many armors in the starfield, especially early games sets, are “bulky.” Mark I Armor has a much slimmer shape and will easily get you to even level 30 before you can find something better.

Here are all Mark I Armor Set (Spacesuit, Pack, Helmet) information in Starfield:

  • Set name: Mark I Armor
  • Set Pieces: Spacesuit, Pack, Helmet
  • Location: The Lodge basement, New Atlantis
  • Requirements: Progress in the One Small Step main quest until you arrive at the Lodge and unlock the basement.
  • Level to Equip: No Requirements

Here are all Mark I Armor Set (Spacesuit, Pack, Helmet) features in Starfield:

Mark I SpacesuitMark I PackMark I Space Helmet

How To Get Mark I Spacesuit Set

How to Get Mark I Armour? In the Lodge’s basement, locate the mannequin with Mark I armor, crouch, look for a small gap between the door and the frame, and loot the armor. While this method may not be the intended way to obtain the armor, it’s a clever workaround that allows you to acquire the Mark I Space Suit early in the game.

Players can acquire the Mark I Space Suit as early as during the first main quest, the “One Small Step” mission, which serves as the game’s first tutorial. This means you can get this fantastic armor right from the beginning of your Starfield adventure. The main mission just after the start of the game will take you to the New Atlantis, a city on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. There is The Lodge, a major operation hub for the Constellation faction.

You unlock access to the basement after you arrive at the Lodge and have a short conversation with the Constellation members. Next, they will get a key and access to the crafting area and the basement, and Mark I Set is downstairs in a small storage room with crates and framed paintings. However, the provided key won’t unlock the Mark I Space Suit’s display case.

The Starfield Wiki team discovered this trick method, and you can read more about it in the tweet.

Easy Trick To Get Mark I

Here is a trick to get Mark I armor:

  1. Progress the “One Small Step” mission, and you’ll receive a Lodge Key, granting access to the basement.
  2. Once inside The Lodge, unlock the door directly to your right from the entrance and go down the staircase into the basement.
  3. You’ll find the crafting area available for you. Go further to the left.
  4. Next, turn Right and go straight to the room at the end with the couch covered with white cloth and a framed painting above it.
  5. The Display case and Mark I armor will be in the left corner of the room.
  6. Don’t pick the master-level lock on the display case.
  7. Crouch and get as close as possible to the door’s handle.
  8. Look for a tiny gap between the door and the frame.
  9. Slowly move your reticle(crosshair) up and down until a prompt appears.
  10. Interact with the mannequin inside and obtain the suit.

This is how easily you can get Mark I Armor in Starfield, let’s look at all methods in case developers decide to patch it soon.

The Intended Way to Get It

The developers intended players to obtain the Mark I Space Suit by leveling up their security skill and eventually unlocking the master-locked display case. This typically involves allocating skill points and using Digipicks to pick the lock. However, there’s a trick that allows players to get it early without engaging in lockpicking.

Starfield Security Skill

Before attempting to obtain the Mark I Space Suit, ensure that you’ve unlocked the Rank 3 Security Skill from the Tech Skill Tree. This skill is necessary to tackle master-level locks.

Open Master Lock To Get Mark I

Here is how to unlock the Mark I by picking the display case lock:

  1. Unlock Rank 3 Security Skill
  2. Obtain Digipicks, which are essential tools for picking locks in Starfield. You can typically find Digipicks available for purchase from traders. It’s a good idea to acquire multiple Digipicks to ensure you have spares in case some break during the process.
  3. Progress in the “One Small Step” mission until you reach the point where you gain access to The Lodge’s basement.
  4. Make your way to the basement area.
  5. Turn left in the crafting room and then take a first turn right to the room store room at the end of the corridor. There will be a covered in a white cloth sofa and a framed painting.
  6. Instead of utilizing the trick involving the gap in the glass case, equip a digipick and approach the master-locked display case.
  7. Save the game in case something goes wrong, and you lose all digipicks.
  8. Interact with the display case using the digipick to solve the lockpicking mini-game.
  9. Successfully pick the lock to open the case.
  10. Retrieve the Mark I Space Suit from the mannequin inside.

By following these steps, you’ll obtain the Mark I Space Suit through the intended gameplay mechanics, allowing you to experience the satisfaction of acquiring this formidable early-game armor without the need for tricks or workarounds or after the game patch that no longer allows players to use the trick method.

Get it Before It’s Patched!

Grab it quickly before potential patches or bug fixes by Starfield’s developers, as it offers a significant advantage in terms of protection and style for your early-game adventures. Enjoy your journey through the cosmos with this remarkable armor!

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