The First Descendant: Best Power Leveling Location Guide

Discover the best power leveling locations in this The First Descendant guide for fast and efficient ways of advancing new characters!

The First Descendant Best Power Leveling Location Guide

In the First Descendant, leveling up your first character requires progressing through the main story quest and unlocking new zones, missions, and battles along the way. The current maximum character level in the game is 40. But you can continue to advance your character in other ways by continuing the campaign.

However, when leveling up additional Descendants, you can grind specific spots instead of playing through the zone missions. This Best Power Leveling Location Guide for The First Descendant will cover the best grinding spots and the most efficient way to use them so that you can level your characters in record time!

Best Power Leveling Location Guide in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Special Operations Terminal in Albion

The best way to power level in The First Descendant is by the Kingston and Echo Spawn Defend Albion resource Special Operations. This four-player group activity spawns waves of enemies and gives XP on kill, not completion of a quest. Therefore, you can park on top of two locations and kill enemies instantly, leveling fast regardless of your level. To get started, can access them by interacting with the Special Operations Terminal in Albion. From the location where you first teleport into Albion, head straight ahead and then to the left. You’ll see a large, gold, projected hologram of the world.

Each world zone has one Special Operation that unlocks once you have cleared all of the available areas and missions. Moreover, each special operation has a total number of ‘waves.’ Rewards are granted throughout after you complete a certain number of waves. The points where rewards drop are different for each operation. You have to defend a resource point for around two minutes. If you do, the waves get progressively harder and the XP efficiently starts to drop. Therefore, complete 10 waves to earn a reward, exit the special operation and request the fast leveling possible.

This experience XP applies to weapons, character level, and mastery rank if you are leveling a new character. You should bring Bunny if you want the fastest clears due to her AOE damage, but any character can work. Blair, Freyna, Valby, and Viessa are easy to level because they have ground base AOE damage instantly killing spawns.

Descendant Levels 1-25

The First Descendant Kingston Special Operation Defend Albion resource Level 1-25 power leveling

If you are power leveling a brand new character in The First Descendant, then for Levels 1-25 you’ll want to grind using the Kingston Special Operation. Choosing this will port you to an otherwise inaccessible portion of the Kingston map. You and your group will be responsible for defending a large container of Kuiper from incoming waves of Vulgus.

The container is vaguely in the center, and the Vulgus will come towards it from two separate spawning points. The westernmost point can be guarded by two players, and the other two go to the eastern spawn. Lay ground-based AOE on the ground to kill enemies as they instantly spawn for the fastest clears. Keep an eye on your top bar that shows if the resource is getting damage and you’ll also hear a verbal queue.

The First Descendant Kingston Special Operation power leveling abort after wave 7

In this operation, the waves are 2-minute timed events, and there are rewards granted after waves 7, 10, 14, 18, and 21. However, for efficient XP gains, you should choose to Abort the operation after wave 7. At this point, XP gains start to drop off, and it’s better to quit and repeat the operation again.

Descendant Levels 25-40

The First Descendant Echo Swamp Special Operation Defend Albion resource Level 25-40 power leveling

After you hit Level 25 with your Descendant, you’ll want to move on to the second location in our Best Power Leveling Location Guide. For Levels 25-40, for more efficient grinding you will want to switch to the Echo Swamp Special Operation. This is another operation that will have you defending Kuiper shipments, but this time there will be multiple containers. Therefore, you will be moving around the map a lot as new waves spawn in up to three locations at once.

The Echo Swamp operation also differs in that you must completely defeat all of the Vulgus which attack at each spawn point before the wave is considered complete. This is not an operation where you want to split your group up. You will need all hands on deck for fighting enemies at each location.

Finally, in the Echo Swamp operation, you’ll also want to Abort after wave 7 for the most efficient accumulation of XP. If you continue after wave 7 you will get diminishing returns on XP as the difficulty increases.

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