Starfield Constellation

Constellation members will play a vital role in the main story quest, with some becoming your traveling companions as well as possible romantic partners.

Starfield Constellation Members React to Artifact
Constellation Members React to Artifact

Our breakdown of Constellation and its members will include information about the main story, companions, and full details on possible romances!

What is Starfield’s Constellation Faction?

Constellation describes themselves as “the last group of space explorers” and their members are committed to unlocking the mysteries of the galaxy. When you discover a mysterious alien artifact, they eagerly welcome you to the group.

Constellation’s headquarters are located in the United Colonies’ capital city of New Atlantis, which you should visit shortly after the opening sequences of the game. They are in the process of collecting the scattered pieces of an alien artifact in order to fully assemble it, and it appears that the piece you have found is part of this set.

This kicks off the main story quest of the game – can the completed artifact answer some of humanity’s biggest questions? Why are we here? What’s next?

Constellation Members

Starfield Constellation Members Meeting
Constellation Members Meeting

Some of the members of Constellation will play a significant role not just in the main story, but in your journey as well. Some members will join you on your search for more pieces of the alien artifact, while others will remain behind to assist in other ways.

The following is a list of all currently known members of Constellation:

  • Sarah Morgan – An ex-soldier and adventurer, who now leads Constellation
  • Barrett – Explorer and scientist
  • Sam Coe – former space cowboy and descendant of Akila City founder Solomon Coe
  • Vasco – bi-pedal robot
  • Matteo – Theologian
  • Noelle – Scientist and Sarah’s protege
  • Vlad – Ex-pirate
  • Walter – Financier and Stroud Eklund executive

Constellation Companions

Certain members of the group have been confirmed as companions who will be accompanying you on your journey through space. Four of those companions will also be available as potential romantic partners, as well.

Starfield Sarah Morgan Skills

Sarah Morgan is an ex-soldier and adventurer, who is now putting her hard-won skills to use leading Constellation. She has a lot to manage between all of the various members, but she’s not afraid to get back out in the field if the situation calls for it. She has a clear goal in wanting to find and complete the alien artifact, and she’ll join with you on your explorations through space.

Sarah Morgan is also one of the confirmed romance options in Starfield. In order to begin a romance with Sarah, you’ll likely need to no only befriend her but successfully complete certain personal quests for her.

Starfield Sam Coe Companion

Sam Coe is another capable companion, as well as a potential romantic partner. His more rugged, American west-like, appearance reflects his origins in the Freestar Collective. He likely hails from Akila City, which his ancestor Solomon Coe founded in 2167.

In order to romance Sam Coe you’ll need to earn his trust, which probably won’t be an easy task. Work on building up your friendship with him and eventually you’ll unlock his specific story quests.

Two other members of Constellation, Barrett and Vasco will also be available as travel companions as you search for more pieces of the alien artifact. Barrett is and explorer and scientist, while Vasco is a helpful bi-pedal robot.

These two companions have not been confirmed (or denied) as possible romantic partners. Out of the four which are available, so far only Sara and Sam are known for certain.

Companion Skills

When it comes to companions and crew in Starfield, the developers are making sure that quantity does not take over quality. There will be many different NPCs which you can befriend, persuade, intimidate or hire to join you. However, you won’t just be ‘collecting’ NPCs like they’re trophies.

All available companions and crew will have their own abilities and skills which make them unique and better suited to certain situations than others. You can pull up a Crew Roster in the menu system and assign each of them to certain posts, either on starships or outposts.

Consequently, you’ll want to make careful, considered choices about where you’re assigning your companions. Their skills will make your starships more powerful or your outposts more productive.

Starfield Crew Roster
Starfield Crew Roster
  • Sarah Morgan
    • Has a high level of Astrodynamics (the study of orbital mechanics, or how things move in space) and Lasers. She’ll be best suited traveling with you directly or assigned to one of your starships.
  • Sam Coe
    • Has a high level of Piloting and Rifle Certification. He would also make a good partner when exploring new worlds, but might actually be best as captain of a starship.
  • Barrett
    • Barrett’s tier 3 level of Starship Engineering and Particle Beam Weapon Systems make him a great option for a fighter starship assignment.

Constellation and Other Factions

There are a number of powerful players within the Settled Systems, and given that Constellation’s goal means the exploration of the galaxy you’ll be coming into contact with all of them. The group itself has its headquarters in the United Colonies, but has members from all walks of life.

As mentioned previously Sam Coe is originally from the Freestar Collective. Vlad is said to be an ex-pirate and possibly a former member of the Crimson Fleet. Constellation’s major financier, Walter, is an executive at the Stroud Eklund company. It’s not yet clear what this business produces or who it might partner with. However, it’s possible that Walter has made friends (or enemies) with executives at Ryujin Industries and/or the Xenofresh Corporation.

Interactions as well as even quest or dialogue options could be greatly influenced by having a certain Constellation member with you. Even your own background choices during character creation can change how NPCs and quest givers respond to you. Depending on who you are talking with and how they are aligned, it may make the quest easier, or even harder, to accomplish.

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