All Starfield Ship Manufacturers & Shipyard Locations & Unique Ship Parts

In Starfield, all ship manufacturers offer a selection of ship parts for your spacecraft, and few have dedicated shipyard locations where you can buy their ships and unique upgrades.

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This guide was updated for game version Starfield Update 1.11.33 – May 2024.

In Starfield, your starship is not just a means of travel but an extension of your identity. To create a truly unique vessel, you’ll need to explore the offerings of various ship manufacturers scattered across the galaxy. Each manufacturer has its own specialization, unique design aesthetics, and locations where you can acquire their ship parts. Understanding where to find these parts and ships is crucial to optimizing your ship’s performance and appearance.

All Starfield Ship Manufacturers

Starfield has 19 ship manufacturers, each known for distinct attributes that make their ships and parts valuable. Whether you prioritize functionality or aesthetics, there’s a manufacturer for you.

Here’s a list of all 19 ship manufacturers and their distinct specializations in Starfield:

  • Amun Dunn: Great power reactors.
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc.: Premier ballistic weapons and fuel tanks.
  • Deimos: Sturdy ships and solid ballistic weapons.
  • Deep Core: Great grav drives and cargo holds.
  • Dogstar: Shields, reactors, and cargo holds.
  • Horizon Defense: Excellent weapons, both ballistic and energy.
  • HopeTech: General ship parts like structural, gear, and dockers.
  • Light Scythe: Best energy weapons.
  • Nautilus: Fuel tanks and shields.
  • Nova Galactic: Exceptional habs, landing gear, and grav drives.
  • Panoptes: Solid engines.
  • Protectorate Systems: The best cargo holds.
  • Reladyne: Best engines and Grav Drives.
  • Sextant Shield Systems: Shielded cargo.
  • Shinigami: Solid energy weapons.
  • Slayton Aerospace: Solid grav drives.
  • Stroud Eklund: Luxury interiors and sleek design.
  • Taiyo Astroneering: State-of-the-art cockpits, habs, and gear.
  • Xiang: Solid reactors.

Where to Find More Ships and Unique Ship Parts

Starfield Ship Manufacturers & Shipyard Locations & Unique Ship

You must travel across the Starfield universe to find the best ship parts, the most powerful missile weapons, the biggest hub, or the prettiest cockpit because each city shipyard offers a different selection. Visit landing pads in major and minor settlements to find ship technicians who may have specialized ship parts for sale. Ship technicians’ inventory can vary depending on their location and affiliation.

While you can find most ship parts in your outpost landing pad or in major city shipyards, five manufacturers offer unique ship parts and ships only available from their exclusive vendors. Manufacturers such as Deimos, Hopetech, Stroud-Eklund, Nova Galactic, and Taiyo have dedicated shipyards where you can directly purchase their ships and upgrade your existing ships with the best ship parts they have on offer.

How To Unlock More Ship Parts in Starfield?

There are numerous skills in the Tech skill tree that can enhance your ship’s efficiency, but two skills can directly unlock additional ship parts with better-class items and customization options. To unlock more ship parts, invest skill points into Piloting and Ship Design skills within the Tech skill tree. In the shipbuilder menu, within the specific parts description, you’ll notice that some ship parts require these skills before use.

Where to Find Shipyards in Starfield

Deimos Shipyard Locations - Starfield

Major Ship Manufacturers sell their selection of ships and ship parts in their bases of operations, such as shipyards, staryards, showrooms, or offices. However, numerous ‘generic’ ship manufacturers exist in the game, and their ship parts can be found in various cities’ spaceports and Landing Pad Ship Services technicians located throughout the game’s galaxy. Let’s take a look at their locations in our All Starfield Ship Manufacturers & Shipyard Locations & Unique Ship Parts Guide!

Here are the locations of all manufacturers’ shipyards in Starfield:

  • Deimos Shipyard: Deimos Staryard, Orbit of Deimos (Mars Moon), Sol System, Technician: Nikau Henderson
  • Hopetech Shipyard: Hopetown, Planet Polvo, Valo system next to Nairon System
  • Nova Galactic Shipyard: Orbit of Luna, (Moon of Earth), Sol System, (unable to access after The Old Neighborhood quest)
  • Nova Galactic Showroom: New Homestead, Titan, Sol System
  • Stroud-Eklund Shipyard: Stroud-Eklund Staryard, Orbit of Dalvik (Deepala Moon), Nairon System
  • Stroud-Eklund Showroom Shipyard: Stroud-Eklund Showroom, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System
  • Taiyo Showroom Shipyard: Ryuijn Offices, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System

Deimos Staryard

  • Location: Deimos Staryard, Orbit of Deimos (Mars Moon), Sol System, Technician: Nikau Henderson
  • Technician: Nikau Henderson

Dock to the station, and once inside, find Nikau Henderson, who will sell you parts. They offer unique cockpits, landing gears, structures, and large-sized habs. Deimos is famous for its hubs and defensive capabilities, and they will put more emphasis on storage and hull hit points rather than utility in their hubs, meaning their space has less crafting space but more inventory and cargo.

