The Best Weapon You’re Not Using in Destiny 2

Check out the potential of this often-overlooked weapon in Destiny 2 that does excellent in both PvE and PvP.

The Best Weapon You're Not Using in Destiny 2

The Best Weapon You’re Not Using in Destiny 2

While there are plenty of sleeper weapons in Destiny 2, one I’m sure you’ve probably not paid any mind to is UnendingTempest. While everyone knows about the Immortal, Funnelweb, and Calus Mini-Tool, the Unending Tempest is an SMG that works remarkably well in both PvE and PvP. It is exceptionally effective with Stasis builds and can hold its own with other subclasses. In this article, we will explain why it’s the best weapon in Destiny 2 that you are not using, and why you should change that.

Unending Tempest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Unending Tempest Submachine Gun
Unending Tempest Submachine Gun

If you are looking for the ultimate Stasis primary weapon, look no further than the UnendingTempest. It has decent stats and excellent perks that make it effective in PvE and PvP. The weapon is not difficult to get either, dropping commonly from Crucible matches and its ability to be focused at Lord Shaxx. It is extremely effective with Stasis builds with the right perks. If you are lucky enough to get one with Demolitionist and Headstone, you have a stasis grenade-generating machine. Put on a Stasis Build and infinitely generate stasis crystals. While Stasis isn’t the best subclass right now, Bungie has promised some buffs next season.

Unending Tempest features in Destiny 2:

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Damage: Stasis
  • Precision Frame: This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.
  • Rounds Per Minute: 600 RPM Highest Damage Per Round.
  • Ranger: 53 ranger which is great for an SMG.
  • Perk Playground: massive combination and customization.

Why is No One Using the Unending Tempest

When people think of submachine guns, they tend to think of the Immortal or the Calus Mini-Tool. Both of those weapons are of course great options, but neither pair particularly well with a Stasis Build. It should be noted however that the Immortal can only be obtained from playing Trials of Osiris, which can be daunting. The Calus Mini-Tool can currently only be obtained by playing the Presage Exotic Rotator making it a pain to get due to the large loot pool and limited timed nature of that mission. The Unending Tempest can do excellent in PvP like the Immortal and, with some Stasis synergy, be a great option for PvE as well.

Equipping a Stasis build with a perfectly rolled Unending Tempest is god-tier. There will be no shortage of grenade energy or stasis crystals. The trait combination of Demolitionist and Headstone can only roll on two other weapons, the Horror Story and the Fire and Forget. The Fire and Forget is a heavy weapon and the horror story is only available during the Festival of the Lost event for a very limited time. That makes UnendingTempest uniquely powerful for Stasis build-synergy.

Destiny 2 Unending Tempest Stasis God Roll
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It also can put in work in PvP. I had a bounty for SMG kills in the crucible and had one drop the match prior. I equipped it and was pleasantly surprised by its shot consistency. And it wasn’t even a very well-rolled one. If I were to have one with Dynamic Sway Reduction and Target Lock, I would probably replace my regular Immortal with it. It fires a bit slower, but each round hits a bit harder.

How to Use Unending Tempest in Destiny 2

The best way to use UnendingTempest is in PvE with a Stasis subclass. With Bungie promising some stasis synergy in the artifact next season, this sounds like a match made in heaven. As explained above, with the Demolitionist Perk, grenade energy will constantly be coming back quickly. This can be built into even further with the use of Headstone and certain Stasis Fragments, like Whisper of Shards, to increase grenade and other ability cooldowns. This guarantees constant Grenade uptime which also means you won’t have to manually reload the gun thanks to the Demolitionist trait.

I wrote a god roll for this weapon back when it first came out and hadn’t gotten any practical knowledge of the weapon. And I did not understand the power that this weapon had at the time. And even the traits I chose were decent and could perform well on the weapon.

The biggest weakness of the UnendingTempest is its very large perk pool. So you will have to get super lucky to get that perfect trait combination. That being said, if you do get it, you will have a perfect stasis primary for a good long time. This weapon isn’t difficult to farm and is worth it. So hop in the Crucible and get to it. You are going to want this gun next season.

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