Starfield Adoring Fan

Starfield Crew: Adoring Fan

At first it might be easy to dismiss the idea of hiring a fawning fan while you have so many other options. But he can make himself useful, he swears! Our guide to Starfield Crew: Adoring Fan will tell you all the information you need to know about where to find this crew member, how to recruit him to your crew, and the best way to make use of his special abilities and skills!

Starfield Crew: Adoring Fan

This handsome fellow appears to live in the United Colonies capital of New Atlantis, and is thrilled to meet his personal space hero in person! His abilities as listed leave a lot to be desired, but perhaps if you take to transporting cargo (whether legally or illegally) he would be a decent option for moving around crates of stuff.

Based on clips seen during the June 11th livestream, he also appears to be an option for an adventuring companion, but your own level of tolerance for his hero worship may vary.

  • Scavenging (1 star)
  • Concealment (1 star)
  • Weight Lifting (2 star)
Starfield Crew Talents
Starfield Crew Adoring Fan

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