The First Descendant: Best Esiemo Build Guide

Discover the Best Esiemo Build Guide for The First Descendant and how to create a powerful character with Skills, modules, and weapons.

Creating an effective build in The First Descendant involves carefully selecting and optimizing various components of your character, including modules, reactor stats, weapons, weapon mods, and skills. For an Esiemo build, we will focus on optimizing your skill power and survivability. Let us walk you through creating the best Esiemo Build in the First Descendant with our guide below.

This guide has been updated for Patch 1.0.2 of the First Descendant.

Best Esiemo Build Guide for The First Descendant

In the First Descendant, Esiemo specializes in timing explosive damage for optimal damage. He has access to powerful area-of-effect damage as well as single-target damage. The build is capable of dealing with all levels of content from taking out trash enemies to nuking bosses’ health bars.

Esiemo Build ProEsiemo Build Cons
AOE ExplosivesWeak Passive
Sticky ExplosivesLacks Survival Skills
High Damage UltimateMelee Ultimate
Best Esiemo Build Pros and Cons – The First Descendant Guide

Features and Mechanics for Esiemo Build in The First Descendant

The following list presents all the essential x(character name) Build Features and Mechanics for the First Descendant:

  • Best Modules:
  • Best Reactors: Burning Mechanic or Burning Mixture
  • Best Weapon:
  • Best Weapon Mods:
  • Best External Component:
  • Skills
    • Time Bomb
    • Blast
    • Guided Landmine
    • Arche Explosion
    • Adventitious Habit (Passive)
  • Playstyle: Burst DPS
  • How to Unlock: Research or Buy
  • Story: “Exploding enemies, growing fame, and burning love. Is there anything better than explosions to achieve all of these at the same time?”

How to play Esiemo in The First Descendant

Esiemo is all about explosions, explosions, and more explosions. Esiemo is a great ranged burst damage dealer capable and has strong trash mod clearing. You want to play Esiemo in mid-range, close enough to stick enemies with bombs and landmines while far enough away you won’t get swarmed and die. The key is maneuvering throughout the battlefield either laying traps for enemies to walk through or bursting out large health targets.

Survivability: Without mobility skills, healing, shields, or tankiness skills Esiemo can be quite squishy. However, he does have the advantage of his skills being mostly ranged keeping him safe from a distance. You want to play cover and feel free to retreat to safety to recharge your shields should you take too much damage. Also, your grapple can be a great tool to allow you to get into a mob of enemies, place bombs, and then retreat to safety before detonating them.

Damage and Skills

Timed Skills: Esiemo has two skills that are timed and will explode eventually. However, you can decide to trigger these explosions sooner. This can be done by killing an enemy with an attached bomb or activating your Blast skill to instantly explode all attached bombs. One or two bombs are enough to take our most enemies, tankier enemies may need several, with bosses needing multiple maximum bomb stacks to take out.

Stacking Damage: The most important part of dealing massive damage with Esiemo is stacking bombs onto a single target. You must stick bombs on a target by throwing them or placing mines for enemies to trigger and have bombs attached. Each bomb attached to a target increases the damage done so it’s extremely worth it to wait until you can place multiple stacks at once. Once enough bombs, up to a maximum of five, are attached, detonate them all at once to deal significant damage.

How to unlock Esiemo in The First Descendant

Unlocking Esiemo works the same for other characters in The First Descendant, where you must research or purchase him from the store. If you want to buy the character with real money Esiemo costs 900 Caliber, which is the premium currency in the game. However, he is available to craft upon gathering the necessary materials.

To craft Esiemo you will need:

  • 1x Esiemo Enhanced Cells
    • 292x Flectorite
    • 462x Shape Memory Alloy
    • 76x Deformed Biometal
    • 1x Esiemo Enhanced Cells Blueprint
  • 1x Esiemo Stabilizer
    • 408x Ceramic Composite
    • 455x Reverse Charging Coil
    • 26x Organic Biogel
    • 1x Esiemo Stabilizer Blueprint
  • 1x Esiemo Spiral Catalyst
    • 290x Semi-permanent Plasma
    • 363 Nanopolymers
    • 46x Specialized Biometal
    • 1x Esiemo Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • 1x Esiemo Code
    • Location 1: Vespers Hard – Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Vepsers Moonlight Lake
    • Location 2: Kingston Hard – Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Kingston Grand Square
    • Location 3: Agna Desert Hard – Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Agna Desert The Storage
    • Location 4: Hagios Hard – Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Hagios Corrupted Zone
  • 400k Credits

Like all other characters, you must speak to Anais in the Albion Mountains area to craft Esiemo. She will grant you access to the Research Institute, where you can choose to craft additional descendant characters. Currently, there is not an ultimate Esiemo character to unlock. However, one will likely be added in the future.

