Starfield Heller Crew

Starfield Crew: Heller

Based on stats alone this potential crew member might seem a bit lackluster, but beggars can’t be choosers when you’ve got a lot of outposts to maintain. Our guide to Starfield Crew: Heller will tell you all the information you need to know about where to find this crew member, how to recruit him to your crew, and the best way to make use of his special abilities and skills!

Starfield Crew: Heller

Based on clips shown during the Starfield Direct livestream on June 11, Heller appears to be a potential crew member that you met out in space as you’re adventuring. He says he’s looking for a way off the planet and is consequently hoping that you’ll be willing to take him along as a new crew member.

Because of his listed skills sets, Heller doesn’t appear like he would be a very useful exploration partner. No combat skills and one star of Geology is not impressive. However, he appears to be reasonably skilled in Outpost Engineering, and would be a good option to bring along and then assign to manage one of your outposts.

Additionally, if you assign him to an outpost on with a planet where you are mining resources, his bit of Geology knowledge may came into play, too!

  • Geology (1 star)
  • Outpost Engineering (3 star)
Starfield Crew Heller

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