The First Descendant: Best Ajax Build Guide

Discover the Best Ajax Build Guide for The First Descendant and how to create a powerful character with Skills, modules, and weapons.

The First Descendant Best Ajax Build Guide

In The First Descendant, Ajax is the tank-class character, thanks to his survivability and group utility. He is one of the three characters you can choose from to begin the game with. His abilities revolve around keeping enemies at bay and providing cover for your allies. As a result, players will only want to run Ajax if they desire the utility and tank-style role for content. Otherwise, they will suffer from lackluster damage and engagement potential.

This guide has been updated for Patch 1.0.2 of the First Descendant.

Ajax Build Guide for The First Descendant

Ajax gains maximum utility out of providing barriers and crown control stunning. The First Descendant has few options for built-in survivability with few sources of self-healing and barriers. However, Ajax provides two different shields that can be enhanced to reflect damage as well. Also, Ajax has great crown control skills dealing minimal damage but stunning, knocking back, or disrupting enemies’ movement. All of this combines into a well-rounded tank and utility character specifically for those who enjoy this play style.

Ajax Build ProAjax Build Cons
High SurvivabilityModule Dependent
Useful Utility and Crowd ControlLower Damage Output
BarrierLow Mobility
Ajax Build Pros and Cons

Features and Mechanics for Ajax Build Guide in The First Descendant

Ajax Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

The following list presents all the essential Ajax Build Guide Features and Mechanics for the First Descendant:

  • Best Modules: Matrix Recomputation, Increased HP, and Tech Specialist
  • Descendant Attribute: Non-Attribute
  • Best Reactor: Materialized Mechanics (Non-Attribute and Tech)
  • Best Weapon: Tamer
  • Best Weapon Mods: Spray and Pray, Spray, Sharp Precision Shot, and Weapon Tuning
  • Best External Component: Max HP and Max DEF
  • Skills
    • Orbit Barrier
    • Void Walk
    • Expulsion
    • Hypercube
    • Event Horizon (Passive)
  • Playstyle: Tank/Crowd Control
  • How to Unlock: Starter character or research
  • Story: “For it was only his body that was freed; his mission to protect his teammates was yet to be over.”

How to Play Ajax in The First Descendant

How to Play Ajax in The First Descendant

Ajax is all about providing shields and locking down enemies. You have to play Ajax as a very aggressive tank, getting in the faces of your enemies and keeping them engaged with you so your allies can clear them out. The key to perfecting his kit is to move around the battlefield, providing cover for your allies while keeping aggression on you.

Enhanced Skills: Ajax has two variations of skills: the base version and the enhanced version. You need to build up Void Energy by using your normal kills. Once the Void Energy is full, your skills become enhanced and have additional effects. For example, both of your shield skills gain the ability to reflect damage. This requires some skills to manage your Void Energy, however, once mastered you truly unlock the power of Ajax.

Shields: Ajax’s primary power is his ability to put down shields and barriers around the combat zone. These provide yourself and allies cover while being enhanced, allowing them to reflect damage at the attackers. Ajax has access to two different shields, his basic skill Orbit Barrier is like a traditional shield. It is a rectangular shield wall that blocks any damage from enemies on the other side. Also, his Hypercube shield is a massive dome that allows allies to move in and out of it for safety.

Ajax Crowd Control and Damage

Crowd Control: Unlike other characters, Ajax focuses on controlling and restricting enemies’ movements rather than taking them out at once. As content gets harder and enemies have more health, enemies will not die so fast. This allows his usage to be significantly more potent and allows the team to have less damage pressure on them. Ajax can stun and knock back enemies, providing much-needed crown control.

Damage: As a support-based crowd-controlling tank, your damage is not a priority. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be useful with your weapons and skills damage. Firstly, there are multiple debuffs in the game, and there are various weapons that can be used to apply them. So, prioritize weapons that can increase your team’s effectiveness. Lastly, your skills are not entirely without damage. They aren’t going to clear out entire hordes of enemies but should be used whenever possible to help out your teammates.