Starfield Shipyard Locations - Deimos Starfield Ship Manufacturers & Shipyard Locations & Unique Ship

Hopetech Shipyard

  • Showroom Location: Hopetown, Planet Polvo, Valo system next to Nairon System
  • Technician: Hopetown ship technician

At this unique shipyard in Starfield, talk to the Ship technician next to the Trade Authority kiosk, which is also a good place to sell your items. They offer great all-around ship parts, so you’ll find solid, unique cockpits, dockers, landing gears, structures, and a larger selection of hubs, including distinct shaped hab elements unavailable otherwise. Their cockpits also have a more unique appearance, notable being attached from the top if you would need more options when building your next ship project.

Nova Galactic Shipyard

  • Showroom Location: New Homestead, Titan, Sol System
  • Destroyed Staryard: Orbit of Luna, (Moon of Earth), Sol System, (unable to access – The Old Neighborhood quest)
  • Technician: New Homestead ship technician

Nova Galactic has fantastic options for exclusive parts, such as Landing Gears, Hubs, and Structural elements. You should consider this manufacturer if you plan to build bigger or wider-sized ships. They offer large cockpits and mighty landing gears that will increase the effectiveness of your “bigger” ships.

Stroud-Eklund Shipyard

  • Staryard Location: Stroud-Eklund Staryard, Orbit of Dalvik (Deepala Moon), Nairon System
  • Showroom Location: Stroud-Eklund Showroom, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System
  • Technician: Havershaw

Look for the technician in the showroom or in their private shipyard. Havershaw sells their exclusive parts and ships. The selection is great, and you’ll find more unique items that may fit your taste or meet your needs, including Stroud-Eklund cockpits, dockers, landing bay, landing gears, and more. They specialize in aesthetically pleasing ships and well-equipped and detailed ship interiors.

Starfield Shipyard Locations - Stroud-Eklund Starfield Ship Manufacturers & Shipyard Locations & Unique Ship

Taiyo Showroom

  • Technician: Veronica Young
  • Location: Ryuijn Offices, Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System

Taiyo doesn’t have a dedicated shipyard, but they hold a showroom in Neon City. To access it, find the Ryujin office, take the elevator to the Taiyo offices, and talk to Veronica Young in the Sales Room. Their elegantly slender cockpits and hubs showcase a variety of distinctive shapes in their showroom, where you’ll find unique Bays, Cockpits, Dockers, Habs, and structural components, all in Taiyo’s unmistakable sense of style.

Other Notable Shipyards

Different shipyards feature distinct manufacturers and their specialties. Here’s a breakdown of notable shipyard locations in Starfield:

  • New Atlantis Shipyard: New Atlantis City, Jemison, Alpha Centauri System
  • Akila Shipyard: Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne System
  • Neon Shipyard: Neon City, Volii Alpha, Volii System
  • Cydonia Shipyard: Cydonia City, Mars, Sol System
  • New Homestead Shipyard: New Homestead City, Titan (Mars Moon), Sol System
  • Paradiso Shipyard: Paradiso, Porrima System

Finally, there are a couple of other shipyards you can visit that either don’t sell parts or aren’t available to the public. Autonomous Staryard orbits the moon Volii Psi in the Volii System. This Staryard is completely devoid of human presence after the resident robots turned hostile and killed everyone.

The Trident Staryard orbits the planet Akila in the Cheyenne. However, this shipyard is owned and operated by Trident Luxury Lines. Thus, they only manufacture their own ships and do not sell either ships or parts to the public. Should you visit, the only thing you can buy is one of their vacation packages.

Exploring the Galaxy for More Shipyards and Ship Parts in Starfield

When customizing your ship, keep in mind that you can’t purchase parts and attach them later. You’ll need to fit purchased parts directly onto a ship. Moreover, the choice of ship manufacturer will significantly impact your ship’s performance and aesthetics. It’s advisable to visit each manufacturer to understand their unique offerings. Whether you aim for a specific style or wish to maximize your ship’s combat capabilities, exploring the galaxy and acquiring ship parts from various manufacturers is the key to creating the perfect starship.

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