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Starfield Factions

Will Starfield have Factions?

Factions are one of the standard elements of Bethesda role playing games, and Starfield will be no different.

Starfield Factions

United Colonies

Starfield New Atlantis Space Port Concept Art
New Atlantis Space Port Concept Art

The United Colonies are the largest military and political power in the Settled Systems. Based out of their capital city of New Atlantis, the United Colonies strive to represent the idealized version of a space republic and this is reflected in their strongly cosmopolitan society.

Freestar Collective

Starfield Akila City Concept Art
Akila City Concept Art

The Freestar Collective is the other major power in the Settled Systems. It is a loose confederation of three different star systems unified in their dedication to personal freedoms and individuality. As a non-centralized organization representing a lot of settlements on the frontier of space, the Collective has a heavier ‘space western’ character than their more strait-laced rivals.

Crimson Fleet

Starfield Crimson Fleet Pirate
Crimson Fleet Pirate

The Crimson Fleet is a loose alliance of individual pirate captains who choose to operate together under the Jolly Roger banner. They have footholds in multiple systems and although originally they were primarily a Freestar Collective problem they have since expanded their reach and now trouble the United Colonies as well. Their primary military opponents are the SysDef and the Vanguard.

It is said that once a member joins the Fleet they may never leave – the only way out is death.


Starfield Constellation With Alien Artifact
Constellation Members With Alien Artifact

After arriving in the United Colonies’ capital city of New Atlantis your character will come in contact with an organization called Constellation. This group describes themselves as “the last group of space explorers” and their members are committed to unlocking the mysteries of the galaxy.

They are in the process of collecting the scattered pieces of an alien artifact in order to fully assemble it, and when the player character discovers their own relic the members of Constellation eagerly welcome them to the group.

This kicks off the main story quest of the game – can the completed artifact answer some of humanity’s biggest questions? Why are we here? What’s next?

Other Organizations and Groups

These are the major players in Starfield so far, but there are other smaller factions at play, as well. The military organizations of SysDef and the Vanguard are dedicated to eliminating the threat of the Crimson Fleet. Ryujin Industries has their own agenda and exerts financial pressures on settlements.

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Starfield launches exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6, 2023. You can play it day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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