How to Get Sharpened Snare Cuirass in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Sharpened Snare Cuirass is a rare Medium Armour from Roah Moonglow during Act 2. Here is how to get it.

Sharpened Snare Cuirass - BG3 - Baldur's Gate 3

Sharpened Snare Cuirass

Wearing the Sharpened Snare Cuirass in Baldur’s Gate 3 provides both offensive and defensive benefits. The Exotic Material feature substantially boosts the wearer’s Armor Class by adding their full Dexterity Modifier. Additionally, this armor does not hinder stealth abilities, allowing the wearer to move undetected without facing any disadvantages.

Furthermore, the Sharpened Snare aspect of the cuirass sets a significant penalty on creatures targeted by the wearer’s attacks and spells. Those affected by this feature have Disadvantage on Saving throws when resisting the wearer’s abilities, making it harder for them to evade or mitigate the effects. Specifically, creatures affected by Sharpened Snare become Restrained, causing them to be unable to move. While restrained, the entity’s Attack rolls and Dexterity Saving throws suffer a Disadvantage, making them more vulnerable to attacks and spells from the wearer and their allies.

Despite this drawback, the Sharpened Snare Cuirass is a great choice for classes such as Paladin, Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, and Ranger, but any class with Medium Armour proficiency can use it effectively. You can equip it to your character’s hand armour slot in the inventory, providing additional bonuses and buffs.

The Sharpened Snare Cuirass features in BG3:

  • Armour Type: Chest
  • Armour Class: 14 AC + Dexterity modifier
  • Proficiency Requirement: Medium Armour
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Weight: 5,4 kg
  • Value: 830
  • Location: Can be bought from Roah Moonglow in Moonrise Towers (X: -175 Y: -175), Act 2
  • Bonuses:
    • Exotic Material: Add your full Dexterity Modifier to your Armour Class. Additionally, this armour does not impose Disadvantage on Stealth Ability Checks.
    • Sharpened Snare: Creatures have Disadvantage on Saving throws when resisting your attacks and spells that inflict Restrained.
    • Restrained: Cannot move. Attack rolls against the affected entity have Advantage, while the entity’s Attack rolls and Dexterity Saving throws have Disadvantage
  • Classes with Medium Armour Proficiency: Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Ranger.
  • Races with Medium Armour Proficiency: Shield dwarf, Githyanki.

How to Get The Sharpened Snare Cuirass in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can buy the Sharpened Snare Cuirass from Roah Moonglow in Moonrise Towers (X: -175 Y: -175) during Act 2, for 830 gold.

Roah Moonglow - Moonrise Towers Location Baldur's Gate 3 - BG3

Go southwest from where you start Act 2 in Shadow Cursed Lands to buy and get the Sharpened Snare Cuirass. You’ll find it challenging to navigate that deadly area if you don’t have any additional protection against the shadow course. Therefore, we advise you to head to Last Light Inn on the north first to receive Selune’s blessing or Moonlantern from Isobel. Alternatively, you can defeat Kar’niss at Ruined Battlefield. If you save Dolly Dolly Dolly, a pixie trapped in Moonlantern, you can get Pixie Blessing and never again worry about the effects of the course.

Baldur's Gate 3 Kar'niss

Next, head to the far southwest side of the map to find Moonrise Towers. Only if you approach Absolute worshipers in a friendly manner, you will be able to speak with everyone and check the merchants’ stock who found their shelter in the fortress. That includes Roah Moonglow, who sells Sharpened Snare Cuirass. She will stand to the right from the main entrance of Moonrise Towers. Ask her to trade, and you should be able to buy Sharpened Snare Cuirass from her.

Baldur's Gate 3 Roah Moonglow Shattered Sanctum trader

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