Esiemo Skills

One of the most important aspects of Esiemo’s skills is stacking his bombs on targets to explode them all at once for more damage. You can do this by simply using your normal Time Bomb skill or placing your Guided Landmines throughout the battlefield. This provides us the ability to clear out entire rooms of enemies or deal massive single-target damage. Below are the skills of Esiemo’s character:

Below are the skills and passive of Esiemo’s character in the First Descendant:

  • Time Bomb: Launches a Sticky Bomb forward. The Sticky Bomb attaches to an enemy or terrain feature on contact.
  • Blast: Instantly detonates attached bombs. Bomb damage increases with the number of attached bombs.
  • Guided Landmine: Place a Guided Landmine at the current location. Once placed, the Guided Landmine will fly to an enemy within its detection range and attach to it.
  • Arche Explosion: Starts moving forward fast. On collision with an enemy while charging, inflicts Knockback. When the movement ends, deals damage to nearby enemies and removes buffs from them. After the skill ends, Esiemo enters Madness state.
  • Adventitious Habit (passive): Drops a bomb on the ground when the shield is completely depleted.

Time Bomb

Time Bomb Features in The First Descendant:

  • Fire: Tech
  • Description: Fires a Sticky Bomb forward. The Sticky Bomb attaches to an enemy or terrain on contact.
  • Maximum Stacks: 5
  • Stack Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • MP Cost: 12
  • Burst Damage: Skill Power x 407.3%
  • Explosion Damage Range: 3m Radius
  • Max Expandable Range: 200%
  • Projectile Speed Increase: 0%

How to Use Time Bomb: Like most explosives with Esiemo, we have multiple stacks available and should try to accumulate these on multiple low-health targets or a single large-health enemy. These can detonate on their own after a short time, or be detonated by the Blast skill. Also, any enemies that die with a bomb attached immediately detonate the bomb. This can be great for dealing with a new spawn of enemies by sticking it to the lowest health target, killing it, and watching the resulting explosion.


Blast Features in The First Descendant:

  • Fire: Fusion
  • Description: Detonates attached bombs. Damage dealt increases with the number of attached bombs.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • MP Cost: 15
  • Damage Increase per Bomb: 25%
  • Skill Power Increase: Max 5 Times

How to Use Blast: Blast is a very easy skill to understand, it detonates any attached bombs currently on the field. However, the main usage for it is detonating multiple on a single target for massive damage scaling per bomb exploded. Generally, if you do not need to time your explosives for large damage, you don’t need to activate this so save your MP from activating this unnecessarily.

Guided Landmine

Guided Landmine Features in The First Descendant:

  • Fire: Tech
  • Description: Places a Guided Landmine. Once placed, the Guided Landmine flies to an enemy within its detection range and attaches to it. If there are obstacles in its path, it attaches to the terrain.
  • Maximum Stacks: 3
  • Stack Cooldown: 14 seconds
  • MP Cost: 18
  • Detection Range: 10m Radius
  • Decte
  • Burst Damage: Skill Power x 407.3%
  • Explosion Damage Range: 3m Radius
  • Max Expandable Range: 200%
  • Projectile Speed Increase: 0%

How to Use Guided Landmine: Guided Landmines may seem useless at first, however, they hold massive explosive damage within them. You do not need to place the bomb right on top of enemies, as long as they walk within the circle, a bomb will attach to them. You can use this to deal with a group of spawning enemies or as you retreat to explode any enemies following you. These can stack just like Time Bombs so getting three on a single target and two Time Bombs still allows for the maximum damage scaling of Blast.