How to unlock Ajax in The First Descendant

How to unlock Ajax in The First Descendant

To unlock Ajax in The First Descendant, choose him as your starting character, purchase him from the store, or research him. Moreover, if you choose another character at the start of the game, you can craft Ajax later on to gain access to the character. Finally, to craft Ajax, you will need:

  • Ajax Enhanced Cells
    • Silicon x430
    • Hellion x303
    • Artificial Biometal x303f
    • Ajax Enhanced Cell Blueprint
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Ajax Stabilizer
    • Hardener x386
    • Ceramic Composite x408
    • Compound Carbon Activator x29f
    • Ajax Stabilizer Blueprint x1
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Ajax Spiral Catalyst
    •  Compound Coating Material x239
    • Shape Memory Alloy x462
    • Positive Ion Particle x38
    • Ajax Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
  • Ajax Code

Like all other characters, you must speak to Anais in the Albion Mountains area to craft Ajax. She will grant you access to the Research Institute, where you can choose to craft additional descendant characters. There is also an ultimate Ajax character unlock, but it will require additional farming because it is an advanced character.

Ajax Skills

One of the most important aspects of Ajax’s skills is building up his passive Void Energy to enhance your skills. You can do this by simply using your normal skills until your energy is maxed. This provides your skills additional effects and utility while they are in an enhanced state. Ajax is primarily based around his shield usage so picking opportune times to use them is incredibly important. Below are the skills of Ajax’s character:

All characters in The First Descendant have one passive skill and four active skills.

  • Orbit Barrier: Creates a shield in front of Ajax. Durability increases proportionally to Ajax’s HP and DEF. If enhanced, reflects damage proportional to DEF to enemies hitting the barrier
  • Void Walk: Leaps into the air and lands on the ground to strike nearby enemies, stunning them. If enhanced, Max Shield increases for a certain period of time
  • Expulsion: Strikes nearby enemies, knocking them back. If enhanced, the knockback range and Max Shield are increased
  • Hypercube: Creates a dome-shaped shield. Durability increases proportionally to Ajax’s HP and DEF. If enhanced, reflects damage proportional to DEF to enemies hitting the barrier
  • Event Horizon (Passive): Acquires Void Energy after using skills. When the Void Energy reaches its maximum amount, it enhances skills and grants additional effects.

Best Skill for Ajax

Best Skill For Ajax - The First Descendant

Orbit Barrier is the best skill for Ajax because its low cooldown, damage reflection, and expandable range give you great utility and survivability.  Orbital Barrier scales off your defensive stats. Thus, Ajax wants as much DEF and HP as possible.  Moreover, the skill is instanced, unlike Kyle’s wall, allowing you to place it down while reviving an ally or needing a break from incoming damage.

Ajax Enhanced Skills - The First Descendant

Ajax’s resources are unique in that he can enhance skills through Void Energy and skill usage.  You want to use mods that lower cooldown to keep casting skills to build energy. If you look at Ajax’s default UI, three lines in the yellow sections show 33% chunks of void energy corresponding to singularity levels.  Once you reach 100%, your skill bar will turn blue and grant an enhanced ability. 

Therefore, Ajax wants to use Orbital Barrier to feed Void Energy and then cast Hyper Cube when enhanced.  The Enhanced Barrier from HyperCube grants increased Firearm ATK and Explosive ATK in a 4-meter radius.  Additionally, you can expand this radius through mods and dramatically increase the range and cooldown, feeding you and potentially your teammate with increased damage and survivability. 

Use Orbit Barrier defensively and a feeder to enhance your skills.  Look for a Non-Attribute reactor to pair well with Ajax and cooldown reduction, increased DEF, and skill range increase to optimize your build.

