The First Descendant: Best Enzo Build Guide

Discover the Best Enzo Build Guide for The First Descendant and how to create a powerful character with Skills, modules, and weapons.

The First Descendant Best Enzo Build Guide

Creating an effective build in The First Descendant involves carefully selecting and optimizing various components of your character, including modules, reactor stats, weapons, weapon mods, and skills. For an Enzo build, we will focus on optimizing your skill power and survivability. Let us walk you through creating the best Enzo Build in the First Descendant with our guide below.

This guide has been updated for Patch 1.0.2 of the First Descendant.

Best Enzo Build Guide for The First Descendant

Enzo is a support character in the First Descendant, which increases the ammunition capacity of players in a group. Moreover, he can drop supply drones to fill up everyone’s ammunition, including heavy and special. Enzo is unique and a valuable asset to any team, allowing liberal use of special ammunition for maximal damage.

Enzo has good damage and two explosive drone skills, unlike other support characters. His survivability is high due to his regenerating shield ability, though he suffers from low mobility. This guide explains how to use Enzo, gear, and modules to help you in the First Descendant.

Enzo Build ProEnzo Build Cons
High SurvivabilityLower Mobility
Group UtilityAverage DPS
Increased Ammo
Best Enzo Build Pros and Cons – The First Descendant Guide

Features and Mechanics for Enzo Build in The First Descendant

The following list presents all the essential Enzo Build Features and Mechanics for the First Descendant:

  • Best Modules: Reinforce Front Line, Skill Cost Optimize, Dual Claw
  • Best Reactor: Materialized Singularity
  • Best Weapons: Thunder Cage, Nazeistra’s Devotion, Afterglow Sword
  • Best Weapon Mods: Marksman, Rifle Reinforcement
  • Best External Component: Max Shield
  • Descendant Attribute: Non-Attribute
  • Skills
    • Start Supply
    • Explosive Drone
    • Enhance Combat Suit
    • Perfect Support
    • Shoot Support (Passive)
  • Playstyle: supporter
  • How to Unlock: Research for 400,000 or buy for 900 Caliber
  • Story: Executive officer at the command of Albion HQ.

How to play Enzo in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Enzo Character

The best way to play Enzo is by using his ammunition to increase skill Start Supply. This skill feeds you with heavy ammunition, allowing you to consistently fire off Sniper and Grenade Launcher damage. While it has a long cooldown and is not mobile, drop the supply drone in a stationary fight with choke points. Allies can also gain increased ammo, and it’s super helpful for everyone’s DPS.

Enzo’s passive rewards multiplayer with players near him. In instanced-based content, your max ammo will be higher due to this passive. Again, take advantage of the extra ammo and supply drones by constantly using heavy weapons for maximum damage.

For damage, you have an Explosive Drone and Perfect Support. Explosive Drone stacks up to two times and is a smaller 3-meter AOE. However, you can use it back to back to gain a big chunk of burst damage. Perfect Support summons a drone and helps you for about 6 seconds, then fires off a massive missile. You can use both abilities simultaneously for huge damage in a short duration.

When it comes to surviving, use Enzo’s Enhance Combat Suit to quickly recover shields. The MP cost is high with skill, but you’ll dramatically recover shields but won’t be able to heal other allies.

How to unlock Enzo in The First Descendant

How to Unlock Enzo - The First Descendant

To Unlock the Descendant Enzo, craft him with Enzo Enhanced Cells, Enzo Spiral Catalyst, Enzo Code, and 400k credits. Alternatively, you can buy him in the store for 900 caliber. Below is a list of all the parts to craft and research Enzo:

  • 1x Enzo Enhanced Cells
    • 499x Monomolecular Extractor
    • 292x Flectorite
    • 58x Inorganic Biogel
    • 1x Enzo Enhanced Cells Blueprint
    • 200k Gold
  • 1x Enzo Stabilizer
    • 430x Silicon
    • 363x Nanopolymers
    • 90x Advanced Neural Circuit
    • 1x Enzo Stabilizer Blueprint
  • 1x Enzo Spiral Catalyst
    • 290x Semi-permanent Plasma
    • 408x Ceramic Composite
    • 42x Positive Ion Particle
    • 1x Enzo Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • 1x Enzo Code
    • Amorphous Material Pattern 025 or 053
  • 400k Credits


The best way to use Enzo is to buff everyone’s ammunition via Start Supply and Shoot Support. Start Supply allows for players to pickup ammo, specifically “heavy” or the highest DPS ammunition. This allows everyone on your team to keep ammo and damage high. The Explosive Drone skill is your AOE and stacks up to two times. You have one defensive skill Enhanced Combat Suit that boost your survivability. Lastly, you want to use your Perfect Support supply ship for mob clear or boss fights. It will use a drone over its duration to attack enemies, provide supply bullets, and fire off a big missile at the end.

