Huge Changes to Strand Coming in Destiny 2 Next Season

In their latest blog post, Bungie announced some huge changes coming to Strand subclasses in Destiny 2 Season 22.

Destiny 2 Strand Training
Destiny 2 Strand Training Montage Scene

Big Changes to Strand

Bungie has announced a number of major changes to the Strand subclass coming in the next season of Destiny 2. The most notable changes include:

  • New Strand Aspects Three new Strand Aspects were brought up in an earlier blog post. You can read our thoughts on those here.
  • Suspend Gets a Big Nerf: Several changes directly nerf Strand suspend, including duration and uptime changes.
  • General Buff to Other Strand Abilites: Threadlings, Tangles, and Sever are all getting some buffs to bring them in line with Suspend.
  • Strand Balance Changes: A number of Strand abilities will be balanced to make the subclass more competitive in all game modes.

These changes are sure to shake up the meta in Destiny 2. Yes, Suspend is taking a hit, but everything else is seeing a nice buff. Strand mains will be excited to try out the new Aspects, and everyone else will be curious to see how the reworked supers and balance changes affect the subclass.

Destiny 2 Strand Suspend Effect
Strand Suspend is Getting a Major Nerf

What Changes Are Coming to Strand

Here is a list of just some of the things we know is changing for Strand subclasses in Season 22:

  • A New Strand Aspect for each class
  • Suspend duration reduction for all enemy types.
  • Strand Fragment effect reductions for Suspend effects
  • Buffs across the board for Threadlings, Tangles, and Sever
  • A Silkstrike super buff
  • Buffs to the Threaded Specter and The Wanderer aspects
  • Several other Strand Fragment changes (mostly buffs)

Overall, the changes coming to Strand in the next season of Destiny 2 are significant and will make the subclasses more versatile, even if Suspend is getting hit pretty hard. I am excited to try out other avenues with Strand that aren’t Suspend, although I will miss my Strand Titan being pretty much Best In Slot for most content.

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