Orbit Barrier

Orbit Barrier - Ajax Skill The First Descendant

Orbit Barrier Features for Ajax in The First Descendant:

  • Non-Attribute: Dimension
  • Description: Creates a Barrier in front. The Barrier’s stats are affected by Ajax’s HP and DEF. When hit by an enemy, the barrier deals Reflection Damage to the DMG received and Ajax’s DEF to the attacking enemy. Using the skill while Void Energy is at maximum increases Reflection Damage even more. After creating the Barrier, you gain Void Energy.
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • MP Cost: 30
  • HP: Caster’s HP 80%
  • Effect Range: 1.7m x 2.9m
  • DEF: Caster’s DEF 100%
  • Duration: 10 Seconds
  • Reflection Damage: DEF x 100%
  • Enhanced Reflection Damage: DEF x 117%
  • Void Energy Gain: Max Void Energy x 35%

How to use Orbit Barrier: Like many shield skills, you want to use it whenever you encounter large groups of enemies or need to provide reliable cover for you and your allies. You can increase the shield’s effectiveness by using it while at full Void Energy. With a low cooldown but a long duration, this skill will have a high uptime so don’t try to save it for the opportune time. Use it as needed and whenever you need cover and safety.

Void Walk

Void Walk - Ajax Skill The First Descendant

Void Walk Features for Ajax in The First Descendant:

  • Non-Attribute: Tech
  • Description: Jumps forward then deals damage on landing, inflicting Stun. When using the skill whole Void Energy is at maximum, and also increases own Max Shield. When the skill ends, acquires Void Energy.
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • MP Cost: 35
  • Damage: Skill Power x 560.3%
  • Damage Range: 6m radius
  • Stun Duration: 3 seconds
  • Enhanced Leap Duration: 10 seconds
  • Enhanced Leap Shield Increase Amount: Max Shield x 53%
  • Void Energy Gain: Max Void Energy x 35%

How to use Void Walk: You should utilize Void Walk as your primary crowd control skills. This will stun enemies and keep them locked down to allow for better survivability. Using this on a group of low-health enemies will keep them together and allow your damage-dealing allies to take them out rapidly. You can utilize this skill as an area of effect damage source or as a defensive stun.


Expulsion - Ajax Skill The First Descendant

Expulsion Features for Ajax in The First Descendant:

  • Non-Attribute: Tech
  • Description: Inflicts damage and Knockback on nearby enemies. When Void Energy is at maximum, increases base damage and range. When the skill ends, gains Void Energy.
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • MP Cost: 30
  • Damage: Skill Power x 1,212.9%
  • Damage Range: 4m Radius
  • Enhanced Damage: Skill Power x 1,322.5%
  • Enhanced Range: 6m radius
  • Max Expandable Range: 300%
  • Void Energy Gain: Max Void Energy x 35%

How to use Expulsion: This skill is the highest damage skill in Ajax’s kit while providing additional utility for knocking enemies back. This can be great for taking our enemies or keeping them off of you and your allies when someone is low. Pair this with a follow-up stun, and you will have a potent crown control combo that can knock back enemies and stun them.


Hyper Cube - Ajax Skill The First Descendant

Hypercube Features for Ajax in The First Descendant:

  • Non-Attribute: Dimension
  • Description: Creates a dome-shaped barrier. The Barrier’s stats are based on Ajax’s HP and DEF. When Void Energy is at maximum, grants Barrier Enhancement to all allies in range, including self. Barrier Enhancement increases Firearm ATK. When the skill ends, acquires Void Energy.
  • Cooldown: 35 seconds
  • MP Cost: 50
  • HP: Caster’s HP 50%
  • DEF: Caster’s DEF 100%
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Effect Range: 4m radius
  • Enhanced Barrier Firearm ATK Increase: 10%
  • Enhanced Barrier Explosive ATK Increase: 20%
  • Void Energy Gain: Max Void Energy x 35%

How to use Hypercube: Hypercude is one of the best skills in the kit, which is why it can have such a long cooldown. Be sure to use this when it is enhanced for team damage buffs and utility. This is great for boss damage phases or when dealing with other large health targets. It provides you and your allies some additional survivability and security, and the damage boost is free for simply using it while enhanced.

