Knock Out Raphael in Act 1 Baldur’s Gate 3 – Easy Experience (XP)

Learn how to Knock Out Raphael in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 to earn an Easy Experience Points (XP) and get an extra 1-2 levels!

There is an easy way to get 1400 XP Experience in Baldur’s Gate 3 in Act 1, instantly elevating your party by around 1 to 2 levels. Raphael pays your team a visit in Act 1 after you perform a specific action. If you don’t plan on accepting the devil’s deal, it might be more beneficial to knock him out and receive a generous XP boost! However, this choice will prevent you from conversing with Raphael and hearing his proposition. Nonetheless, there are no negative consequences beyond that, so the decision is entirely up to you. Additionally, please be aware that this guide may contain minor spoilers.

This method has been tested and verified to work in the patch 3 version of Baldur’s Gate 3. We will keep the guide updated for any potential changes in future hotfixes.

How to Knock Out Raphael in Act 1 to Get Easy (XP)

First, you need Raphael to visit you, and any attempt to remove your tadpole will prompt Raphael to appear and present you with his proposition. For example, speak with Nettie in an effort to remove the tadpole, or if you have already rescued Volo from Goblin camp, ask him to remove your parasite, and in the process, you can get a free permanent see invisibility bonus for your character.

As a result, Raphel can spawn in three different areas, including your camp. Still, the area suggested in the guide is the best for the trick, as there are no interruptions or enemies, and you can get there as soon as you arrive at Emerald Grove.

Find Raphael in Act 1

After chatting with Nettie in Emerald Grove, go towards Blighted Village to the west. If you want to avoid fighting goblins, when you cross the stone bridge, take a left and go around the village to the northwest. This is where Raphael usually appears in Act 1, and it’s a good spot to get the experience points (XP). You can safely knock him out in Baldur’s Gate 3 right near the broken stone bridge, at coordinates X: -5 Y: 477.

Before you reach the broken bridge where Raphael appears, unchain one of your characters and send them ahead to trigger Raphael’s conversation and cutscene. Also, there’s an autosave just before he shows up, so that’s your signal to unchain the team, send only one character forward, and move the rest backward. When the cutscene starts, choose one of your other characters who isn’t part of the conversation to exit the cutscene. You can do this by clicking the second button in the lower-left corner of the dialogue screen and selecting the correct companion icon.

Just a reminder, avoid selecting any dialogue options during this encounter because it will move your character and Raphael to a different place, and that will prevent you from using this trick.

Knock Out Raphael

While your first character talks to Raphael, your other party members can start attacking him. After the first attempt, he’ll disappear, and the conversation cutscene will end. Now, move your main character a bit, and Raphael will return. He will stand next to you from now on, not attacking back.

Turn on Non-Lethal Attacks in your character UI’s Passives tab, and start attacking Raphael to bring his health down to 0. Since Raphael is immortal in Acts 1-2, and you turned on “non-lethal attacks” instead of killing him, he will be knocked out with 1 hit point remaining, and your party will gain 1400XP Experience. Raphael has a high resistance and 666 hit points, so it might take some time, but keep at it patiently.

You must activate non-lethal attacks. Otherwise, the trick won’t work!

The Consequences of Knocking out Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3

By following this method, you and your party will earn experience points (XP) that should boost your levels by about 1.5. This means you can exit Act 1 at levels 6-7, rather than the usual 5-6.

Knock Out Raphael in Act 1 Baldur's Gate 3 - Easy Experience (XP)

Based on our testing, this action doesn’t have any negative consequences. Raphael will still appear in later acts and make you another offer. However, because you attacked him before he could explain himself, you’ll miss the cutscene and the chance to learn more. So, if it’s your first playthrough, it’s best to skip this method. Instead, save the game, listen to what Raphael has to say, and then decide if you want to knock him out for an easy 1400 XP in Baldur’s Gate 3, Act 1, or consider his offer. Load the save if necessary.

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