Starfield: Andreja Companion – How to Romance, Recruit & Build

Discover the secrets to unlock Andreja’s full potential in Starfield with this companion guide on skills, build, and how to recruit and romance her.

Andreja Companion How to Romance, Recruit, Skills, Build - Starfield

Andreja Companion Guide for Starfield

Andreja is a companion you encounter during the main story quest within Starfield.  She’s a stealth operative, astronomer, and navigator.  Her past is checkered, with ties to Va’ruun, and is considered one of the best, and most interesting companions in Starfield.  In this guide, we will explain how to recruit, romance, and set up a powerful build for Starfield’s favorite companion Andreja.

How to Recruit Andreja

How to Recruit Andreja - Starfield

To recruit Andreja, complete the quest Into the Unknown.  This quest will have you talk with Vladimir and visit a mining planet Niira planet within the Niira system.  Make your way to an abandoned mine on the planet’s surface and infiltrate the outpost.  After your introduction, Andreja will join you as you work towards finding the next artifact. 

To Recruit Andreja in Starfield, follow these steps:

  1. Complete The Old Neighborhood Quest
  2. Once completed, automatically accept Into the Unknown
  3. Talk with Vladimir and travel to Proycon III to retrieve the Artifact
  4. Go to Niira, retrieve the Artifact, and find Andreja
  5. Complete the quest, return to Vladimir and Andreja is unlocked
Andreja Location Niira - Starfield

With Andreja unlock, you can now access her skills and non-combat-related perks.

Andreja Skills

Having Andreja on the crew unlocks the following:

  • Stealth (Tier 4): You are 100% more difficult to detect when sneaking. Suppressed weapons do an additional 20% sneak attack damage. Doors you interact with while in stealth no longer alert enemies.
  • Particle Beams (Tier 3): Particle beam weapons do 30% more damage.
  • Energy Weapon System (Tier 2): Energy ship weapons have 20% increased damage and cost 30% less to use in Targeting Mode.
  • Theft (Tier 1): Unlock the ability to pickpocket targets.

She is an asset and is helpful when assigned to your ship with Particle Beams and Energy Weapons Systems.

How to Romance Andreja

How to Romance Andreja - Starfield

Andreja is one of four romanceable characters in Starfield.  To romance her, first, unlock this companion via the completion of Into the Unknown.  Next, you will keep her in your company and work towards increasing her affection.

Below are Andreja’s likes and dislikes in Starfield:

Andreja LikesAndreja Dislikes
Assertive DecisionsStealing
House Va’ruunWeakness
Emotional Support 

In general, you should answer in aggressive or assertive dialogue options. This is usually the second or third choice when presented.  When promoted, you always want to answer with [FLIRT], [ROMANCE], or [COMMITMENT] to progress your relationship with Andreja and eventually romance her.

After some time, Andreja will open up to you and present the mission of Divided Loyalties.  This is a companion-related side quest that needs to be done to progress your relationship.

Here’s what you need to do to complete the Divided Loyalties Quest:

  1. Bring Andreja to Akila City
  2. Talk with Aggies and continue the mission
  3. Travel to Hyla II and defeat Zealots
  4. Learn more about Jaeda and reach their location
  5. Board Jaeda’s ship, defeat zealots
  6. Travel to the Derelict station and talk with NPC
  7. Return to the Lodge with Andreja and discuss
  8. At the end of the dialogue, select [ROMANCE]

Once completed, you will gain high approval with Andreja, increasing your likelihood of romance.

Andreja Commitment and Marriage

Andreja Commitment and Marriage - Starfield

After some time, you can make a formal marriage proposal to Andreja. You will speak with her when promoted and agree to a “Commitment.  This will trigger the quest Commitment: Andreja, which asks you to travel to the planet Shoza II in the Shoza region. You can find this on the eastern side of the galaxy map.

Once you arrive, Andreja will have you dig up a rock pile containing a sentimental gift showing her affection towards you. For the sake of spoilers, we won’t include the details, but know it’s a different form of affection worth investing in! 

After the conclusion, not much happens outside the details of the quest. So, don’t expect Andreja to have new powers or anything beyond an interesting part of her story.

Best Build for Andreja

Best Build & Skills for Andreja - Starfield

As a combatant, Andreja favors close range stealth combat.  She’s effective with a laser rifle and has a unique passive that makes her invisible while crouched and not moving.  This stealth detection passive aids in her ability to help in a sniper-type stealth build.

Unlike player characters, companions will not have a skill tree. They mainly have passive benefits to your ship’s outpost and spaceship.  Andreja has stealth skills, which increases the damage of silenced weapons by 20%. Therefore, building into a stealth loadout is optimal.  Moreover, you can equip companions like Andreja with any weapons, armor, ammunition, and throwables that you have. 

Here’s a sample build for Andreja in Starfield:

  • Weapon: Urban Eagle Pistol with Suppressor
  • Weapon Traits: Crippling, Hitman, Shattering
  • Armor: Starborn Spacesuit
  • Armor Traits: Skip Capacity Boostpack, Heavy Shielding, Gravitic Composites
  • Aid: Reconstim -30 movement noise for 2m.

The most important aspect of the Andreja build is equipping a silenced and suppressed weapon to take advantage of her tier 4 stealth passive. Continue to upgrade the weapon with mods, and stealth, crotch, and remain hidden for stealth kills. 

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