How to “Stop a Ganker” in ESO

This guide is a breakdown of skills, gear, champion points, and a powerful combination you can use to stop the ganker, bombers in ESO PvP!

Stop a Ganker in ESO


There are a multitude of skills that can help you stop those annoying gankers but let’s start with the most obvious first and that’s anything ground based area (AoE) damage.

Razor Caltrops

A simple one that I use often in PvE is Razor Caltrops, this will leave a massive AoE damage over time effect on the ground and is perfect for defend the flag, breached keeps or yourself when you know an enemy is incoming.

Essentially, any large ground based AoE can prevent stealthers (People in stealth) from coming up
and nuking you because the damage will pull them out of stealth.

Now some more specialized counter gank skills  -you’ll have a red eye above your head when you use specific detect skills


Camouflaged Hunter

Camouflaged Hunter
from the Fighters guild is typically used for major savagery, minor berserk and fighters build passives on stamina builds, however this can detect stealth and invisible enemies around you

This skill however, seems to have a very small radius in comparison to other tools so it’s nice when playing a stamina based build.

Slot this typically on your front damage dealing bar then quickly hitting it against a stealth when you anticipate them retreating or when you are sieging on the flag, etc. just waiting to get ganked

Another downside, is this ability only last 5 seconds, so you have to either constantly recast or use it tactically because you can burn through your stamina

Radiant Magelight

Next ability up is a juggernaut at stopping gankers and that’s mages guild Radiant Magelight, not only does it provide increased radius, much greater than camo hunter, but you and NEARBY ALLIES cannot be stunned from sneak attacks while slotted!

This doesn’t prevent all stuns but it prevents a lot and it’s an extra bonus to allies

Remember that you’ll only have the prevention in stuns when it’s slotted so if you’re afk on a ram sieging a keep or sitting on a flag, make sure you’re on the right bar

You can also tell a big difference in the detection radius when using this in comparison to camo hunter and a must have for magicka users and folks in a group

Lingering Flare
Last ability up is from Alliance War Support and that’s Lingering Flare

This ability allows you to launch a flare on a specific area for a 10 meter exposure radius. You can launch multiple flares at once, if you detect a target they cannot return to stealth for 3 seconds

The upside, this is fantastic when you are not mobile, again siege a front door of a keep, on a flag, in imperial city near a door to another district, however in mobile fights, its very hard to know exactly where the targets will be unless you have a ton of experience

When in doubt you can always cast this directly on-top of yourself because of the 10 meter radius making it very hard for someone to run in and gank you without being exposed.

My builds typically favor camo hunter/radiant magelight for the reason slotting it gives you a critical bonus and the ability to detect stealthers.


TIP: Always carry detect potions.

  • These potions are a must have! Why? The radius is massive and the duration of stealth detection is long.
  • Using one of these potions gives you a red circle above your head just like camo hunter or radiant magelight.
  • You’ll want to make sure to max out Alchemy on all your characters. The Medicinal use passive in will increase the duration of the potion effect.

My favorite Alchemy recipes: 

Magicka users:

  • Corn Flower + Torchbug Thorax + Lady’s Smock = Detection + Increase Spell Power + Restore Magicka
  • Corn Flower + Wormwood + Lady’s Smock = Detection + Increase Spell Power + Restore Magicka

Stamina users:

  • White cap + wormwood + dragonthorn = Detection + Weapon Critical
  • Cornflower + wormwood + dragonthorn = Detection + Weapon Critical

TIP: Always keep a few of these potions on each character. Especially when magblade bombers are out in full force stream sniping me!


Sentry Set ESO
Next up we have gear and one set I don’t necessary use but you might like is
The Sentry set obtained in Cyrodiil at the Bruma Vendor

This set give’s you 10 seconds of stealth detection when you begin to crouch but has a massive 30 second cooldown, not necessarily the best setup but something

Engine Guardian
Engine Guardian LEVEL 50 – CP 160

Another surprising set and my all time favorite (monster set) Engine Guardian!

You’d be shocked at how many times a ganker attacks my EG because it’s so close. It’ll save you from a 10k soul harvest.

Best Gear

Q:Okay Deltia these gear sets are weak, what’s a good one?

A: Zoal the Ever-Wakeful a new two piece monster helm obtained in Imperial City is the go-to no doubt amazing set

How?  You can get this by killing Zoal the Ever Wakeful in the Elven Gardens district in imperial city and obtain the shoulder using 20,000 tel var per chest.

It’s somewhat difficult to get but well worth it

When you “break free” from a crowd control stun, this will release energy AND fear (meaning they cannot block it)  enemies within 8 meters. This is perfect if you break free quickly or dueling and an absolute must have.

TIP:  You can make it even better, like next level “God tier” good by one champion point passive Slippery                   

  • Slippery is a star within the Fitness Constellation 50 points slottable

When affected by a disabling effect: you automatically Break Free for no cost. After using this effect: you become winded and can no longer trigger the effect or others like it for 21 seconds.

Zoal The Ever Wakeful
Pair Zoal’s with Slippery:
When someone tries to gank you, it’ll automatically break free and stun them back.
This prevents them from getting off 3-4 abilities within a short duration, significantly reducing the likelihood of you instantly dying.


Now you have some idea how to handle gankers, here’s what you do getting ready for midyear mayhem.

  • You add one ability from my list based on your playstyle/magicka/stamina or group support
  • You’ll thing craft up some detect potions based on magicka/stamina and slot them on your quick slots
  • Now you’ll get slipper and farm Zoals and put it on for extra protection
  • Slot massive ground effect AoE abilities. Yes even a PvE ability. Always make the ground burn or sting. Never forget your DoTs. Lay them everywhere around, you all the time.

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