Below are the skills of Enzo’s character:

  • Start Supply: Summons a Bullet Supplying Device at the designated location. Supplies bullets to allies that approach the Device.
  • Explosive Drone: Launches an Explosive Drone forward. The Explosive Drone explodes on contact with an enemy or a terrain object, dealing damage.
  • Enhance Combat Suit: Summons a Shield Recovery Comms. When the Shield Recovery Comms is first summoned, recovers Enzo’s Energy Shield by a certain amount, then continues to recover the Energy Shield through Enhance Combat Suit effect.
  • Perfect Support: Summons a Small Supply Ship to himself and his allies. The Small Supply Ship periodically provides Supply Bullets and grants Perfect Support to allies. The Small Supply Ship attacks enemies in front while it is active, and when the skill ends, it fires a missile forward that causes a big explosion at its destination
  • Shoot Support (passive): Grants Fire Support to allies within an area around Enzo, increasing their max ammo capacity. Efficiency increases when Enzo disarms the security of the Encrypted Vault, and rewards increase when this happens.

Start Supply

Start Supply Skill the FIrst Descendant

Start Supply Features in The First Descendant:

  • Description: Summons a Bullet Supplying Device at the designated location. Supplies bullets to allies that approach the Device. The Bullet Supplying Device can be used once by each ally, and disappears when everyone has used it or its duration ends.
  • Descendant Attribute: Singular
  • Cooldown: 35 seconds
  • MP Cost: 35 Seconds
  • Duration: 12 Seconds
  • Field Supplies: 8%
  • Intercept Battle Supplies: 12%

How to Use Start Supply: this is your main utility skill that you want to use constantly in order to keep ammunition high. As Enzo, you should be using heavy or hard to find ammo and weapons due to this skill. While it does have a long cooldown, the duration is 12 seconds and its not mobile Therefore, place it at a time where you are settling in for a boss fight and mobility isn’t required.

Explosive Drone

Explosive Drone Skill - The FIrst Descendant

Explosive Drone Features in The First Descendant:

  • Description:
  • Descendant Attribute: Dimension
  • Maximum Stacks: 2
  • Stack Cooldown: 22 seconds
  • MP Cost: 20
  • Burst Damage Skill Power x 803.7%
  • Explosive Damage Range: 3 meters
  • Max Expanded Range: 300%
  • Projectile Speed Increase: 0%

How to Use Explosive Drone: you want to use this for AOE damage. The AOE is smaller, so it’s a more single target-focused attack. Moreover, it’s Dimension damage, so if you find it useful to use this to add clarity, select a Dimension reactor for maximum damage.

Enhance Combat Suit

Enhanced Combat Suit Skill - The First Descendant

Enhance Combat Suit Features in The First Descendant:

  • Description: Summons a Shield Recovery Comms. When the Shield Recovery Comms is first summoned, recovers Enzo’s Energy Shield by a certain amount, then continues to recover the Energy Shield through Enhance Combat Suit effect.
  • Descendant Attribute: Dimension
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • MP Cost: 40
  • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Initial Shield Recovery: 20%
  • Continuous Shield Recovery: 4%

How to Use Enhance Combat Suit: this is your way to survive. You want to use this when taking pressure and your shields drop. Be aware, it has a big MP cost, so leave a lot of MP in reserve if you expect to take a heavy load of damage.

Perfect Support

Perfect Support Skill - The First Descendant

Perfect Support Features in The First Descendant:

  • Description: Summons a Small Supply Ship to himself and his allies. The Small Supply Ship periodically provides Supply Bullets and grants Perfect Support to allies. The Small Supply Ship attacks enemies in front while it is active, and when the skill ends, it fires a missile forward that causes a big explosion at its destination.
  • Descendant Attribute: Singular
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • MP Cost: 60
  • Duration: 7.5 Seconds

How to Use Perfect Support: this is your ultimate skill with a huge cooldown You want to save it for boss fights or add clear. The duration is long, so the drone on your shoulder will do tons of damage for you. Moreover, the MP cost is very high, so try to get the resource bricks as you travel around to fill up before a boss burn.

Shoot Support (Passive)

Fire Supporter Skill - The First Descendant

Shoot Support Features in The First Descendant:

  • Description: Grants Fire Support to allies within an area around Enzo, increasing their max ammo capacity. This efficiency of this effect increases marginally with the number of Enzos in the squad. Efficiency increases when Enzo disarms the security of the Encrypted Vault, and rewards increase when this happens.

How to Use Shoot Support: this passive aids in four player content specifically when players are coordinating together. Expect higher ammo and using the drone stock up on heavy and special rounds.

