How to Get The Protecty Sparkswall in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, The Protecty Sparkswall is great spellcaster clothing you can get it in Act 1 – this short Guide explains everything you need to know about The Protecty Sparkswall in BG3.

Baldur's Gate 3 The Protecty Sparkswall

The Protecty Sparkswall

In Baldur’s Gate 3 The Protecty Sparkswall is a great spellcaster piece of armor that you don’t want to miss in Act 1. The High Spellcasting bonus will give your Wizard, Sorcerer or Druid a +1 to Spell Save DC, which will give you a nice boost to your defense against other spellcasters. The Sparkswall Armour perk grants the wearer a +1 bonus to Armour Class and Saving Throws for as long as they have Lightning Charges. Lightning Chargers are a condition in Baldur’s Gate 3 which can be granted by a variety of different gear pieces.

Therefore, for a spellcaster to get the most out of this piece of clothing you’ll want to combine The Protecty Sparkswall with the Spellsparkler quarterstaff. This staff is one of three possible rewards from the Rescue the Grand Duke quest. With the two pieces of gear equipped, anytime you do damage with a spell or cantrip, you gain Lightning Chargers and a +1 to AC and Saving Throws.

The Protecty Sparkswall features in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Armor Type: Clothing, Robe
  • Armour: 10 AC
  • Proficiency Requirement: No Requirements
  • Rarity: Rare Clothing
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Value: 260
  • Location: Inside a Gilded Chest at the end of the trapped bridge in Grymforge, Act1.
  • Bonuses:
    • High Spellcasting: You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC.
    • Sparkswall Armour: The wearer has +1 to Armour Class and Saving Throws as long as they have Lightning Charges .
  • Classes and Races That Can Equip It: All characters can equip this robe.

How to Get The Protecty Sparkswall in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get The Protecty Sparkswall you’ll need to proceed through the game until late Act 1, and make your way to the Abandoned Refuge at the Grymforge. Once your boat has docked and a bit of dialogue has played out head south up the stairs and you will quickly find the the Underdark – Grymforge waypoint. Continue south up another set of stairs and then turn around to the pillar to the right to find a passageway with a lot of rubble on the left hand side. There will be a couple of Duergar there, including a Stonemason Kith who has some interesting dialogue options as well as some things for sale.

When you’re done speaking to Stonemason Kitch, keep heading north, up a small staircase and then the path will curve around to the left. There will be a small group of Duergar and a couple of Deep Rothe. Speak to Herdmaster Skarjall. You can choose to help him or oppose him. Convince the Deep Rothe to help you and they will break down the pile of rubble blocking the way forward.

Baldur's Gate 3 Grymforge map to rubble pile
Baldur's Gate 3 Bridge full of traps

The rubble was blocking a doorway, which you can now go through. Head up the long set of stairs. Turn right on the landing and head up another set of stairs. At the landing there is a short turn to the right which will lead you to a long bridge with a bunch of traps. The Protecty Sparkswall prize is going to be all the way at the end.

There are numerous marble trigger plates, as well as the large, circular Trapped Beacons spitting fire. It will take some time and a character with Sleight of Hand and high Dexterity, but you should be able to safely make your way down the bridge. At the end will be a stream of fire spitting right towards you. You can’t disarm the trap of this side of it and you can’t run past it. Instead, you’ll want to use a party member who has access to the Misty Step Spell.

BG3 The Protecty Sparkswall Location

There is a small space behind the fire and past the locked gate that you can Misty Step into. You might need to pull your camera back in order to find it. Once inside you can interact with the gargoyle statue that is spouting the fire. Additionally, there will be a lever you can use use to unlock the gate. And there is also an Idol of Shar you can pick up to give to Shadowheart.

Finally, resting on the broken ledge you can find a Gilded Chest. Open it to find The Protecty Sparkswall!

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