Starfield: Where to Find Ship Parts & How to Repair Your Ship

The Starfield Universe can be dangerous, and you may find yourself needing ship parts to repair your vessel. Let’s explore all the options to help restore your mobile home to its full functionality.

Starfield - Where to Find Ship Parts - Repair your Ship Using a Ship Technician

While you can build an outpost, buy a house, or use your favorite faction headquarters, ships in Starfield truly feel like your sanctuary in uncharted space. It serves as your haven, a place where you return after each mission, storing crucial items and resources and undertaking interstellar journeys. However, the galaxy is not always friendly, and you may face enemies determined to damage your precious mobile base. In such moments, owning ship parts becomes essential to restore your ship to its former glory. Explore how to repair your ship and discover where to get the necessary components, called ship parts.

How to Repair Your Ship

After a space combat, you have two options if you need to bring your ship to its former functionality. Travel to any city and locate a ship technician who can repair your ship or acquire ship parts, and you can repair your ship yourself.

You can repair your ship in Starfield by:

  • Asking Ship Technician to repair your ship for 1000 Credits
  • Buying ship parts in the general store for 1250 Credits each
  • Scavenging for ship parts for defeated enemy ships

Repair your Ship Using a Ship Technician

Ship Technicians are special NPC characters who are located usually near the landing pods in spaceports in most cities. They will do all necessary repairs for 1000 credits, simply interact with them and ask for assistance.

Here are the most notable locations where you can find Ship Technicians in Starfield:

  • New Atlantis: New Atlantis City, Jemison, Alpha Centauri System
  • Akila City: Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne System
  • Neon: Neon City, Volii Alpha, Volii System
  • Cydonia: Cydonia City, Mars, Sol System
  • New Homestead: New Homestead City, Titan (Mars Moon), Sol System
  • Paradiso: Paradiso, Porrima System

Repair your Ship Using Ship Parts

Starfield - Ship Parts

When your ship takes damage, you can use ship parts to fix it. You can do it during combat, but it’s better to do it when your ship’s shields are no longer protecting it, like after a battle or when your ship is exposed to danger. These ship parts will restore about 4% of your ship’s hull over a span of 10 seconds.

To repair your ship mid-flight, keep an eye on the bottom right corner of your screen. You’ll see a message that says “Repair Ship,” and you can trigger the repair process by pressing the “O” key on the PC, keyboard, or the “RS” button on the Xbox controller. Alternatively, you can go to the Ship Menu after the battle and choose a “Repair” option.

Where to Find Ship Parts

You can get ship parts in Starfield in a couple of ways. First, you can buy them from various shops and traders you come across in the game. They usually have a stock of parts you can purchase to keep your ship in good shape. Another way is by winning battles in space. When you defeat enemy ships, you can scavenge parts from them.

Buy from Vendors

Vendors sell Ship parts for 1225 credits each in the Aid category, in stacks 1-10. If you wait 48 hours, they will replenish their stick, so you can buy multiple ship parts and be prepared for any emergency situation. You may need some shopping because those items can show randomly. I advise you first to check all the biggest city general merchants, such as Neon, Akila City, or New Atlantis, they should have what you need in stock.

Scavenge Parts

Starfield Targeting Ship Systems
Targeting Control System

To acquire ship parts through scavenging, you’ll need to engage in space battles with other ships. It’s a good idea to level up your Tech Trait, specifically the “Targeting Control System,” at least to rank 1. This skill allows you to target specific sections of the enemy ship, like its grave drive or weapons, so they can’t escape and fight back. When you get close enough to your chosen target, the targeting panel will lock onto those ship parts. Keep attacking the ship until its Cargo Hold detaches, and after the fight, you can scavenge the ship for ship parts. Also, if you prefer, you can board the enemy’s ship and loot it for valuable items and ship parts. This scavenging process is a fun way to get parts for free.

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