Avowed 2024 RPG: Does it Have Multiplayer?

Multiplayer co-op is a gameplay mode that is increasingly offered in role-playing games – looking to the upcoming Avowed 2024 RPG: Does it Have Multiplayer?

Avowed 2024 RPG: Does it Have Multiplayer? Dawnshore Hero Shot

Obsidian Entertainment’s next big RPG will return players to the world of Eora many first experienced in the Pillars of Eternity. Scheduled for release sometime in 2024, the developers have been slowly sharing gameplay and information. As the anticipation builds and fans eagerly await the game’s release, a question hovers in the minds of many: Does Avowed Have Multiplayer?

Does Avowed have Multiplayer?

Avowed, a 2024 upcoming RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios, will not have a multiplayer or co-op mode on release. Surprisingly, Avowed was originally conceived with multiplayer co-op at the forefront of its development. Earlier this summer we learned more details about this in the fifth part of Obsidian’s 20th-anniversary documentary. Founder Feargus Urquhart explained that he originally advocated for multiplayer co-op in Avowed while the studio was still independent.

“It was a more interesting game to publishers. When you’re asking for $50, $60, $70, or $80 million, you got to have something interesting to talk about, and multiplayer made it interesting.”

Obsidian Entertainment founder Feargus Urquhart

Shortly after initiating development on Avowed in 2018, Microsoft acquired the company. Now officially part of Xbox Game Studios, they did not have to be concerned about attracting a publisher.

Consequently, this acquisition may instead allow Obsidian to be themselves. Multiplayer was not something that the company has had a lot of experience with. Obsidian Head of Development Justin Birch commented that their workflow had to change to try and accommodate co-op. Creating a game based around multiplayer affected the way they wrote dialogue and quests, and how companions and NPCs interacted.

He goes on to say that after a while they realized “we weren’t focused on the things that we’re best at.” So they refocused and pivoted Avowed away from multiplayer. Choosing instead to make Avowed a clear example of an Obsidian game, and concentrating instead on the single-player experience.

Obsidian 20th Anniversary Documentary | Part 5 Finale – See time stamp 18:20 for Avowed commentary

Avowed 2024 RPG

Obsidian developed Avowed as its first AAA project since Microsoft acquired the company in 2018. Avowed takes place in the fantasy world of Eora, revisiting the universe first seen in Pillars of Eternity. This game will take place in a different region called the Living Lands a “plagued, wild island set in the world of Eora.” Appointed by the Emperor, your appointed task is to investigate a plague that has been infecting living creatures.

“We focus on unique and bespoke content, we focus on deep systems, we focus on incredible storytelling…I think Avowed is the natural extension of all the things we care about as a studio.”

Obsidian Head of Development Justin Birch

The gameplay in Avowed will rely heavily on Obsidian’s new first-person combat system. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose to mix magic and melee in combat. Weapon types will also include firearms, giving the fantasy genre a little bit of a modern shooter flavor. Furthermore, you will be able to meet and recruit companions throughout the game. Each will have a unique combination of skills and abilities, meaning that you will need to choose wisely when selecting who to bring along into combat encounters.

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