Descendant Modules for Enzo Build

Reinforce Front Line, Skill Cost Optimize, and Dual Claw are the best modules (mods) for a Jayber Build in the First Descendant. Reinforce Front Line Changes your combat armor skill to grant a device that boosts allies’ ATK within range. This is helpful to add another buff to your party and yourself. Skill cost optimization helps reduce cooldowns and the cost of maintaining the Supply Drone. Lastly, dual claw helps increase your total mod capacity.

In The First Descendant, modules are essential components that enhance and customize your character’s abilities, stats, and overall performance. Modules can be acquired through questing, missions, loot drops, and vendor items. Moreover, you have limited resources to slot mods; therefore, some slots may be empty depending on your chosen setup.

Enzo Best Modules for Leveling

Below is a list of the best leveling mods for Enzo Build in the First Descendant:

  • Increased HP – Significantly increases your Max HP.
  • Non-Attribute Specialist – Boosts the Power of Non-Attribute skills.
  • Increased DEF – Significantly increases your DEF.
  • Shortsword – Changes your Sub Attack to a Shortsword and improves your Max Module Capacity.
  • Skill Cost Optimize – Reduces your Skill Cooldowns and slightly reduces Skill Costs.
  • Nimble Fingers – Reduces your Skill Cooldowns.
  • Non-Attribute Master – Significantly increases Skill Power, with an additional increase to Non-Attribute Power.
1 (Skill Module)Empty
2Increased HPStandard
3Non-Attribute SpecialistStandard
4 Skill Cost OptimizeRare
5Increased DEF Standard
6Non-Attribute MasterRare
7 (Sub Module)ShortswordStandard
8Nimble FingersStandard
Best Leveling Mods for Enzo Build Guide – The First Descendant

Enzo Best Modules

Below is a list of the best mods for Enzo Build in the First Descendant:

  • Reinforce Front Line: Spawns a front linen reinforcement Device that grants a firearm ATK up effect to allies in range.
  • Skill Extension – increase skill duration.
  • Skill Expansion – increase skill range.
  • Skill Cost Optimize – reduces skill cooldown and cost.
  • Range HP Calculator – increase skill range and max HP.
  • Non-Attribute Master – increase skill power modifier and non-attribute power modifier.
  • Dual Claw – changes to sub-attack and increase max module capacity.
  • HP Concentration – increase max HP and skill critical hit rate.
  • Nimble Fingers – Reduces your Skill Cooldowns
  • Increase Shield – increase shield size.
  • Technician – increase skill power modifier.
1 (Skill Module)Reinforce Front LineTranscendent
2Skill ExtensionStandard
3Skill ExpansionStandard
4Skill Cost OptimizeRare
5Range HP Calculator Rare
6Non-Attribute MasterRare
7 (Sub Module)Dual ClawStandard
8HP ConcentrationRare
10Increase ShieldStandard
Best Mods for Enzo Build Guide – The First Descendant

Best Reactor Stats for Enzo in The First Descendant

Example Reactor - The First Descendant

The best reactor for Enzo is Materialized Singularity because it boosts Non-Attribute skills, specifically Start Supply and Perfect Support.  The second option is the Materialized Phase, which boosts non-attribute and Dimension.  This will increase the number of Explosive Drones and Enhanced Combat suits.  The priority is to buff Non-Attribute skill first, then either Singular or Dimension based on support or damage.  Lastly, make sure to equip the right weapon to activate the bonuses.

In The First Descendant, reactors are powerful enhancements significantly impacting a character’s abilities, stats, and overall performance. Each reactor comes with an “optimal condition,” which requires a specific weapon type to be equipped to activate. Therefore, this should be your primary weapon for the build. They function as core components that provide substantial boosts and unique effects, enabling players to tailor their characters to specific playstyles and strategies.

Weapons for Enzo Build

Thunder Cage, Nazeistra’s Devotion, and Afterglow Sword are the best weapons for an Enzo Build. Thunder Cage submachine gun helps with mob clear when AOE up close range is needed. Nazeistra’s Devotion Hand Cannon is helpful for single-target fights where you need weak point (headshot) damage. The Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle helps with long-range damage and compliments the hand cannon.

The following guide list shows the best weapon choices for Enzo Build in The First Descendant:

  • Thunder Cage – Submachine Gun
  • Nazeistra’s Devotion – Hand Cannon
  • Afterglow Sword – Sniper Rifle

Look for any weapon early that has a fast fire rate up close range while leveling.

Thunder Cage

Thunder Cage Ultimate Submachine Gun - The First Descendant

Thunder Cage features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 18
  • Fire Rate: 666
  • Reload Speed: 1.4 seconds
  • Effective Range: 23 meter
  • Overcharge: defeating an enemy prompts that enemy to unleash electric shockwave, dealing firearm ATK to nearby enemies within 3 meters, with additional damage.