Event Horizon (Passive)

Event Horizon - Ajax Skill The First Descendant

Event Horizon Features for Ajax in The First Descendant:

  • Description: When using skills, you acquire Void Energy. Depending on the amount of Void Energy owned, you gain Singularity per stage. Singularity decreases cooldowns, and the effect is stronger at each stage. When Void Energy is at maximum, enhances the skills and grants additional effects. When using the enhanced skills, Void Energy cannot be acquired. When out of combat for 10 seconds, all Void Energy is consumed.
  • Singularity Level 1:
    • Void Energy: At least 30%
    • Effect: 5% Cooldown Decrease
  • Singularity Level 2:
    • Void Energy: At least 60%
    • Effect: 10% Cooldown Decrease
  • Singularity Level 3:
    • Void Energy: 100%
    • Effect: 20% Cooldown Decrease

How to use Event Horizon: Your goal should be to use your skills and keep up your singularity levels to maximize the benefits of your skills. It’s important to ensure your energy is at its highest, especially before using your Hypercube skills. This ensures your protective dome gives you and your fireteam a free damage boost. Unlike other passives, Event Horizon doesn’t require some length combo or skill management to use effectively. Simply casting your skills will build up your levels, decreasing your cooldowns and increasing your skill’s effectiveness.

Descendant Modules for Ajax Build

Time Distribution, Amplification Control, and Battle of Stamina are the best modules (mods) for the Ajax build guide in the First Descendant. Time Distribution helps with max HP and skill cooldown. Thus it can give you nearly 100% uptime on the barrier. Amplification Control increases shields and max skill range, aiding both Barrier and Hypercube. Finally, Battle of Stamina increase your skill duration and also adds an increase to HP to help with survivbility.

In The First Descendant, modules are essential components that enhance and customize your character’s abilities, stats, and overall performance. Modules can be acquired through questing, missions, loot drops, and vendor items. Moreover, you have limited resources to slot mods; some slots may be empty depending on your chosen setup.

Ajax Best Modules for Leveling

Ajax Best Modules for Leveling in The First Descendant

Below is a list of the best leveling mods for Ajax Build in the First Descendant:

  • Maximize Duration – Skill Duration +X%, Skill Power Modifier -X%
  • Nimble Fingers – Skill Cooldown -6%
  • Skill Expansion – Skill Effect Range +20%
  • Increased HP – Max HP +22%
  • Dual Claw – Increases Module Capacity, and changes your Sub Attack to a dual claw attack.
  • Safe Recovery – Outgoing Heal +X%, Incoming Final DMG -X%
  • Maximize Range – Skill Range +X%, Skill Power Modifier -X%. Range increase applies only to certain skills for each Descendant.
  • Increased DEF – DEF +16%
1 (Skill Module)EmptyN/A
3Maximize DurationRare
4Nimble FingersStandard
5Skill ExpansionStandard
6Increased HP Standard
7 (Sub Module)Dual ClawStandard
9Safe RecoveryRare
10Maximize RangeRare
11Increased DEFStandard
Best Leveling Mods for Ajax Build Guide in the First Descendant

Ajax Best Modules

Ajax Best Modules Advanced in The First Descendant

Below is a list of the best mods for Ajax Build in the First Descendant:

