How to Obtain Syrabane’s Ward Mythic ESO Firesong DLC

Syrabane’s Ward is a heavy armor one-piece mythic in the belt slot for the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) that can be obtained in Galen and Y’ffelon, and it is part of the Firesong DLC pack. This set is currently only available on the PTS, and leads are unknown at this time.

How to Obtain Syrabane’s Ward Mythic in Firesong DLC

Here are all the leads, dig, and drop locations for Syrabane’s Ward mythic in ESO:

LeadDig zoneDrop zoneLocation
Frog Metal BuckleGalen and Y’ffelon AllInside Blacksmithing Crate TIER 9 (Voidsteel) from Blacksmithing Writ Dailies
Indrik-hide StrapGalen and Y’ffelonSummersetIndrik Frolic World Boss in Summerset
Iridescent Pearlwater WashGalen and Y’ffelonGalenSaltwater (Ocean) & Foul Water fishing in Galen
Rune-scribed BracesGalen and Y’ffelonShipwright’s Regret (dungeon)Last boss of Shipwright’s Regret (dungeon)
Silverthread StitchingGalen and Y’ffelonAuridionBanished Cells 2 Endboss, Auridion zone
Galen Yffelon ESO Zone

Keep in Mind that you may need to perform activities that give leads multiple times before you get specific mythic items. You need to collect all 5 leads before combining them and acquiring Syrabane’s Ward mythic in eso Firesong DLC.

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