Arche Explosion

Arche Explosion Features in The First Descendant:

  • Fire: Fusion
  • Description: Dashes forward to deal damage and inflict Knockback on colliding targets during movement. Interacting with the skill button again or ending movement deals Burst damage to nearby enemies. Enemies hit by the explosion lose their buffs. When the skill ends, grants self Madness
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds
  • MP Cost: 65
  • Movement Speed Increase Amount: 120%
  • Damage: Skill Power x 85.8%
  • Burst Damage: Skill Power x 7,414.4%
  • Explosion Damage Range: 6m Radius
  • Max Expandable Range: 200%
  • Madness:
    • Duration: 10 seconds
    • Fireteam ATK Increase Amount: 25%
    • Movement Speed Increase Amount: 30%
    • DEF Decrease Amount: 30%

How to Use Arche Explosion: One of the weakest parts of Esiemo’s kit is his ultimate. While its damage multipliers are massive, it requires a small time to charge up, has little control, and requires getting dangerously close to enemies to be effective. Since he has no survivability skills, this ultimate can be very dangerous to use and put your resurrection in a bad position. Also, it deals massive damage and in an area-of-effect that can take out entire waves of trash enemies.

Adventitious Habit (Passive)

Adventitious Habit Features in The First Descendant:

  • Fire
  • Description: Drops a bomb on the ground when the shield is completely depleted.
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Burst Damage: Skill Power x 1,651.1%
  • Explosion Damage Range: 4m Radius
  • Max Expandable Range: 200%

How to Use Adventitious Habit: This passive is one of the weakest passives in the game. It simply provides a bomb when your shields are depleting. With so many bombs already available, we don’t want to intentionally take damage just to gain one additional bomb. Also, we have no control over the bomb outside of detonation so it’s just a passive that you don’t even pay attention to. It provides little to the build and Esiemo so don’t worry about when and how to use this passive.

Descendant Modules for Esiemo Build

Cluster Bomb, Tech Specialist, and Focus on Fire are the best modules (mods) for the Esiemo build guide in the First Descendant as they provide additional explosives, boost our fire damage, and decrease our skill cooldown. For example, the Cluster Bomb modifies our explosives by spawning additional explosives when we detonate a bomb. Tech Specialist boosts the power of our explosives damage. Lastly, Focus On Fire buffs all fire damage and reduces our skill cooldowns.

In The First Descendant, modules are essential components that enhance and customize your character’s abilities, stats, and overall performance. Modules can be acquired through questing, missions, loot drops, and vendor items. Moreover, you have limited resources to slot mods; therefore, some slots may be empty depending on your chosen setup.

Esiemo Best Modules

Below is a list of the best mods for Esiemo Build in the First Descendant:

  • Cluster Bomb (Transcendence Mod) – Detonating an attached bomb creates additional explosives at the detonated location
  • Skill Range Mastery – Improves the Range of your Skills
  • Increased Shield – Increases your Max Shield
  • Fire Specialist – Increases the Skill Power of your Fire skills
  • Skill Expansion – Increases the Effect Range of your skills
  • Focus on Fire – Improves the Skill Power of your Fire Skills, and slightly reduces Skill Cooldowns
  • Dual Claw – Changes your Sub Attack to a Dual Claw attack. Increases Max Module Capacity
  • Willpower Efflux – Increases your DEF and slightly improves HP Heal
  • Increased DEF – Increases your DEF
  • Increased HP – Increases your max HP
  • Technique Manual – Landing a skill deals a portion of your Max HP as extra damage to the target. 8 second Cooldown per target.
  • Flex – You can put a module of your choice here focused on defensive mods depending upon content.
1 (Skill Module)Cluster BombTranscendence
2Skill Range MasteryRare
3Increased ShieldStandard
4Fire SpecialistStandard
5Skill Expansion Standard
6Focus on FireRare
7 (Sub Module)Dual ClawStandard
8Willpower EffluxRare
9Increased DEFStandard
10Increased HPStandard
11Technique ManualUltimate
Best Mods for Esiemo Build Guide – The First Descendant

Best Reactor Stats for Esiemo in The First Descendant

Burning Mechanics is the best reactor for the Esiemo Build Guide in the First Descendant. This gives a boost in Fire and Tech Skill Boosts to enhance our bombs’ base damage. Additionally, you want to prioritize reactors that have additional bonuses for Tech and Fire skill power boost ratios.