  • Focus on Tech – Tech Skill Power Modifier +X%, Skill Cooldown -X%
  • Time Distribution – Skill Cooldown -4%, Max HP +13%
  • Safe Recovery – Outgoing Heal +X%, Incoming Final DMG -X%
  • Increased HP – Max HP 22%
  • Long-Distance Maneuvering: Modifies grappling hook range to 25 meters but increases charge time. Also allows more module capacity.
    • Dual Claw remains a good alternative until you find Long-Distance Maneuvering
  • Battle of Stamina – Max HP +12%, Skill Duration +8.8%
  • Amplification Control – Skill Effect Range +13%, Max Shield +9%.
  • Increased DEF – DEF +16%
1 (Skill Module)EmptyN/A
3Focus on TechRare
4Time DistributionRare
5Safe RecoveryRare
6Increased HPStandard
7 (Sub Module)Long-Distance ManeuveringUltimate
9Battle of StaminaRare
10Amplification ControlRare
11Increased DEFStandard
Best Mods for Ajax Build Guide in the First Descendant

Best Reactor Stats for Ajax in The First Descendant

Materialized Mechanics is the best reactor for an Ajax build that gives you a boost in Non-Attribute and Tech. Additionally, you want to prioritize reactors that have additional bonuses for Tech and Non-Attribute skill power boost ratios to buff the effectiveness of our skills.

  • Optimization Condition: Tactical Rifle (Secret Garden)
  • Skill Power Boost Ratio: Non-Attribute and Tech
  • Bonus Conditions: Dimension Skill Power Boost and Skill Effect Range

In The First Descendant, reactors are powerful enhancements significantly impacting a character’s abilities, stats, and overall performance. They function as core components that provide substantial boosts and unique effects, enabling players to tailor their characters to specific playstyles and strategies.

Weapons for Ajax Build

Tamer, Secret Garden, and Albion Cavalry Gun are the best weapons for the Ajax Build. The Tamer Machine Gun is a rare weapon obtained in Agna Desert that is the meta boss killing weapon and is useful in fighting Void Intercept battles. Secret Garden is a tactical rifle so it has a lower rifle rate than other full-auto weapons. However, its Unique perk, Gardener, gives the weapon enhanced stats by simply using our skills. Also, the Albion Cavalry Machine Gun is incredibly potent for stunning enemies and keeping them stunned. We can activate its perk with our Void Walk ability that stuns enemies to easily keep up the unique perk.

The following list presents the best weapon choices for Ajax Build:

  • Tamer – Machine Gun
  • Secret Garden – Tactical Rifle
  • Albion Cavalry Gun – Machine Gun


The Tamer - Rare Machine Gun The First Descendant

The Tamer features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 17631
  • Fire Rate: 624
  • Reload Speed: 2.6 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55 meters

This is the meta weapon for killing bosses in single target fights. Below are the recommended mods focusing on critical hit, critical damage, and weak points for the Tamer Machine Gun:

  • Better Concentration – Firearm Critical Hit Damage +19%
  • Concentration Priority – Firearm Critical Hit Damage +30%, Reload Time Modifier -8%
  • Rapid Rife Insight – Fire Rate +8%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +1.5%
  • Rifling Reinforcement –  Firearm ATK +12%
  • Better Insight – Firearm Critical Hit Rate +10%
  • Weak Point Insight – Weak Point Damage +8%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +1.5%

Secret Garden Tactical Rifle

Secret Garden Tactical Rifle - the First Descendant

Secret Garden features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 23
  • Fire Rate: 480
  • Reload Speed: 1.6 seconds
  • Effective Range: 32 meters
  • Gardener: After using a Dimension skill, recover resources. Also, using a Tech skill grants Pest control increasing damage, fire rate, and skill power.

The Secret Garden Tactical Rifle gives back resources and improves the weapon by simply using your skills. This allows a great gun that fits specifically within our build since we use Tech and Dimension skills.

Albion Cavalry Gun Machine Gun

The First Descendant Albion Cavalry Gun Machine Gun

Albion Cavalry Gun features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 30
  • Fire Rate: 451
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 45 meters
  • Cavalry: After hitting a stunned enemy, increase Firearm ATK. Hitting a Critical Hit on a stunned enemy inflicts stun.

