Starfield Starship Concept Art

Starfield Crimson Fleet

In Starfield the Crimson Fleet operate outside the bounds of any political or military organization in the Settled Systems. Their primary function is piracy for monetary gain rather than seeking control of planets or cities, but they do maintain some strongholds. Starfield Crimson Fleet The Crimson Fleet is a loose alliance of individual pirate captains …

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Starfield Piece of Alien Artifact on Dispaly

Starfield Factions

Will Starfield have Factions? Factions are one of the standard elements of Bethesda role playing games, and Starfield will be no different. Starfield Factions United Colonies The United Colonies are the largest military and political power in the Settled Systems. Based out of their capital city of New Atlantis, the United Colonies strive to represent …

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