  • Optimization Condition: Tactical Rifle (Greg’s Reversed Fate)
  • Skill Power Boost Ratio: Fire and Tech
  • Bonus Conditions: Tech Skill Power Boost and Skill Effect Range

In The First Descendant, reactors are powerful enhancements significantly impacting a character’s abilities, stats, and overall performance. Each reactor comes with an “optimal condition,” which requires a specific weapon type to be equipped to activate. Therefore, this should be your primary weapon for the build. They function as core components that provide substantial boosts and unique effects, enabling players to tailor their characters to specific playstyles and strategies.

Weapons for Esiemo Build

The best weapons for the Esiemo Build are Greg’s Reversed Fate Tactical Rifle and the Perforator Hand Cannon. Greg’s Reversed is a tactical rifle so it has a lower rifle rate than other full-auto weapons. However, its Unique perk, Shaping Destiny, gives the weapon additional damage for hitting an enemy with Max Shield. Also, the Perforator Hand Cannon is a great boss shield melter to help take out large health targets.

The following list presents the best weapon choices for Esiemo Build Guide for the First Descendant:

  • Greg’s Reversed – Tactical Rifle
  • Perforator Hand Cannon

Greg’s Reversed

Greg’s Reversed features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 16
  • Fire Rate: 545
  • Reload Speed: 2.1 seconds
  • Effective Range: 35 meters
  • Shaping Destiny: On hitting an enemy with a Max Shield, proc Bombardment on the enemy’s location with a set chance. Inflict Burn on enemies hit by Bombardment.

The Greg’s Reversed Tactical Rifle causes an area of effect bombardment upon hitting a target with Max Shields. This causes burning and increases the weapon’s fire rate.


Perforator features in the First Descendant:

  • Firearm ATK: 141
  • Fire Rate: 99
  • Reload Speed: 1.6 seconds
  • Effective Range: 20 meters
  • Detect: On hitting a Weak Point, inflicts damage to the enemy’s Shield in proportion to their Max Shield at a set chance. The higher the Firearm Level, the closer this damage reaches the Max Limit. When damage is dealt to the enemy completely depletes the target enemy’s Shield, inflict Stun with a set chance.

The Perforator Hand Cannon allows us to deal massive damage to a target’s shield by hitting its weak spots. This allows us to burn a target’s shield fast so that we can focus on their direct health bar. Also, this can stun the enemy by breaking their shields with the damage.

External Component

Unlike other parts of our build, you cannot enhance External Components. These are random (RNG) based drops only when you are at max level. Therefore, they are the finishing touches on your build. Prioritize the following stats for External Components:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • Shield Recovery in Combat
  • DEF

Esiemo Story in the First Descendant

When Esiemo was enlisted to become a Descendant, his parents said these parting words as they embraced him: “Be proud of your Arche. No more tears. This officer here also needs to get back to work, okay?” No sooner had those words left their lips, the Bomb Squad in blast suits carefully collected Esiemo’s tears. Due to his unique Arche, even a single teardrop from Esiemo is a dangerous explosive.

Ever since he was a child, Esiemo was bullied by other children because his body would smell like gunpowder. Without the warm love of his parents, it would have been difficult for him to withstand the torment. Although his parents loved him immensely, once his sneezes started to cause actual explosions, as loving parents, they understood that they had no other choice. At this rate, not only would they be unable to hide the suspiciously frequent explosions that were occurring in the Albion residential area, but their beloved neighbors, who they cared for as much as they did their child, would have to deal with the disruption in their daily lives.

Esiemo’s Story Continued

In the end, Esiemo’s parents reported his potential Arche ability to HQ, and the Magisters succeeded in uncovering Esiemo’s Arche though corresponding tests. The distinctive scent and excretions produced from his body were actually explosive Arche substances.
It was a miracle that no major incident had occurred so far. Now, not only was Esiemo isolated from the residential area, but as a Descendant candidate, he had no other choice but to leave his parents’ side. However, his parents embraced him tightly; they were proud of their son.

Esiemo, who had decided to accept his destiny, made a promise to his parents. Not only would he become an outstanding Descendant and the best son to them, but he would grow up and become someone who could love even those who had bullied him in the past.

Esiemo was confident. Exploding enemies, growing fame, and burning love. Is there anything better than explosions to achieve all of these at the same time?

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