With the Cavalry unique perk on the Albion Cavalry Gun and our Void Walk skill, we can keep up damage and continually stun enemies. This can be strong by locking down large health enemies that take a little longer to eliminate but avoid them continuing to deal damage.

External Component

Annihilation Set Bonuses - The First Descendant

The Annihilation set is your best external component set due to increased skill duration. You can run two or four pieces of this and, ideally, farm at the end of the game for optimal build performance. Regarding stats, prioritize DEF, Max Shields, and Max HP. Each external component will have three random traits. Look for double DEF, Shields, HP, or one defensive stat with Toxic, Chill, Fire, or Electric Resistance. This will give you a balanced defensive approach; most of your survivability comes from these pieces. Below are the set bonuses for the Annihilation External Component Set:

  • 2 Piece bonus: Skill Duration +5.7%
  • 4 Piece bonus: Firearm ATK increases proportionally to the ratio of Maax HP to HP lost, up to +26% when HP is 50% or lower, MP Recovery -22%, HP Recovery +16%, for 10 seconds with 30 second cooldown.

Unlike other parts of our build, you cannot enhance External Components. These are random (RNG) based drops only when you are at max level. Therefore, they are the finishing touches on your build. Prioritize the following stats for External Components in the Ajax Build Guide for the First Descendant:

  • DEF
  • Max HP
  • Max Shields
  • HP Recovery

Ajax Story in the First Descendant

Ajax was a Descendant who left active duty to fulfill his longtime desire to become a professor at the Albion Military Academy. But on the first day at the job, he regretted his decision. This was because a voice recording was forwarded to him, containing an urgent request for assistance from Aisha, his former comrade-in-arms. The mission that Aisha was deployed to was a reconnaissance-in-force deep into the Void. Ajax himself would have been sent on that mission if he hadn’t retired.

Eventually, Ajax donned the Raley MK.5 Void Energy Battlesuit, an exclusive equipment for Void exploration that was still a work in progress at the time, and set out to find Aisha. Since ten squads of Descendants on active duty couldn’t have stopped him anyway, taking out the equipment and launching into the Void was an easy task.

Ajax Story Continued

But finding Aisha’s squad in the depth of the Void was a difficult mission even for this powerful Descendant. To make matters worse, the suit that should have shielded him from the Void’s environment, malfunctioned, absorbing Void Energy. This caused Ajax, who was barely holding on in continuing the search, to collapse in the end.

When he about to give up on everything, a surprise came. Aisha’s form emerged from the Void storm and enveloped Ajax, while simultaneously triggering the return protocol. In an instant, Ajax dropped down to the center of the Descendant’s zone, and everyone acted as if they saw a ghost. As it turned out, what seemed like a few days spent in the depths of the Void turned out to be ten years gone by in Ingris.

When the situation settled down, Alpha visited Ajax and tore up his casualty list, consoling him. He told Ajax that since he was now free of death and the Void, he has prepared documents for him to return to teaching. But Ajax ripped up the papers Alpha handed him and declared his desire to return to the Descendant Corps. For it was only his body that was freed; his mission to protect his teammates was yet to be over.

Best Ajax Build Guide Summary – The First Descendant

  • Reactor: Materialized Mechanics
  • Weapons
    • Tamer – Machine Gun
    • Secret Garden – Tactical Rifle
    • Albion Cavalry Gun – Machine Gun
  • Weapon Mods
    • Better Concentration 
    • Concentration Priority
    • Rapid Rife Insight 
    • Rifling Reinforcement 
    • Better Insight 
    • Weak Point Insight 
  • External Component Set: Annihilation set
  • Skills
    • Orbit Barrier
    • Void Walk
    • Expulsion
    • Hypercube
    • Event Horizon (Passive)

Best Mods

  • Increased HP
  • Skill Expansion
  • Nimble Fingers
  • Iron Defense
  • Shock Punch
  • Time Distribution
  • Increased DEF
  • Tech Specialist 

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