The Thunder Cage Submachine emits an electric shockwave and grants a bonus to damage after a kill. It’s the highest DPS weapon for AOE add clear. Below are the best weapon mods for the Thunder Cage Submachine Gun:

  • Hawkeye – Improves your Accuracy
  • Reload Concentration – Reloading is quicker, and Firearm Critical Damage is improved
  • Rifling Reinforcement – Significantly improves your Firearm Attack
  • Concentrate Support Ammo – You get more rounds per magazine and slightly more Firearm Critical Hit Damage
  • Electric Conductor – Improved Firearm Attack when attacking Electrocuted enemies
  • Action and Reaction – Improves Firearm Attack and Recoil
  • Marksman – Improves Firearm Critical Hit Rate and slightly improves Attack
  • Weak Point Control – Improves Weak Point Damage and Recoil
  • Weak Point Sight – Greatly improves Weak Point Damage
  • Fire Rate Up – Significantly improves your Fire Rate

Nazeistra’s Devotion

Nazeistra's Devotion Ultimate Hand Cannon - The First Descendant

Nazeistra’s Devotion features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 400
  • Fire Rate: 150
  • Reload Speed: 25 meters
  • Effective Range: 1.5 seconds
  • Fanaticism: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, inflicts the unique ability Devotion Mark on the target enemy. On hitting an ally, that ally’s shield is restored at the cost of your MP. If your current MP is less than the MP cost, this effect is not triggered.

Great to combo with Sniper for weak point damage.

Afterglow Sword

Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle - the First Descendant

Afterglow Sword features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 240
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55 meters
  • Nightmare Reaper: on hitting an enemy’s weak point, inflicts the unique ability death propagation. On hitting an enemy commander or collossi, increase firearm critical hit rate and apply the effect to the attack.

The Afterglow Sword is the best choice for ranged precision weak point damage. Once you trigger Death Propagation, you gain increased reload and damage on weak points. Use this weapon for ranged headshots if possible.

External Component

Unlike other parts of our build, you cannot enhance External Components. These are random (RNG) based drops only when you are at max level. Therefore, they are the finishing touches on your build. Prioritize the following stats for External Components:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

Enzo Story in the First Descendant

If asked to pick the most important factors for winning a war, the general response would be powerful weapons, a strong fighting force, and cutting-edge technology. However, Enzo would beg to differ.

Powerful weapons must be transported to the front lines on time, and a strong fighting force must be well-fed and capable of shooting accurately. Also, cutting-edge technology demands sufficient resources to sustain mass production. As such, for Enzo, the most important factor in winning a war is a seamless and systematic supply flow. If only such things had been achievable at that time… Enzo continues to blame himself for what had happened to his cousin, Lepic, as well as the annihilation of the 44th Grenadier Squad.

In the past, during the Agna Desert Defense Operation, Enzo, who had been quartermaster at the time, drove towards the front lines in a tactical armored vehicle to deliver the much needed ammunition to the besieged 44th Grenadier Squad
Not only did he intend to rescue his sole surviving blood relative, Lepic, but it was a race against the clock, as the timely supply of ammunition could turn the tide of battle.

But perhaps he was too hasty. The Supply Squad, which was enroute without a proper escort, was ambushed by the Vulgus, and all of the ammunition they were carrying was lost in the ensuing explosion. Now, it was he, not the 44th Grenadier Squad, who was in danger of losing his life. Despite finding himself facing death, he instead despaired at the fact that he had lost the ammunition which he needed to deliver to his teammates. That feeling of hopelessness… Losing both his comrades and his cousin this way…

Enzo’s Story Continued

At that moment, supplies started to appear from the ground on where he had been crying out in despair. It was later revealed that this phenomenon had been caused by Enzo’s Arche ability, Inorganic Matter Spatial Awareness Summoning, and this ammunition had been summoned from a faraway Albion ammunition depot. However, Enzo, who was unaware of this fact, believed that a miracle had happened and defeated the enemies by himself, eventually succeeding in transporting the supplies to the 44th Grenadier Squad’s location.

But there would be no second miracle. By the time he arrived, the Grenadier Squad had been wiped out, and Lepic, who was lucky enough to survive, had lost his right arm. Although Lepic would overcome adversity and become an outstanding Descendant, Enzo blamed himself, believing that if there had been no issues with the supply flow, a loss of this scale could have been prevented in the first place.

Never again would he allow himself to fail. Through perfect supply operations, he would save his comrades and win the war. Even now, as a Descendant under the direct command of Albion HQ, and as an executive officer, he is always revisiting the events of that day, repeating his promise. And whenever there is place that requires assistance, he will go in person to the front, providing as many supplies as the soldiers needed. His aim? To make something as essential for victory as supplies be considered a given and not a miracle.

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